10-Coin Set of Circulating 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Released


The United States Mint is now selling a 10-coin set that includes circulating versions of this year’s quarters.

Photo of 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters
CoinNews photo of 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters. The designs honor Shawnee National Forest in Illinois, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Kentucky, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, and Fort Moultrie in South Carolina.

Officially named the 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set™, the product designed for coin collectors has 5 quarters minted in Denver and 5 quarters minted in Philadelphia. These cities have the two U.S. Mint facilities that strike all the nation’s coins for general circulation. While the quarters in the set are in circulating quality, they have never been circulated.

This year’s quarters commemorate national sites with reverse designs emblematic of:

  • Illinois’s Shawnee National Forest,
  • Kentucky’s Cumberland Gap National Historical Park,
  • West Virginia’s Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
  • North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and
  • South Carolina’s Fort Moultrie (Fort Sumter National Monument).

Easy-To-Open Packaging

The sets are issued annually. Their inexpensive price and unique packaging make it an appealing product for coin collectors.

2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set
U.S. Mint image of its easy-to-open 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set

First, their price at $5.95 each has been the same for five straight years. Second, the packaging is simple and designed to protect the quarters yet it is easy to remove them for placing in a coin album or other storage product.

Past Set Sales and Ordering

The U.S. Mint’s program of America the Beautiful Quarters® was introduced in 2010 with circulating coin sets released every year. The Mint continues to sell four of five previous sets. Their sales as of Monday, Nov. 14, are:

  • 39,455 for the 2010 set,
  • 35,951 for the 2011 set,
  • 24,869 for the 2012 set (sold out),
  • 28,583 for the 2013 set,
  • 23,033 for the 2014 set, and
  • 20,126 for the 2015 set.

Sets from 2010 and 2011 are priced higher at $9.95.

Order the new or past sets at U.S. Mint’s online page for quarter products, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). There is no mintage or household ordering limits.

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These quarters are part of my subscription plan with the US Mint. I store them in the US Mint America The Beautiful Quaters album. It’s coming along quit nicely. The quarters are all BU even thow they suppose to be circulated. I did the state quarters 1999 to 2009 from pocket change. I store them in a Littleton coin album made in the USA. Looks great.

Peggy Sessions

I’m giving my grandson sets from 2010 (his birth year) thru 2016 for Christmas. I’ve received the ATB Coin Album. I’ll have him place in the album. Any suggestions of what to do with the extra coins?