2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Rolls Sales Debut


2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarters were ceremoniously introduced last Thursday, June 3. However, two days before the ceremony they were actually released into circulation and the United States Mint began selling quarter bags and rolls.

Yellowstone National Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

The latest U.S. Mint sales report is available and opening numbers show that collectors purchased just over 2.7 million Yellowstone quarters.

The product sales breakout between their release on Tuesday and through to Sunday are:

Yellowstone 100-coin bag (P) 4,447
Yellowstone 100-coin bag (D) 4,392
Yellowstone Quarter Two-Roll Set (80 coin) (P&D) 23,273

The totals are below the Hot Springs quarter opening figures which came in with respective numbers of 5,268; 4,915 and 25,983. However, those include one extra day of sales — they were released on a Monday (April 19) with the first batch of sales reported through to the following Sunday.

The inaugural sales week is always the strongest for quarter bags and rolls. Subsequent weekly increases fall significantly by comparison, as highlighted by the latest Hot Springs totals:

Hot Springs 100-coin bag (P) 7,509
Hot Springs 100-coin bag (D) 6,914
Hot Springs Quarter Two-Roll Set (80 coin) (P&D) 35,864

The Mint is offering the bags for $35.95 each. The two-roll sets include 40 coins from Denver and 40 coins from Philadelphia and are $32.95. The 25-cent pieces in the bags and rolls are circulation strikes, not proof or uncirculated versions minted specifically for collectors.

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