Eleanor Roosevelt Quarters Available in U.S. Mint Rolls and Bags


One of the most influential individuals of the 20th century in America is being celebrated by the United States Mint with today’s noon ET release of their 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt quarter. The new quarter dollar is available in rolls and bags containing coins struck at U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

US Mint image 2023 P D S Eleanor Roosevelt quarter and rolls
U.S. Mint image of a 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt quarter and P, D, and S rolls of them
US Mint image 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt quarter and bag
U.S. Mint image of a 2023-P Eleanor Roosevelt quarter and a 100-coin bag of them

The quarter is the latest addition to the U.S. Mint’s ongoing American Women Quarters™ series. This four-year program, which began in 2022, aims to recognize the remarkable contributions of women to American history, with five new designs being released each year until 2025.

Eleanor Roosevelt‘s legacy extends beyond her role as the wife of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, throughout his unprecedented four terms in office. Even before her time in the White House, she was widely recognized by the public for her extensive involvement in civic affairs, including her dedicated work towards human rights and her association with organizations such as the League of Women Voters and the Women’s Trade Union League.

"The third coin of the 2023 American Women Quarters Program honors the life and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt," said Mint Director Ventris C. Gibson. "She was the first chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, advocating diligently for the civil liberties and needs of the poor, minorities, and the disadvantaged."

It was during her tenure as the First Lady that Eleanor Roosevelt’s national influence soared to new heights, making her the most politically active First Lady in history. While supporting her husband’s presidency, she pursued her progressive agenda and extensively traveled the nation, providing firsthand reports on the prevailing conditions to aid her husband’s decision-making process.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quarter Products

Three different options are available as part of the Roosevelt quarter release. These include:

  • Two-Roll Sets for $40 – containing one roll of 40 quarters from the Philadelphia Mint and one roll of 40 quarters from the Denver Mint
  • Three-Roll Sets for $60 – containing three 40 quarter rolls, with one from the Philadelphia Mint, one from the Denver Mint and one from the San Francisco Mint
  • 100-Coin Bags for $45 – 100 quarters from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint

The San Francisco Mint-struck quarters are the most sought after by collectors, as they are produced only for numismatic purposes, limiting their overall mintage. Quarters struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints are also released for general circulation, starting today, which will result in millions of them being issued.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quarter Designs

A portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt and the scales of justice against a backdrop representing the globe can be found on the reverse (tails side) of each new quarter dollar.

CoinNews photo 2023-S Proof Eleanor Roosevelt quarter
This CoinNews photo shows the reverse or tails side of an Eleanor Roosevelt quarter in the collector finish of proof. The quarters released today are in regular circulating finish, but feature the exact same design.

The design is meant to symbolize her impactful work with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The image was created by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program Designer Don Everhart, with sculpting by United States Mint Medallic Artist Craig A. Campbell.

"It was an incredible honor to be trusted with sculpting this tribute to an American icon," said Campbell. "Eleanor Roosevelt had such an amazing impact on our country and the world, and in this design, we see Mrs. Roosevelt with a globe and scales representing the worldwide equality she worked so hard for through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."


All coins of the series bear the same obverse (heads side) portrait of George Washington. The likeness of the first President of the United States was originally created by artist Laura Gardin Fraser to mark Washington’s 200th birthday in 1932.

CoinNews photo obverse uncirculated 2022 quarter
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse (heads side) of an uncirculated 2022 quarter. Aside from the date, 2023 quarter obverses are the same.

Obverse inscriptions read "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "2023."

Quarter Specifications

Denomination: Quarter
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 8.33% nickel, balance copper
Weight: 5.670 grams
Diameter: 0.955 inch (24.26 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: Philadelphia – P
Denver – D
San Francisco – S
Privy Mark: None



Eleanor Roosevelt quarters may be ordered by visiting the U.S. Mint’s online catalog quarter products.

The two-roll sets have a product limit of 9,140 with an initial household order limit of three. Three-roll set sales are capped at 12,620, also with an initial household order limit of three. Finally, the bag options are limited to 7,860 of each with limits of ten in place.

U.S. Mint’s Women Quarters Program

The American Women Quarters series was authorized by Public Law 116-330 and debuted in 2022 with strikes honoring Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Nina Otero-Warren, and Anna May Wong. 2023 quarters include:

  • Bessie Coleman – first African American and first Native American woman licensed pilot (released February 14th)
  • Edith Kanakaʻole – influential Hawaiian composer and custodian of native culture and traditions (debuted March 27th)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt – first lady, author, and civil liberties advocate (this release)
  • Jovita Idar – Mexican-American journalist, activist, teacher, and suffragist (August 15th)
  • Maria Tallchief – America’s first prima ballerina (October 23rd)

These quarters can also be found in additional U.S. Mint products, such as annual sets containing proof quarters (released March 21) and silver quarters (released April 4). They will also be featured in special holiday ornaments, scheduled for release on Aug. 24.

