2021 Morgan Silver Dollars with CC and O Privy Marks Launch


Two different products celebrating a coin last issued a century ago are available for pre-ordering today from the United States Mint. Beginning at Noon (EDT), consumers may pre-order the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with a CC (Carson City) Privy Mark and the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with an O (New Orleans) Privy Mark. Both honor the last issuance of the Morgan dollar in 1921.

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with CC Privy Mark
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with CC Privy Mark

Designs for the new coins were regenerated using multiple historical U.S. Mint assets to include original plasters, galvanos and actual tooling. Each, which features an uncirculated finish, is priced at $85 and limited to sales of 175,000. Buyers can only order 10 per. Another note of interest, 10% are already reserved for participants of the Mint’s Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP) who will pay a premium of 5% for each coin, plus shipping.

Given the above factors coupled with pent-up demand, the pair of coins will sell out exceedingly quick with many collectors experiencing extreme frustration with the inability to buy even one.

These dollars are authorized under Public Law 116-286, the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act. As part of that Act to commemorate the 100th anniversary switchover from Morgan to Peace dollars, these two along with another three 2021 Morgan dollars will be issued this year. There is also a 2021 Peace dollar on the horizon. (Learn more about the six 2021 silver dollars.)

2021 Morgan Dollar Designs and Specifications

Congress mandated that the designs of the 2021 dollars be renditions of their historical counterparts. The original issues were produced from 1878 to 1904, and then again in 1921. Designs for the coin were completed by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver George T. Morgan, from which they take their nickname. They are said to express the country’s westward expansion and industrial development in the late 19th century.

Appearing on the obverse (heads side) of each is a profile portrait of Lady Liberty. A cap, flora, and a crown incused with the word "LIBERTY" adorn her head. Thirteen stars, "E PLURIBUS UNUM," and the date of issuance encircle her.

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar - Obverse
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar – Obverse

The reverse depicts a heraldic eagle with outstretched wings clasping arrows and an olive branch, accompanied by a wreath. Reverse inscriptions include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "ONE DOLLAR."

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with CC Privy Mark - Reverse
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (with CC Privy Mark) – Reverse

Privy marks of "CC" for Carson City or "O" for New Orleans are also present on the reverse.

Mint Close Up of CC and O Privy Marks
U.S. Mint images showing close ups of the CC and O privy marks. The privy mark is found on the reverse side of each silver dollar.

Specifications for the coin are as follows:

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar Specifications

Denomination: $1
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Silver Weight: 0.858 troy oz.
Diameter: 1.500 inches (38.10 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Privy Mark: CC for Carson City
O for New Orleans
Mint and Mint Mark: Philadelphia – none


Pre-ordering and Shipping

Beginning at noon, the dollars may be pre-ordered directly from the U.S. Mint at 2021 ‘CC Morgan Silver Dollar and 2021’O’ Morgan Silver Dollar. The dollars will not ship until October.

Each arrives within a United States Mint black box, with an outer sleeve adorned with an image of the coin obverse and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Of note, the U.S. Mint will verify credit card information when pre-ordering products but cards will not be charged until products ship. To prevent order cancellations for later shipping products, always keep credit card information on account with the Mint current.

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Scott Dowling

Just not fair need to make a lot more

Big T

but then they won’t be as valuable…

Big T

All, I agree the limit should have been 2 coins or less than 10 (it was 25 at one time) but it annoys me all those sour grapes below that didn’t get one and somehow this is the mints fault. Coin collecting is at an all new high since COVID – you can look at the PCGS value metric to see how high the rare coin value has exploded in last 12 to 15 months. The 1921 peace dollar value in high grades has more than doubled. So yes, there will be high demand, and while it’s annoying and frustrating… Read more »

Big T

And BTW I am a small time single collector and I do not sell / deal coins other than a trade here or there. And through a little pain and some persistence I was able to secure these coins as well as the V75 ASE (but not the gold one) and I did get the WWII anniversary coin, gold coin and silver medal, but was not able to get the 2019 S RP coin – so you get some and can’t get all of them but that’s coin collecting today. You can blame flippers, you can blame the mint, but… Read more »

Mark D.

Give it back or I’ll ask Granny Vicki — and Czar Nickoli — to send you an unfriendly missive!

Mark D.

They never liked you anyway. Remember that big flotilla thing you weren’t invited to but came anyway? Eddy and Nicky talked about you behind your back the whole time, is what I heard.

Big T

Re-sellers are in there but I don’t agree they are the majority.

Chas. Barber

They get 10% off the top & free reign to do what they want, I got emaiols offering $125 for the Morgans……look @ the pricing 2021 ASE Proof poof sellout in 1 hour & cost is now 2x issue or more. Limit items to ONE for ONE day, problem solved to an extent–OH & ELIMINATE THE DEALER BULK SALES & send Ryder to Stalingrad on the next train out of Dusseldorf….

Chas. Barber

No no, the MINT has developed a Sell Out ASAP attitude. Sales should, indeed must be limited to say 5 or less for a day. These types of collector massacres are common, repeat ad nauseum & end up in the big boys having plenty @ 2x issue. e.g. 2021 ASE Ty I proof, NO HH LIMIT costs you $150…..Morgan & Peace restrikes another cluster F & I’ve beed @ this game since I was a kid I got the CC GSA $1…I got 5 of the 2011 Anniv. sets, I got the Proof Pd coin, after that I might as… Read more »

Mark D.

