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2019 American Liberty High Reliefs and 2018 Reverse Proof $1 DebutThe United States Mint released five products last week and the saw varied degrees of support, ranking from first to 11th on the weekly list of top U.S. Mint sellers.

Most sought after was the 2018-dated reverse proof American Innovation dollar. The $1 coin launched Aug. 14 for $9.95 and lasted barely over a day before becoming unavailable […]


2019 American Innovation $1 Coin DesignsThe United States Mint unveiled the official designs for the four 2019 American Innovation dollars honoring innovations or innovators from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia.

Dollar reverses (tails side) change for each innovation or innovator honored in the multi-year series, with four released every year from 2019 to 2032 […]


2019 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal ReleaseThe United States Mint completes a busy two weeks of product launches with today’s releases of the 2019-W $100 American Liberty 1-ounce gold coin and the 2019-P American Liberty 2.5-ounce silver medal. The pair of high reliefs goes on sale at noon EDT.

Each has a 50,000 mintage and an initial household order limit of 1 piece. The .999 fine silver medal is $99.95. The .9999 fine, 24-karat gold coin opens at $1,940 […]


2018-S Reverse Proof American Innovation $1 Coin ReleaseA coin bearing last year’s date is the United States Mint’s newest product for collectors. The U.S. Mint’s reverse proof 2018-S American Innovation dollar goes on sale today at noon EDT for $9.95.

Opposite of a standard proof, coins featuring a reverse proof finish have polished, mirror-like design elements that contrast against frosted backgrounds […]


US Mint Sales: 2019-S Proof Silver Eagle and Monroe Medal DebutHighlights from this week’s United States Mint sales report include first appearances of the 2019-S Proof American Silver Eagle and the James Monroe Presidential Silver Medal.

The San Francisco Mint’s proof Silver Eagle was the U.S. Mint’s top weekly seller.┬áReleased a week ago Tuesday, Aug. 6, the .999 fine 1-ounce silver coin pulled six-day starting sales of 72,463. Last year’s edition opened with six-day sales of 77,467 […]


U.S. Mint 2019 Holiday Ornaments Include Kennedy Half DollarsThe United States Mint kicked off sales today of two holiday-themed ornaments that hold uncirculated Kennedy half dollars.

One of the ornaments is designed for young collectors, featuring the U.S. Mint’s Mighty Minters™ Eli, Layla, Timothy, and Kendra in "vibrant, digitally printed colors" […]


2019 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal Finishes and MintagesThe United States Mint rolled out product pages and issued press announcements in preparation for their Aug. 15 releases of their high relief American Liberty gold coin and silver medal. Mintages and finishes for the two collectibles are now known.

Each of them has a 50,000 mintage and an initial household order limit of 1 piece. In addition to their designs […]


US Mint Sales: 2019 $1 Coin and Currency Set at 28,639It’s been two weeks since the U.S. Mint released a product so the agency’s latest sales report lacked the big gains. Its most recent release, the space-themed 2019 Native American $1 Coin and Currency Set for $15.95, was its best weekly seller.

Considering that many expected this joint U.S. Mint-BEP product to sell out quickly, its latest and fairly gentle weekly rise of 3,823 is interesting […]


U.S. Mint To Release Over A Dozen Products in AugustThe United States Mint will release more than a dozen products this month, including a San Francisco Mint-struck proof American Silver Eagle, Apollo 11 coin and intaglio print combinations, a presidential silver medal, two ornaments, an American Liberty gold coin and silver medal, and San Antonio Missions coins.

The West Point Mint’s proof Silver Eagle debuted in January and has sales so far of more than 300,000. The edition from San Francisco, which kicks of the U.S. Mint’s month with an Aug. 6 release, features the same proof finish and $55.95 price […]


Basketball Commemorative Coin Designs ReviewedUnited States Mint coins will be issued in 2020 to recognize the 60th anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The program of $5 gold, $1 silver and 50c clad commemoratives will share designs with reverses depicting a basketball and obverses emblematic of the game of basketball. They will be dome-shaped, and possibly feature some color […]