2012-S Chaco Culture Quarters in Circulating Quality Released


2012 San Francisco Chaco Culture quarters in circulating quality launched today, July 12, in United States Mint roll and bag products. These coins honor Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.

US Mint image of 2012-S Chaco Culture Quarter
US Mint promotion image of 2012-S Chaco Culture Quarter

Available only from the U.S. Mint through http://www.usmint.gov or 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468), collectors can buy the quarter-dollars in 100-coin bags for $34.95 and in 40-coin rolls for $18.95. There are no ordering limits.

2012-S Chaco Culture Quarters Intended for Collectors

San Francisco Mint quarters are numismatic or collector intended issues. Uniquely, they are produced to the same quality as other coins struck for commerce, but the government will not release them into circulation.

The identifying San Francisco ‘S’ mint mark on each distinguishes them from the Denver and Philadelphia circulating quality Chaco Culture quarters released earlier this year.

San Francisco Circulating Quality Quarter Mintages

Allotted mintages are another differentiating aspect of the 25-cent pieces from San Francisco. The U.S. Mint has indicated that it has produced 1.4 million for each of the five 2012-S America the Beautiful Quarters. More could be minted based on demand, if necessary, but the amounts will fall well shy of ‘D’ and ‘P’ coins.

For earlier released ‘D’ and ‘P’ Chaco Culture quarters specifically, U.S. Mint coin production figures through June show 22 million were struck in Denver and 22 million in Philadelphia.

First Release and Current Sales

2012-S El Yunque quarters were the first of the five 2012-S ATB quarters in circulating quality. These honor El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. Rolls and bags of them went on sale June 21, 2012.

Sales hit 614,700 during the opening five days, with splits of 3,827 for the 100-coin bags and 5,800 for the 40-coin rolls. Sales as of Monday, July 10, reached 1,016,760, with splits of 6,434 for the 100-coin bags and 9,334 for the 40-coin rolls. These numbers offer a general idea for how many 2012-S Chaco Culture quarters will get purchased over a similar time frame.

Upcoming 2012 Quarters from San Francisco

Forthcoming San Francisco minted circulating quality quarter-dollars will include designs honoring Acadia National Park in Maine, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, and Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

The U.S. Mint has not said that it will produce the ‘S’ Mint quarters for next year’s designs.

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John Snyder

why not have the mint produce another 5=pack and add it the mint sets


Why will they not release them into circulation? Kinda dumb

Michael Smalley

I got one that has an S mint mark, that is frosted other than around the head and the sky on the back. Its really xool looking! I got it in a roll of quarters from the bank. Is it one of the mint coins? What is it?


If they’re not supposed to be released into circulation the government has failed because I just found a peculiar looking coin in my purse today and saw that it said Chaco Culture and I looked it up on google and it took me to this sight.