U.S. Mint Releases 2023 American Women Quarters Proof Set


Proof coins made at the U.S. Mint’s facility in San Francisco debut today in one collectors’ grade set with the noon ET release of the 2023 American Women Quarters Proof Set.

Mint image 2023 American Women Quarters Proof Set
U.S. Mint product images of their 2023 American Women Quarters Proof Set. The quarters are held within a protective lens and accompanied with a Mint certificate of authenticity.

Proofs are the highest quality coins struck by the United States Mint. They feature frosted designs and mirror-like backgrounds, as they are created from polished blank planchets that are struck multiple times using special dies.

This year’s quarters offer unique reverse (tails side) designs honoring five prominent American women. Representing the second annual issues from the four-year U.S. Mint American Women Quarters™ Program, the proof set hold quarters honoring:

  • Bessie Coleman – first African American and first Native American woman pilot as well as the first African American to earn an international pilot’s license.
  • Edith Kanakaʻole – indigenous Hawaiian composer and chanter who helped to preserve the Hawaiian culture.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt – first lady, author, and civil liberties and human rights advocate.
  • Jovita Idar – Mexican American journalist, activist and teacher who worked towards Mexican-American rights.
  • Maria Tallchief – America’s first major prima ballerina who broke ethnic barriers as a Native American ballerina.

In addition to Mint offered products for collectors, like this proof set, individual quarters dollars honoring these same individuals have been/will be released in intervals throughout the year through normal circulation channels for commerce. Most recently, Bessie Coleman quarters launched into circulation in January. The Mint followed in February with directly selling collectible Coleman quarters in rolls and bags.

CoinNews photo Bessie Coleman quarters
This CoinNews photo shows a stack of earlier released Bessie Coleman quarters

Along with the likeness and name of the honored individual on reverses of each new quarter, we also find the following inscriptions: "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," and "QUARTER DOLLAR."

This series of quarters share the same obverses (heads side) portrait of George Washington that was originally created by Laura Gardin Fraser as a candidate entry for the 1932 quarter. Inscriptions on the obverse read "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "2022."

Price and Ordering

Priced at $23, the 2023 American Women Quarters Proof Set is available directly from the U.S. Mint via their online store for quarter products.

There is a household order limit of five during the first 24 hours of sales.

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I think I will just wait for the Full proof set that comes out sometime this summer for a few dollars more. It has these quarters plus the regular annual issues.


Dazed and Coinfused

the question is, which one? there will be a silver proof set, an awq silver proof, and others. i presume all from the San fran mint. i saw an $80 ask and a $35 and even more than $100 plus dont forget the famous limited edition set. i think i counted at least 5 ways. i bought it only because the s is so hard to get and rather cheap. prbably pass on the silver one. and definitely passing on the limited edition set. i will have to see what the summer 2023 will have that adds to the luster… Read more »


My silver proof AWQ is soon to be sent out. At $80 a set though, ouch. Maybe it’ll gain value in the after market. I’m only buying it because I collect coins. It’s what I do.


Same for me. I only buy the Mint sets necessary to extend my existing collection of coins.


I checked the availability of the Morgan/Peace dollars shortly after the mint increased the household limit. At this unbelievable selling rate they won’t be available in a few days. Totals show now available and then # sold in a few weeks
Morgan Unc 44,423 22,346
Peace Unc 50,969 21,573
Morgan Prf 117,441 22,604
Peace Prf 130,892 21,507
2 coin set 30,631 5,015

Last edited 1 year ago by Tom

Thanks for the update. Surprised subscriptions are this low after all this time.

East Coast Guru

I checked the 2023 product schedule and the subscription page and got different results. Must be the 10% they hold back on launch day. For instance, Peace proof on the product schedule shows 151,150. On the subscription page it shows 124,204.

East Coast Guru

By the way, something I was wondering about. Mintage limits are as follows: 400,000 for both proofs.. 25 order limit 275,000 for both UNC’s…25 order limit 250,000 for the reverse proof set…5 order limit. Although I don’t care for the reverse proofs that much, it seems the best purchase would be the two coin set. Lowest mintage and the US Mint is only allowing you to purchase 5. It could be a good play. Worst play are the proofs. Way too many. UNC’s mintage are reasonable. I wonder how much different they will be from the matte finish coins from… Read more »


EC Guru, I think the Uncirculated finish on the 2023 coins will be the same as the 2021 coins, i.e., a burnished, matte finish. Agree the best play could be the Reverse Proof 2-Coin Set and that the Proof mintage limits are too high, especially compared to the 2021 Morgan (product limit = 175,000) and 2021 Peace (product limit = 200,000) Dollars.


I miss those 2022 proof S Morgan and Peace dollars. What could have been.


I think Tom implied its the other way around, that overall subscriptions are surprisingly high now that the HOL was increased to 25. For example, as of today (3/21/2023) at 7:07pm ET,

Morgan Dollar Uncirculated: mintage limit = 275,000; subscription product limit = 247,000; data-available = 39,517; percentage left via subscription = 13%

Morgan Dollar Proof: mintage limit = 400,000; subscription product limit = 360,000; data-available = 111,601; percentage left via subscription = 31%.

Note: “data-available” is now “availableCount”


Ah yes. Figured the big boys would be jumping in. Good info for sure.

Domenic Vaiasicca

Another of the sets im passing on…including the full clad proof set….Im likely just gonna get the Silver proof set….even then im so angry at the price hikes….this year may only be Morgan and Peace Coins.

Dazed and Coinfused

What is a proof clad set? You just mean the set with all the quarters and dime and nickel and Sacagawea and Kennedy in plastic? Or is it like a special coating. Like all coins after 1964 they weren’t silver but considered clad.


There are two Proof sets. The silver proof set which contains silver versions of the dime, quarter, and half and the clad proof set which contains the clad versions of those coins.

I wish the Mint would produce the silver proof set with only the silver coins instead of getting duplicates of the non silver coins when buying both.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roger