2016 Theodore Roosevelt Quarters Released


Rolls and bags of the newest release from the United States Mint program of America the Beautiful Quarters became available today, August 29. This one commemorates Theodore Roosevelt National Park by featuring a design emblematic of the site in North Dakota.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park quarters, rolls and bags
The U.S. Mint released rolls and bags of Theodore Roosevelt National Park quarters

Options include Theodore Roosevelt quarters struck in the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints. In addition to easily collecting quarters from all three facilities with each bearing distinct mintmarks, the products offer buyers an opportunity to get them in a timely fashion — it usually takes many months for new quarter designs to show up locally in change.

Designs on Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarters

Six different design candidates for the quarter’s reverse were submitted for review before the final one was selected.

Design candidates for the 2016 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarter
Original design candidates for the for the 2016 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarter

The winning design depicts Roosevelt as he might have appeared on horseback surveying the landscape near the Little Missouri River.

2016 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarter
Designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, the fourth 2016 quarter depicts a young Theodore Roosevelt on horseback surveying the terrain near the Little Missouri River.

Inscriptions around the image include THEODORE ROOSEVELT, NORTH DAKOTA, 2016 and E PLURIBUS UNUM. Joel Iskowitz created the design and Phebe Hemphill sculpted it. In the U.S. Mint video below, Hemphill talks about working on the coin.


America the Beautiful Quarters share an obverse portrait of the first President of the United States, George Washington. The likeness by John Flanagan has appeared on quarter dollars since 1932.

Quarter obverse with D mint mark
Washington’s effigy is surrounded by inscriptions of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST and QUARTER DOLLAR. Mintmarks appear on quarter obverses, indicating where they were made. Here you can see the ‘D’ mint mark for the Denver Mint.

Mintmarks of ‘P’, ‘D’ or ‘S’ are also found on obverses designating their production facility of Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco.

Quarter Products

Those interested may buy the new quarters in options of 40-coin rolls and 100-coin bags. The following table shows the available products and their prices:

Quarter Product US Mint Production Facility Price
40-coin rolls San Francisco $18.95
Two-roll sets 40 Philadelphia & 40 Denver coins $32.95
Three-roll sets San Francisco, Philadelphia, & Denver $46.95
100-coin bags San Francisco $34.95
100-coin bags Philadelphia $34.95
100-coin bags Denver $34.95


As an added note, Philadelphia and Denver Mints produce all U.S. coins for general circulation. The San Francisco Mint, however, only strikes coins for sale in collector products. ‘S’ quarters will not show up in circulation.


The U.S. Mint’s online store, found here, is the best place to buy new quarters. Use 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) to order them by phone.

This coin marks the thirty-fourth in the series of the America the Beautiful Quarters, a program that debuted in 2010 and honors sites of national interest throughout the United States and its territories.

2016 quarters
Above are photos of the 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters taken at the San Francisco Mint. These are special collector proof versions that have already launched within United States Mint annual sets.

Earlier 2016 quarters showcase designs commemorating Shawnee National Forest of Illinois, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park of Kentucky and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park of West Virginia. The final quarter for this year honors Fort Moultrie of Fort Sumter National Monument in South Carolina. Rolls and bags of them are due for release in November.

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Joe C.

Nice video of the coin.


It’s a real Nice coin, ? to all… & where we are @–> Does anyone NOT reading this even care!? The mint needs them to be available as virtual coins for the iphone, etc., talk about seignorage, they do it with Baseball cards & the dummies take it over the real things!

Joe C.

To Whistler,
What the heck are you whistling about?

Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser –

The US Mint requires their registered trademark be used in print articles for their ATB quarters.
America the Beautiful Quarters™

These are circulating-quality coins processed in coin counting machines for the rolls & bags & therefore have scratches on them. I love this design best for this year & will be purchasing the 5-oz silver version. Kudos to the US Mint on a great design!


Joe C.

This design of T.R. will look great on the 5oz coin.

Seth Riesling

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