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Seth Riesling

The 3-roll set, (P,D,S) went to ‘currently unavailable” with the blue ‘Remind Me’ button in less than 3 hours…


Kaiser Wilhelm

Not at all surprising, Seth, what with dollar signs lighting up so many flippers’ eyes.

Seth Riesling


Reminds me of the movie “Wall Street” when the character Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) says, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”
I certainly don’t believe that. But, it is part of the human condition for many people.
I always say every year that the big, 5-day ANA coin show & convention is the “Annual Festival of Greed.”


Major D

So, you’re only supposed to buy just one and keep it until you die?

Kaiser Wilhelm

It’s better not to have any shoulds, Major D, because as the old saying goes “The shoulds will always get you.” Buy one coin or set if you’re just into collecting, buy more of them if you want to have some to give away or to sell. It doesn’t really matter, does it?

Major D

No, it doesn’t matter, Kaiser. That’s my point. What does it matter to anyone if you flip some and make a buck? Does that somehow make you no longer a collector? I think not. I like the idea of trading up. Sell some of this in order to afford some of that. Besides, what does a collector need with a roll of 40 quarters let alone multiple rolls anyways? You likely look through them and sell or give away the discards. Myself, I try to buy as many PDS rolls of AWQ as I can get. That’s not greed- it’s… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Major D

Major D, good luck on your additional PDS sets today! As of this mornings 7:30 am “Fire Sale”, the Roosevelt PDS set are available, however as of now the HHL is still 3.

Major D

CaliSkier, thanks but I think I’m out of luck there. The HOL doesn’t lift until noon (24 hours after release) but at 9:15 it’s showing as “remind me” for the PDS sets.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I should have made myself a bit clearer regarding my suggestion that if everyone were to buy only one AWQ PDS 3 Roll Set per release more collectors could take part in the collecting of these items, Major D. Clearly there would be no way to co-ordinate adherence to such a plan so it’s a no go from the get go. I understand that, and I also accept the right of people to want to parlay their purchases into acquiring other coins they might otherwise not be likely to buy or be able to afford (or is that the same… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Major D., I buy multiples (4) of some items for my numismatic collection since my 4 nephews will inherit the collection of coins, tokens, medals/medallions & banknotes that I started collecting at age 10, as I set up a Living Trust in 1990. I have rarely sold anything over the years since I’m a 90% collector, 10% investor basically. But unbridled greed is an ugly thing in my book…I know it keeps some people alive. But, I do like the sentiment that money is not the root of all evil, but the Love of money is… By the way, I… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Seth Riesling
Major D

Seth, I really like the AWQ too and look forward to completing the series. Unfortunately, I was late to the PDS subscription- so I missed getting the uncirculated S-mint for the first 4 quarters- so I’ll be looking to buy some single quarters to fill in. I signed up for the limit of three for PDS as well, but only received one Anna May Wong set. I’m bullish on this series, but there are always risks with buying to sell. As for the greed part, I feel that only comes into play with the selling price and those that seek… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Major D,

Finding the AWQ coins you weren’t able to get, especially the “S” roll ones from last year & this year can be part of the fun of the hunt. With approximate 6,000 coin dealers in the USA, across many venues/platforms, you should have no problem finding a supply – but price is another matter for major research. Good luck in your search for coins from this very nice series.


Kaiser Wilhelm

That’s precisely the crux of the matter, Seth and Major D. You can always find practically any coin item you want somewhere; it’s when they want to charge you an arm and a leg (and possibly your firstborn) for it that the going gets a bit tougher.

Seth Riesling


Very true for sure. But, like with ticket scalpers for instance, I only paid “top retail” price once for a highly popular, sold out Las Vegas show once for me & a friend. With coins, I can wait till the market price goes down, if it ever does & then pounce on it from a dealer.


Kaiser Wilhelm

This brings to mind, Major D, that the actual “offenders”, or at least the anonymous folks who I visualize as somehow being worthy of that title, are not collectors wishing to acquire multiple sets but are instead the really big buyers with their opportunity to pull up to the Mint in the dark of night for purposefully stealthy pickups of boxes of these sorts of high demand/low availability coins.


