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A week ago from today, August 15, the United States Mint held a release ceremony for the new Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coins. A video of the event sure would have been nice! But wouldn’t it be great if you could at least see photos from the ceremony? Well, now you can and right here! […]


Are the new Jefferson Presidential $1 Coins really released into circulation? Have you seen any? Or was the United States Mint ceremony announcing their release just marketing hoopla and a government cover story? Well, there’s no question the U.S. Mint’s ceremony the other day had its fair share of marketing, but there’s nothing wrong with […]


All too often experienced coin collectors see collectible coins mishandled by new collectors or by those who’ve received coins as gifts and just don’t know any better. The feeling of watching coins get unintentionally mistreated is cringing. And nearly every coin collector who’s been around for awhile can describe it. My biggest personal "shock" in […]

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I was up late channel surfing one night when I happened to come upon the very beginning of one of those TV coin shows. The host was quickly previewing several of the coins that would be discussed during the show. I must admit, my annoyance swelled up just as quickly! The preview prices were much […]

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Since many coins contain a precious metal, we expanded our website to include charts and spot prices of silver, gold and platinum (found here). In doing so, I was reminded of a common misconception many people have regarding the system of weight for precious metals. Many think an ounce of gold is the same “weight” […]


The Blue Book, or Bluebook as you often see mis-typed, is another book in the coin collecting world that has become a standard of sorts. The formal title is: “The Official Blue Book®—A Handbook of United States Coins”. It’s been around for a full 65 editions!  Any book with that many editions and used since […]


As an amateur coin collector, I am always pleased to find when my thoughts are in agreement with many numismatists. One such example of this rare occurrence is the Mercury dime. I have always felt that this was just a beautiful piece of art, on a tiny metal “canvas”. It is accepted by many to […]


Coin collectors often bring the joy of their hobby to children. My own father was a collector. During my childhood, I remember sitting at the kitchen table going through what seemed like buckets of pennies. The pennies didn’t just come from saved pocket change… My dad would often make trips to the bank and buy […]

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