New Zealand Silver Coin Calculator

New Zealand flag, calculator and silver coinsFinding the value of silver within your coins is easier than ever with the New Zealand Silver Coin Calculator.

Using the latest silver spot price in either New Zealand or American dollars, the Silver Coin Calculator finds the value of silver content within your coins based on their type and how many you have.

You can go so far as to edit the silver spot price to research or speculate, adjust the bid/ask percentage in the event you are curious about buying or selling spreads and also see how your silver coins have performed over time with the included chart. It’s simple! It’s fast! And it’s accurate!

Value your Silver Coins. It's as simple as:


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* What is a Troy Ounce?

Silver Coins Value Performance Charted Over Time

(When you click 'Calculate', this chart updates real-time with your information)

Chart uses monthly London Fix Silver averages, selected silver coin type and your information

London Fix and Silver Information

London Fix

The New Zealand Silver Coin Calculator uses the London Fix (PM) of silver as the default "spot" price. The Performance Chart also relies on the silver London fix averages. What is the London Fix?

London Fixings are internationally published benchmarks for precious metals. Many financial instruments are priced off the fixing, including cash-settled swaps and options. The silver fixing started in 1897. The three members of the Silver Fixings are The Bank of Nova ScotiaMocatta, Deutsche Bank AG, and HSBC Bank USA.

Silvers properties

The attractive nature of silver is self evident. It’s been used for thousands of years for many, many things. Interestingly, silver has some traits that standout above all other metals. Did you know silver has?

  • The whitest color
  • The highest optical reflectivity
  • The highest thermal conductivity
  • The highest electrical conductivity

Generally speaking, the majority of today's mining operations that produce silver are after much more. Silver occurs with other base metals, like gold, copper, zinc and lead. It's these metals that are typically the thrust of many mines. Silver is just another benefit or byproduct of them.

Obviously, as price adjustments happen with silver the focus or priority of mining it can shift. However, that shifting isn't as much as one would think. Because silver has properties that make it extremely useful in electronics and photography, a significant portion of its demand is driven by needs rather than price.

Silver Resources and References