Weekly & Monthly US Mint Coin Sales Figures

US Mint SiteThe United States Mint is the most active mint in the world, producing billions of circulating coins, tens of millions of bullion coins, and millions of numismatic or collector coins every single year.

CoinNews.net publishes at least one weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures, as provided by the US Mint directly. These coin sales figures are indispensable to both coin collectors and investors for determining current demand, coin mintages, and more.

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US Mint Sales: 2019 Proof American Gold Eagles Debut Early United States Mint sales stats have been reported for the five products featuring the different sized 2019-W Proof American Gold Eagles.

Released last Thursday at prices ranging from $182.50 to $3,015, collectors ordered a combined 17,497 coins in four days. The start is quicker than last year’s coins […]

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US Mint Sales: 2019 Proof Set and Rocketship DebutEarly United States Mint sales figures are now available for the glow-in-the dark 2019 Rocketship set for young collectors and the 2019 Proof Set with accompanied "W" cent. Both products led weekly sales.

Despite having fewer days in its first reported sales total, the annually issued Proof Set scored three-day sales of 196,034 for the best start since the one from 2015. A bonus Lincoln cent with the "W" mint mark of the West Point Mint is included with every set. It’s boosting sales […]


US Mint Sales: 2019 Quarters Silver Set and Lowell 3-Coin Set DebutThe United States kicked off sales last week of two collector products — a 5-coin set of 2019 silver quarters and a 3-coin set of 2019 Lowell National Historical Park quarters. The pair of sets were the U.S. Mint’s top weekly sellers.

Released Tuesday, Feb. 19, the three-coin set of Lowell quarters for Massachusetts includes uncirculated quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints and a proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint […]

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US Mint Sales: 2019 Native American Dollar DebutsThe latest batch of United States Mint sales figures shows first results for the recently released 2019 Native American dollar.

Native American $1 Coins showcase annually changing reverses. This year’s design is spaced-themed, depicting engineer Mary Golda Ross working on aerospace calculations with an Atlas-Agena rocket in the background and an astronaut spacewalking above […]

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US Mint Sales: Lowell Quarters and 5 Oz. Coin DebutThe latest round of U.S. Mint sales figures offer early results for the new collector coins depicting Massachusetts’ Lowell National Historical Park.

Released last week on Monday, Feb. 4, the Lowell quarter is the first of five issues for 2019. Available products include rolls and bags of quarters from Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco with mint marks of ‘P’, ‘D’ and ‘S’ […]


US Mint Sales: 2019 Proof Platinum Eagle DebutsA fresh round of U.S. Mint sales figures are available for the 1-ounce .995 fine 2019-W Proof American Platinum Eagle.

Released last Thursday for $1,220, the platinum coin registered first-day sales of 3,225 coins. It increased by 1,382 through the weekend for a four-day total of 4,607 coins, or 30.7% of the possible 15,000 coins […]


2019 Proof Platinum Eagle Sales Reach 3,225 in First DayFirst-day sales of the 2019-Proof American Platinum Eagles hit 3,225 coins, according to United States Mint spokesman Michael White.

Ordering opened Thursday for the 1-ounce .9995 fine platinum ‘Liberty’ coin which features the second of three designs from the Mint’s Preamble to the Declaration of Independence series […]


US Mint Sales: Apollo 11 Coins DebutThe U.S. Mint released updated sales figures for its range of Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins.

Released last Thursday at prices ranging from $25.95 to $418.75, the eight commemorative products combined to post first-day sales of 296,311 coins for $31,846,666. Sales through the weekend rose by another 64,425 coins […]


Apollo 11 Commemorative Coin Sales Reach 296,311 in First Day;Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins are moving quickly. Their first-day sales combined to 296,311 coins, according to United States Mint spokesman Michael White. Add in another 49,825 coins for the companion Kennedy Enhanced Reverse Proof Half Dollar.

Nearly half of the allotted gold coins are already gone and just over half of the five-ounce silver coins have been claimed. Altogether so far, the collection of coins has realized over $31.8 million […]


US Mint Sales: 2019 Quarters Proof Set DebutsThe United States Mint released last week a 5-coin proof set of 2019-dated quarters for $15.95. This first dedicated U.S. quarter product of the year was the Mint’s best weekly seller.

Featuring clad proof quarters with designs honoring national sites in Massachusetts, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Texas, and Idaho, the set posted six-day opening sales of 35,936. The start is 627 lower than last year’s edition which contains quarters depicting sites in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, and Rhode Island […]