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It’s a Sen-sible move. The cost of the Malaysia one Sen coin is too much to bear compared to the value of its use. Similar to the U.S. Lincoln penny, Malaysia’s smallest coin costs more to make than its worth and its buying power has made the coin less attractive in day-to-day usage. While the […]


An old 1776 Spanish coin was found in a Nashville Cemetery when a sunken footstone was being raised for restoration purposes. The location and type of coin – once commonly known as a "piece of eight" or, for Western TV watchers, a "peso" – makes the discovery rather unique. However, don’t expect future treasure announcements […]


View Larger Map It’s hard to surpass the excited imaginations of ancient medieval fortresses filled with bounties of hidden treasures. For a lucky few, imaginations turn to reality. That’s likely what happened to archaeologists who recently discovered a small hoard of ancient golden coins in an old medieval fortress named Markely. The fortress, located in […]

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