2016 Quarters Released in Uncirculated 10-Coin Collector Set


The United States Mint is now selling its latest annually issued product, the 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set.

2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set
Images of the folder (outer and inner sides) for the 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set

For $12.95, this collector set offers five pairs of unique designs. In total, it includes ten quarters in uncirculated quality, with five from the Philadelphia Mint and five from the Denver Mint. This year’s quarters commemorate and feature designs emblematic of the following sites:

  • Shawnee National Forest in Illinois,
  • Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Kentucky,
  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia,
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, and
  • Fort Moultrie in South Carolina.

Each coin is marked on its obverse, heads side, with a ‘P’ or ‘D’ to denote its mint of origin.

Uncirculated coins "are hand-loaded into the coining press and struck on specially burnished blanks, yet have a soft, matt-like finish appearance," the Mint’s website describes. The coins are "made like circulating coins (which are used every day as money), but with a special process that produces a brilliant finish."

All ten quarters are displayed inside one folder that also includes descriptions of each commemorated site, the specifications of the coins, and a U.S. Mint certificate of authenticity.


This new set and other quarter products are available from the U.S. Mint’s website, right here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). There are no mintage or household limits in place.

This is the set’s seventh year of issue. The Mint continues to sell all but one of the sets, with the one from 2012 selling out at 42,223. Those from 2010 to 2011 and 2013 to 2015 have sales of 40,937; 39,666; 41,802; 28,714; and 25,275.

The United States Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program will feature 56 different designs through 2021, each commemorating a national site throughout the U.S. and its territories as well as the District of Columbia.

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Seth Riesling

The last ATB quarter coin for this year is the Fort Moultrie-Fort Sumpter National Monument, South Carolina.



Well, it has happened. The US Mint, responding to the obviously lethargic economy, has produced ATB Qtrs to levels reflecting economic activity. Which is to say, Kaput. OK, OK, stop the booing. It’s a GOOD thing!!! You see, the reduction in numbers for the Cumberland Gap ATB Qtr, are well off….well off….well off ( I said it three times, so purchase Cumberland Qtrs Apr, 4 appropriately) the last Shawnee ATB, in both Denver and Philly. As it appears, you have to go to 1932 D to find a lesser production level. Ok, that may be hyperbole, but you get the… Read more »

Christopher Williams

I own all of the “ATB Uncirculated Sets” from the US Mint and I do enjoy the coins.

The presentation is attractive and can’t beat the price.