News About US Mint Presidential $1 Coin Releases

Articles and news about United States Mint produced Presidential $1 Coin releases. These dollar coins honor former Presidents of the United States. The coin series began in 2007 and will last until at least 2016. (Also see $1 coins by year.)

The National Stroke Association has announced it will join the U.S. Mint in celebrating the launch of the new John Quincy Adams Presidential $1 coin on Thursday, May 15. One of the great values in coin series with ongoing themes and multi-year designs, like the Presidential $1 coins, is the educational value they can provide. […]


Question in Presidential $1 CoinA Florida man has sued U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson with the goal of recognizing 10 men he says were president before George Washington. He wants Paulson to add these men into the Presidential $1 coin series.

Stanley L. Klos of Palm Beach, Florida would like everyone to know and recognize the men who were Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled—leaders after the Articles of Confederation were adopted in March of 1781 and prior to Washington’s presidency in 1789.

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The United States Mint has announced the upcoming arrival of new Presidential $1 dollar coin products in May. For some collectors, the announced offerings may come as a bit of a surprise since the Mint is pushing out an additional product as well as the next scheduled coin honoring U.S. Presidents. They have, in fact, […]


Video of Presidential $1 Coins used in Wal-MartNew Presidential $1 Coins are certainly a hit with many collectors, but their acceptance elsewhere since they were first introduced in 2007 has been slow.

Frightening slow… and very similar to previous failed attempts at thrusting dollar coins into the publics hands.

Like the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea golden dollars, Presidential $1 coins face a daunting and nearly impossible task of competing with the one dollar bill.

Regardless of the historical and interesting aspects of any dollar coin, handling and using paper bills in every day life is simply too convenient. When it comes to the dollar, most people want to use and receive paper in transactions, not coin.

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A flood of stories has appeared regarding the forthcoming movement of "In God We Trust" from the edge to the face of Presidential $1 Coins. They all started with President Bush’s signing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008.

A newly signed law amends old changing the location of 'In God We Trust' from the $1 coin’s edge to one its faces. (U.S. Mint images)

CoinNews wrote about the legislative scrutiny in changing the motto’s location, expected the signing of the final legislation, reported about it minutes after it was signed and then surmised that the Presidential Dollar coins would not see change until 2009.

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Today, Dec. 26, President George Bush signed into law H.R. 2764, the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2008. While the President was unhappy with portions of the bill:   "…I am disappointed in the way the Congress compiled this legislation, including abandoning the goal I set early this year to reduce the number and cost of earmarks […]

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While the Mint should be held accountable for errors or mistakes in decision, how much criticism do they merit for the lack of progress in getting the new Presidential Dollars used in daily circulation?Second-guessing the United States Mint is exceptionally easy to do. They’re the "big guys" with an array of products and programs that make them a bullseye for attention. They’re also a government entity and it’s not exactly easy or prudent for them to respond to criticism, making arm-chair judgments against them more likely to go unchallenged.

An aggressive marketing campaign by the Mint along with early and embarrassing mint coin errors has provided public notice of the new Presidential $1 Coins. While the Mint should be held accountable for errors or mistakes in decisions, how much criticism do they merit for the lack of progress in getting the new Presidential Dollars used in daily circulation?

Despite the fact that the Mint has already reported nearly 760 million presidential coins minted without the Madison dollars, a significant portion of the public has never received the new coin in daily change. I live in one of the largest cities in the nation, San Antonio, and have yet to experience someone handing me one. Further, asking for and getting the coins at many banks has been a challenge in itself.

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President Bush signed the Native American $1 Coin Act mandating the redesign of Sacagawea Dollar. Starting in 2009, the Sacagawea reverse will no longer have the soaring eagle depicted. Instead, it’ll bear a famous American Indian or American Indian event that’ll change each year. has discussed the success and various failures of U.S. dollar […]


America loves their series. First came the 50 State Quarters. Next came the Westward Journey Nickels. Then the Presidential $1 Coins. Now wait… Be patient… And please hold your horses… Why? Because a new Sacagawea Golden Dollars series is on the way. Is it just me or is your heart NOT racing? Well, the new […]


Curiosity and enthusiasm gets jolted into overdrive when an always changing coin series comes out. You don’t need to look further than the 50 State Quarters® Program. It helped create a booming-hot collector market that’s still going strong. Better, the new quarters soundly made it as "replacements" to older circulating quarters. The quarters program started […]