Kudos Seth on not following the herd! Your comment is one of the few, touting, a liking of the program and designs! I’m with you on that! I’m one of the boycott’ers of US Mint products due to the continued price raising over the past 4 years. Like many I went from thousands spent with and on them down to basically zero, with no purchases over the past 2 years. If I were still a customer, I’d for sure had a clad and silver set of the AWQ’s and possibly some rolls as well! Good luck if you’re trying for… Read more »

Seth Riesling

CaliSkier, I definitely see your point about your boycott of the U.S. Mint due to it’s major price increases over the past couple of years. I felt like boycotting them too many times, but Numismatics has been such a large part of my life since age 10, that I can’t seem to boycott them totally. But, I have reduced my purchases with the U.S. Mint though for the past three years. For example, I do not like the reverse design of the new ASE $1 coin, and only purchased the special first year of issue 2-coin set in 2021, and… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Seth and Caliskier,
Coins are too nice to not want to have a collection, but as my ever so wise wife has said to me, you can declare your collection complete at any time.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I was just thinking, Seth, that when the HHOLs are set at only three, that must present you with a conundrum as to how to keep up with your “quota” of four. I have five grandchildren so I would have to scramble even harder to satisfy my own endgame!

Seth Riesling

Kaiser, True, it does make the hunt harder on items when the U.S. Mint’s household limit is low. I do have a few of my favorite coin dealers/coin companies to turn to if I can’t get the number of coins, coin sets or medals I need/want for myself & my 4 nephews. The most important consideration I give is that of the design & theme/topic. If the design appeals to me, then I pursue the item & also if I think the theme/topic appeals to the curiosity of my 2 younger nephews & 2 older nephews. They still ask me… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Seth, I have learned over an increasingly long lifetime of experience that the more money a person has the more unwilling they are to part with any of it. I suppose it’s because they accumulated more than others in the first place because they were under the impression that the possession of greater wealth would bring with it a higher level of happiness. Unfortunately, when having more money doesn’t make a person happier they counterintuitively strive for even more wealth thinkin that this must still be the answer. It’s akin to hitting yourself ever harder over the head with a… Read more »

R (1).jpg

So true.


LOL So Kaiser Wilhelm, you’re telling me the “hammer thing” doesn’t work? Hmmmm…. Human nature, compels us to stock up or store for that “rainy day”! Now that I think of it, animals and plants aren’t necessarily greedy per se, however even they will store and stock up on things we perceive and understand as life giving? They will often compete for the same resources and the strongest thrive and rob nutrients and water from their neighbors? Unless, plant “intelligence” perceives a benefit to itself, it will try to obtain more of everything it needs to survive at the expense… Read more »

Major D

8 billion people and counting. Will we ever reach an equilibrium or will it all end in a Malthusian collapse? Or will AI put a check to it?

Kaiser Wilhelm

I believe, Major D, that we passed the point of equilibrium several billion people ago, which is why so much of the world’s population currently lives in conditions that should make any decent human being cringe. It’s almost impossible for us to realize from our perspective at the very top of the pyramid that a majority of the planet’s inhabitants exist in a way that can hardly be described as having a life. It is only when we ourselves begin to experience some of those same deprivations that we will begin to realize what dire consequences unchecked population growth has… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

I think that nature has a way of taking care of the maintenance of the requisite balance of all that exists on this planet all by itself, CaliSkier. Once we have cut down enough oxygen-producing trees, melted enough fresh water glaciers and filled the air with enough millions of tons of greenhouse gasses the the human race will against its long dominant impulse to begin declining in numbers rather than continuing its exponential (and impossible to sustain) seemingly unlimited pattern of growth. We as a species tend to not pay attention to existential reality and choose to concentrate on the… Read more »


Thanks Kaiser for the shared thoughts and insights, as well as meme! At first I couldn’t even see or read the attached words, as like a Labrador retriever is to water, CaliSkier is to snow or skiing! I just quickly flashed on how, for me, pretty much nothing else, good or bad exists whilst I’m blissfully taking a day in, on the snow! Absolutely as close to Nirvana as I’ll ever get, until that fateful day comes. Thanks again, as I’ll take each and every chance to even momentarily wander away from my current reality. I won’t share it here,… Read more »

Major D

Kaiser, isn’t it ironic that our hobby which is comprised of collecting money is not about money per se? Whenever I’ve spent time attending to my coin collection, my wife asks me if I’ve been counting my money. Funny. A deeper dive into why people collect coins (or anything else) may be part-hoarder (the squireling instinct run amuk) and part-reelin’ in the years/stowin’ away the time. Each coin is like a time capsule, with the date forever preserved. Perhaps it’s about keeping “time in a bottle” and not wanting to let go of the past? Or then again maybe it’s… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Major D, I think coins represent both history and geography, two of the primary interests of people who have a natural curiosity about the world around them. And, we can’t discount the fact that they are nice to look at (and yes, shiny), so they also acquaint us with art. All in all, one can derive a lot of enjoyment in many different ways from coins and the collecting of them.


