America the Beautiful Quarters with NGC Labels, Release Ceremony Designations


New 2010 America the Beautiful QuartersNumismatic Guaranty Corporation is now offering a special label designed specifically for the America the Beautiful Quarters™ debuting this year from the United States Mint.

In a related move, the NGC is also specifying certain requirement for coins submitted to them in which the owner requests the special designations of "First Day of Issue" and "Release Ceremony." (See current release ceremony dates.)

Designed in full-color with a patriotic theme and the words "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" printed across the top, the new label appeared just in time to be available for the initial Hot Springs National Park Quarters which have recently made their way into circulation.

The U.S. Mint released the Hot Springs National Park Quarter on Monday, April 19, 2010 marking the first coin of fifty-six due to be struck over the next eleven years as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

The new NGC label is available immediately for those submitting coins to NGC to be graded, but certain steps must be taken by the coins owners prior to submission to insure they receive the special insert.

  • Those submitting five or more coins and wanting the America the Beautiful label in the encapsulation should utilize the Modern Special Tier service. For less than five coins, the Early Bird Tier must be used. NGC dealers are allowed to use the bulk submission service.

  • "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL LABEL" must be written clearly on the submission form to be included along with the coins. If the special designation is not noted on the submission form, the standard NGC labels will be used.

  • Coins requested to include the special label must be submitted separately from all other coins. If mixed coins are submitted at one time, they will all receive the standard NGC label

Obviously, only coins struck as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters program will be allowed to have the special label. The NGC Collectors Society submission fee for this service is listed at $15 per coin with an approximate 12 working day turnaround.

Special First Day of Issue and Release Ceremony designations are also available from NGC. To qualify for the First Day designation, coins had to be received by NGC either on the day of release or via overnight service so that they received them the day after the coins release. (See America quarters release dates by year.) This insures the coins were actually purchased on the day the coins were first allowed into circulation. Sealed US Mint issue First Day Covers are also allowed to receive the special designation at any time.

For the Release Ceremony designation, submitters were required to inform NGC in advance of the coins release so that they could receive special instructions for their submission. These instructions included additional documentation requirements for the coins as well as mandatory overnight delivery service to NGC so that they arrived the day after the coins release.

Both the special label and the designations are designed to offer submitters an option that could enhance the coins desirability and thus its value. With this in mind, do not be surprised if more people take advantage of the service as future America the Beautiful strikes are released.

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