Release Dates for 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters


The United States Mint published official launch dates for the five 2017 quarters that commemorate parks, monuments and historic sites in Iowa, the District of Columbia, Missouri, New Jersey and Indiana.

2017 America the Beautiful Quarter and 5 oz Coin Designs
Reverse designs for 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters

Release dates and designs showcased on the coins are:

  • Feb. 6, 2017 – Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa.
  • April 3, 2017 – Frederick Douglas National Historic Site in the District of Columbia.
  • June 5, 2017 – Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri.
  • Aug. 28, 2017 – Ellis Island (Statue Of Liberty National Monument) in New Jersey.
  • Nov. 13, 2017 – George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Indiana.

On Sept. 1 the U.S. Mint unveiled line art images of the 2017 quarters, describing their designs and disclosing the artists who created them.

Each of the new quarters will start their journey into general circulation on the above published dates, and all of them will be produced at the facilities in Denver and Philadelphia. The San Francisco Mint also strikes quarters, but only for specially packaged numismatic products. Throughout 2017 the U.S. Mint will directly sell quarters produced from all three locations in several products, including:

  • rolls and bags of them in circulating quality,
  • circulating versions in coin sets,
  • uncirculated editions in annual sets, and
  • proof versions in annual sets.

The U.S. Mint will also use the same 2017 quarter designs on companion bullion and collector coins that are composed from five ounces of 99.9% fine silver. CoinNews will talk more about these large coins and each new quarter product when they become available.

Next year’s coins mark the 36 through 40 issues in an 11-year series. A total of 56 sites will have been honored when the U.S. Mint’s program America the Beautiful Quarters® comes to an end in 2021.

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The Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri has a winning design, I may have to pony up to purchase one of the 5-oz. hockey pucks for this one.


Can’t wait for the whole series to finally end


richard—I’m with you–I made the mistake of starting the series after the States Quarters—Now I’m grinding my teeth to see the series through–This Effigy Mounds is an example of why—The Animal Cracker quarter—And it looks like worse to come


If they can set 2017 release dates for the quarters why can’t they do the same for the rest of the products? Give us a full product schedule with dates and no TBDs for 2017! C’mon, I know you can do it! It’s been done before, let’s see ya do it again!


I agree with Jim. A full schedule would be great! But the dates they have for the 2017 Quarters might change. Something can come up and they will change the dates. It has happen before.


That the dates might change is a given but putting TBD on a schedule just points out how unskilled and incompetent these SES seat warmers are at managing people and situations to a deadline. The laissez-faire style of management doesn’t work in the manufacturing world but these people don’t seem to understand that.


I used to collect ATB coins for 2 years. It was a quite interesting road trip around America at the beginning, but lately, I noticed- it’s “nothing new” anymore. I checked Royal Canadian Mint series,cause they produce beautifully designed coins too. They have something exclusive in 2016. The “Canada the Great” series- a road trip around Canada. Check this out