2010 Hot Springs Park Quarter Bags and Rolls Sales Debut


2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarters debuted in a ceremonial release on Tuesday, April 21, 2010. On the prior day, however, the United States Mint launched quarter bags and rolls of the coins.

2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarter Rolls and Bags
2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarter Rolls and Bags

The latest U.S. Mint sales report is available and opening numbers show that collectors purchased nearly 3.1 million Hot Springs quarters in total.

The product sales breakout between Monday and Sunday are:

Hot Springs Quarter Bags & Rolls Opening Sales

100-coin bag (P) 5,268
100-coin bag (D) 4,915
Two-Roll Set (80 coin) (P&D) 25,983

While an apple-to-apple comparison is not very realistic at such an early stage, it is interesting to look at these numbers and compare them to the last U.S. quarters launched in November.

Individually, they are significantly better than the debuting bag and roll figures of Northern Mariana Islands Quarters, which have the scarcest mintages in decades. Same product sales came in at 4,160; 4,069 and 18,817.

However, it must be noted that at that time the Mint also offered 1000-coin quarter bags from Philadelphia and Denver, which opened with respective figures of 975 and 561. Adding these into the mix, the individual quarter tally reaches more than 3.8 million quarters. That is better than the Hot Springs total by more than 700,000.

The Hot Springs National Park Quarter is not only the first for the year, but also the first in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. Their release begins the new multi-year series that will see a total of at least fifty-six new quarters issued at a rate of five per year. The program is set to run until 2021 unless it is extended at the discretion of the Treasury Secretary.

The remaining four 2010 quarters scheduled for release later this year honor Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Yosemite National Park in California, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon.

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Is this collectors that purchased the coins, or is it the licensed resellers like CSN, Franklin Mint, and other people that purchased. Is there info on how many bank branches will receive rolls, or did I miss that?