News About US Mint Presidential $1 Coin Releases

Articles and news about United States Mint produced Presidential $1 Coin releases. These dollar coins honor former Presidents of the United States. The coin series began in 2007 and will last until at least 2016. (Also see $1 coins by year.)

25-coin rolls of 2009 William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coins are now on sale at the United States Mint for $35.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. Sales kicked-off Thursday, three days after the Mint ceremoniously launched the coins from Harrison’s old Virginia home at the Berkeley Plantation. The coins are available with the Denver […]


William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coins were officially launched in a ceremonial release on Presidents Day (Monday) by the United States Mint. The event was held at Harrison’s old Virginia home at the Berkeley Plantation. In keeping with tradition, thousands of newly struck coins were given to children while adults exchanged for $1 rolls. The […]


Sales of the 2009 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set begin Tuesday, February 10, at noon ET, the United States Mint said in a statement Tuesday. The Presidential Dollar Proof Set has now approached its third year of issue, with the first set released in 2007 when the $1 coin series began. The annual 4-coin proof […]


A joint U.S. Mint and Washington Metro press conference last week announced that $1 coins were accepted and dispensed in Metro farecard vending machines. Thanks to Metro and its YouTube channel, the video of the conference with United States Mint Director Ed Moy and Metro’s Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Chief Financial Officer Carol Kissal […]


$1 coins may now be used throughout the Washington Metro Transit System, the United States Mint and Washington Metro Area Transit Authority jointly announced today. All modern $1 coins — from Presidential Dollars, to Sacagawea Golden Dollars, to the upcoming Native American $1 Coins — are now accepted and can be dispensed in Metro farecard […]


Newly designed Native American $1 Coins will be available for face value on January 2 by way of the Direct Ship Program, the United States Mint said in a release Tuesday.   "By ordering through our Direct Ship Program, businesses and consumers have the convenience and flexibility of purchasing manageable quantities of circulating $1 coins […]


Officials today joined with a hometown crowd at Kinderhook Cemetery in Kinderhook, N.Y., to honor President Martin Van Buren on the anniversary of his birth and ceremoniously release the eighth Presidential Dollar coin. Van Buren was the first U.S. president born in America and spent his youth in Kinderhook.   "Many Americans are not aware […]


Minting of Presidential $1 Coins have hit a new low, according to the latest production figures by the United States Mint. The series, which started in 2007 with over 340,000 George Washington Presidential coins, has experienced a production decline with each succeeding $1 release, with the exception of the Jackson dollar. Van Buren production is […]


The ceremonial launch of Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollars will take place on Friday, the U.S. Mint said in an advisory to the media and public. The coins were released into circulation in mid November, but the Mint delayed the traditional public ceremony it conducts for new coins to coincide with Van Buren’s birthday on […]


U.S. Mint releases 2009 Native American $1 Coin design on Native American Heritage Day

The United States Mint on Friday helped to celebrate Native American Heritage Day by unveiling the design image for the new 2009 Sacagawea $1 coin, officially entitled the "Native American $1 Coin." The dollar will begin circulating in January along with the first 2009 Presidential $1 Coin.

2009 Native American $1 Coin design

The new reverse designed by U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Norman E. Nemeth depicts a Native American woman planting seeds in a field of corn, beans and squash. The scene represents the Three Sisters method of planting.

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