Well said Kaiser Wilhelm and you listed many of the ways, in which I enjoy this hobby!

Kaiser Wilhelm

I often wonder how much easier it would be for collectors to acquire US Mint products like the AWQ 3 Roll Sets if there was a bit less emphasis on coins as a moneymaking device and somewhat more in regard to their purely numismatic value.

OIP (1).jpg

and on e-BAY, anywhere from $85 – $130
I like the one that says “On Hand”, but when you open it it says ‘pre-sale’.
And based on the name, it is from a coin shop.
Dang, why did I subscribe for one set of 3 rolls when I could have purchased that way?
Oh, how fitting they came out today. I just received 3 of the Hawaiian quarters in change the other day.

Last edited 3 months ago by Tom
Kaiser Wilhelm

Well, Tom, you’re getting your 3 Roll Set, which is good for you and your collection, and on top of that you’re getting only one set, which is also good because it frees up more sets for others who might otherwise have missed out.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

“Lucky 8”? There has never been eight individual different product offerings using the same theme and likely will never ever occur again in US Mint History! 8 products! Interesting that there will be 8 different numismatic products issued this year, in addition to any(?) varieties that may or may not be established with “Maria Tallchief” as the main theme! There will be a Philly, Denver, and San Francisco clad $.25, a San Fran (S( Ag proof and a Philadelphia as well as Denver $1! That’s a small series in itself? Oh yeah and then, last but not least, the 2… Read more »

Seth Riesling


Thanks for the interesting history & trivia about Tallchief. When the Mint announced that an AWQ coin & the Native American $1 coin would both feature her this year, I was surprised…I don’t think that has happened before. She is the “Numismatic Diva” of the year for sure in that regard.


Kaiser Wilhelm

As far as I know, that is true; Ms. Tallchief is the Mint’s first two coin honoree.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm

Thanks for all the great info, CaliSkier, regarding Maria Tallchief. As for the “etc.” in your list of wrongs done to the native peoples of America, you can add Indian children stolen from their parents to be “Americanized” (and isn’t that about as ironically bizarre as it gets) in white religious schools. Nevertheless, we can be happy to see her as the featured subject of a nice double celebration by the US Mint; I would say for once they actually outdid themselves in getting something right.


Seth, Kaiser and anyone else lurking in the background, I’m glad you found my post appropriate, useful or informative. Thanks for adding to the “etc” Kaiser Wilhelm! Yeah overall, between the US and Canada, many atrocities, regarding children of Native Americans were and have been committed. I really find the stories of discovered corpse’s at many different “closed facilities” to be especially disturbing. Many of the same abuses and deaths occurred at these supposed, reform school/orphanages here in the US also with non-native American kids as well. Imagine your parents dying in an accident, no other adult family members and… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

I can readily see, CaliSkier, that you are indeed well-versed when it comes to the long list of horrors, atrocities and abominations perpetrated by so-called “god-fearing people” upon the minds and bodies of helpless young children, and this applies not only to events that took place in Canada and the USA but also to a large extent in Ireland and Australia. There was never any accountability for any of this nor by this point will there likely ever be. Perhaps remembering what happened to these poor young victims and at whose hands will have to suffice as the only so-called… Read more »


Hello All

Off subject, just got a mint notification that 21XJ was available. This is the 2021 Reverse Proof Two Coin Silver Eagle set. I jumped into action and logged on and ordered it, but it was declined, the HOL was still set at 1. I tried one more time but they were all gone. I went from excited to depressed in two minutes.

Kaiser Wilhelm

That happened to me yesterday with a different coin set, Allan. The problem with the Mint’s availability notices is that if you’re not watching for those 24-7, which is clearly impossible, by the time you get to the product page the item is gone again.


The mint just did it again, on a Saturday morning. They released some 2021 Type 1 Proof ASE at 9am. They only lasted a few minutes.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I wonder, Allan, if one were in fact lucky enough to be online when the Mint’s product availability notice appeared, exactly how difficult it would still be to go from that stroke of fortune to actually finalizing an order before the Sold Out sign went up again right in the middle of the purchasing process.