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United States Mint, Canadian Mint, and Australian Perth Mint Coin Information

The following links provide information on U.S. Mint and Canadian coins, including images, release details, mintages, specifications and more.

Silver Coin Calculators

Find the silver value of coins in seconds, see their performance charted over time and check their potential sale price. Versions for:

U.S.     Canada     Australia     New Zealand

US Mint Bullion Coin Guide

U.S. Mint American Eagle and Buffalo bullion coin prices, premiums in dollars and percentage, and latest Mint sales figures.


US Mint Silver Coin Guide

U.S. Mint prices, sales and intrinsic values for American Silver Eagles, America the Beautiful Silver Coins, silver dollars, and silver sets.

First Spouse Gold Coin Guide

U.S. Mint prices, mintages, and latest sales figures for First Spouse Gold Coins struck in proof and uncirculated qualities.


Bullion Spots

The metal composition of coins can have a significant impact on their prices. Get live and 24 hour bullion spot prices.


Coin Price Guides

Learn more about coins including their possible values or recent selling prices with the following coin price and photo guides:

PCGS     Error Coins      Australian

Currency Converter

The International Currency Converter Tool determines foreign exchange rates for 164 currencies and silver, gold and platinum.


Inflation Calculator

The inflation calculator uses Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures to measure the purchasing power of the dollar over time (1913-2008).


Track Coins or Packages

Track coins and packages delivered from UPS, FedEx, DHL or the United States Postal Service. View their travel path on a map.

Mapping Tool

Find a city, country, region or any desired location from around the world. Get a map, satellite photo or hybrid view.


ROR Coin Calculator

The Rate of Return Coin Calculator gives you a sense of how much your coins have increased or decreased in value over time.


Coin News Extra

This section provides coin news and articles from additional media organizations, government sources and blogs.