Offers Free Rate of Return Coin Calculator


The vast majority of coin collectors collect for the joy and experiences the hobby brings – not for financial gain. On the flip side, collecting coins can place a burden on the wallet so most collectors are savvy in at least the basics of finance.

To that end, has added a FREE and simple Rate of Return (ROR) Coin Calculator. The calculator is a fast and easy tool that provides a mechanism for checking how much coins have made in value over time.

By entering a coin’s purchase price and date along with its selling price (or estimated current value) and date, the calculator will return its:

  • Annualized return rate
  • Return percentage for the entire period

You likely won’t use the rate of return coin calculator for any heavy financial analysis on a series of many coins. It’s not designed for that. Instead, it’s there to offer quick and interesting insights to coin or other investment purchases – you could, if you wish, even use it to find the rate of return on a home.

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