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American Innovation $1 Coin Act Passes SenateCollectors can expect another dollar coin series to run concurrently with the program of Native American $1 Coins. Legislation for a new multi-year series calls for the production of coins in recognition of American innovation and significant innovation and pioneering efforts of individuals or groups.

The American Innovation $1 Coin Act, H.R. 770, passed in the House with amendment on Jan. 16 and it was just approved with an amendment in the Senate on Wednesday, June 20 […]


Voyageurs National Park Quarter Photos Several events supported the release of the quarter depicting Voyageurs National Park, the distinctive area in northern Minnesota that includes forests, lakes, islands, and miles of undeveloped shoreline. Geographically, the park is located on the Canadian Shield with its ancient rocks forming the core of the North American Continent.

On Monday, June 11, the quarter commemorating the site launched into circulation and the U.S. Mint started selling them in rolls and bags. Three days later, on June 14, the U.S. Mint and the National Park Service officially introduced the quarter in a ceremony […]


World War I Centennial 2018 Navy Silver Medal PhotosThis article shows photos of World War I Centennial 2018 Navy Silver Medals. The medal is one of five from the United States Mint commemorating the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces that were active during the First World War.

The United States Mint on Jan. 17 started selling proof silver medals with designs honoring and emblematic of the Navy, the Army, the Air Service, the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Coast Guard […]

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US Mint Sales: Voyageurs Quarters and 5 Oz. Coin DebutEarly U.S. Mint sales figures have been published for new collector coins depicting Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park.

Released last week on Monday, June 11, the Voyageurs quarter is the third of five 2018-dated issues. Available products include rolls and bags of quarters from Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco with mint marks of ‘P’, ‘D’ and ‘S’ […]


2020-2021 Quarter and 5 Oz Coin Design CandidatesThe United States Mint released design candidates for the 2020 and 2021 America the Beautiful quarter dollars and companion five-ounce silver coins honoring national sites in American Samoa, Connecticut, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vermont, Kansas, and Alabama.

Introduced in 2010, the 56-quarter series celebrates national parks and sites throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the 5 U.S. territories […]


U.S. Mint Coin Production Rebounds to 1.29 Billion Coins in MayU.S. coin production rebounded in May to its highest level since January after dropping to a four-month low in April, the latest manufacturing figures from the United States Mint show.

U.S. Mint coining presses struck for circulation more than 1.29 billion across cents, nickels, dimes and quarters, marking increases of 47% from April and 11.7% from May 2017 […]


U.S. Mint Sales: 2018 Uncirculated Silver Eagle Leads For Third Straight WeekMake in three in a row of the U.S. Mint’s latest uncirculated American Silver Eagle. The 1-ounce .999 fine silver coin was the agency’s strongest seller for a third consecutive reporting period.

Released on May 24, the collector piece posted debut sales of 89,482 coins, climbed by another 5,980 coins in last week’s report, and added 15,251 more since then for combined sales of 110,713 coins […]


World War I Centennial 2018 Army Silver Medal PhotosOn Jan. 17, the United States Mint released silver medals with designs honoring the Army, the Navy, the Air Service, the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Conceived, developed and struck by the U.S. Mint to boost support for the congressionally directed World War I Centennial Silver Dollar Commemorative Coin Program […]


US Mint Firms 2018 Summer Product ScheduleThe United States Mint this week published release dates for products that are scheduled to launch this summer.

They include some highly-anticipated and brand new products like the 2018-S Reverse Proof Silver Proof Set, the 2018-W Proof American Palladium Eagle, and silver medals featuring former presidents […]


US Mint Sales: 2018 Uncirculated Silver Eagle Best Weekly SellerThe United States Mint is in the middle of a more than two week break from releasing new products so its latest sales report doesn’t pack a lot of punch.

As is often the case during such times, the U.S. Mint’s American Silver Eagles and cores annual sets were its best sellers […]

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