Sure, comrade Chas, but I say help the US Mint, buy Canadian coins @ mint.ca site!

Chas. Barber

Kaiser I must say the Mint has the bases , the balls & the umpire…..It’s the NO HH limit that sucks, total pandering to resellers….

Chas. Barber

Ryder’s balls, the size of Milwaukee…..


Yes, it is the mints fault. By reserving 10 percent of the production to the big companies and having a limit of 10 coins that leaves very little chance for a private citizen to acquire one of these coins.


It is the Mint’s fault when their website crashes, not just on this release, but on previous releases where they know they will have high volume but don’t update their website to handle the traffic. I don’t mind missing out on a coin because there is a limited supply, but I do get frustrated when I can’t even get a chance because the website crashes, or it won’t let me add it to cart, or it won’t let me complete transaction. The Mint Director should resign immediately! Every company makes errors, but when you don’t fix the error time after… Read more »

john lang

The mint sold my coins out of my shopping cart as I was trying to pay for them. THEIR WEBSIT WAS SLOW AND I PAID THE PRICE. I ENDED UP WITH NO COINS. Website didn’t update my bag so I was in wait mode and didn’t know what was going on. I always thought once you have it in the cart it was yours to pay for. This website slow getting it processed and then gives it away. When I called to complain the girl I talked to all but said that’s the way the mop flops. Many people had… Read more »

Mark D.

I said, “GIVE IT BACK!!!”

Don Bour

I was one of the frustrated. The web site kept having server issues and timing out. By the time the site accepted my order items were no longer available after 15 minutes.

Scott Dowling

Anyone got more than they wanted like to have one of each please thank you


I still say everyone that wanted one would have had a pretty Good chance if not for the 10% put aside for dealers only. How many people including myself had a coin in the basket only to have it removed. That 10% would have made the difference. And I’m sure they grabbed even more today right up until the sell out.
They should go through the same nonsense as we had to. It’s just an outrage and something should be done. And believe me i tried very hard to get one of each exactly at noon.

Mark D.

Is this some kind hat trick? Shame on you for stealing from such a VERY old man.


I will trade a CC for an O


4th time i got screwed


It was a stressful 20+ minutes, but I was able to get 4 separate orders through for 1 coin each. There were many errors, shutting down, re enter credit card info, and logging back in, but it was possible, which was nice after the 2019 RP eagle and WW II 75th Anniversary fiascoes. I hope the USM will reconsider the HHL for the next ones and maybe split up the order dates and times into 4 separate offerings. These were the least desirable on my list, but I’m glad to have them and maybe can trade for some of the… Read more »


I am troubled my fellow citizens are mad at our ~$25T-in-debt government doing something that made business 101 sense. Also, a lot of non-millennial ‘fairness’ haters out there, again. Got 1 of each – missed the V75 – will be back to chance it next week…


Or inspire the next generation of young coin collectors.


Got a sweet email this morning – due to complaining, next week’s release has been postponed.

Now, I hope everyone gets a trophy only worth its intrinsic value!

Great job BOOMERS!

James J Madison

Put coin in at exactly 12:01 pm and could not get check out, mint server problem over and over.


What a disaster.I was able to get 1 of the cc because I couldn’t get the quantity arrows to work like a stupid person I should have been hitting add to cart 3 times as I wanted 3 for the grandkids.Then the “O” coins were unavailable but I never have gotten the confirmation email and my credit card hasn’t been charged?


Sherril, your credit card will not be charged until October, 2021 when your order is fulfilled and it ships. These coins are all pre-orders and the Mint’s policy is to bill your credit when the order is processed at shipment time.


I was able to purchase one of each and there is a $4.95 charge from the U.S. Mint on my credit card.


Mine was sure charged $89.95, soon as my order was placed, and received email confirmation.

Big T

mine was charged

Big T

i was charged for one but not the other one…


I was also charged for both my orders .


They just authorize your card to make sure it’s valid, should drop off within I believe a day or so. I actually was able to place 1 order for the O and another for the CC and only had 1 authorization go through.



Craig Reel

I tied to order a couple of each, the website crashed. Naturally. What else should we expect? They don’t care about the true collector.

Mark D.

They probably pollute too.


I was able to get 10 of the CC & 6 of the O – not by choice.
When I placed the order – the quantity was stuck at 10 for the CC & 6 for th other. No matter quantity that I selected – reverted back to 10 & 6 –after 20 minutes & multipe crashes the order went through. I didn’t plan on spending so much $$

Felicia Anderson

I would be glad to purchase a Carson City from you.


Felicia, stay in touch with me, after all these orders in the next weeks perhaps we can do some trading. Even swaps depending on the successes in ordering.

Big T

Sure – $350


Mark D.

Too kinky, that’s what.

Mark D.

Bien sur!

Felicia Anderson

I, too, tried furiously to purchase just one of each coin. I was literally sitting already on the website, signed in and no sooner had I put the Carson City coin in my cart, the site crashed and kicked me out. I tried in vain for 15 to 20 minutes to get back in while at the same time calling on the phone which also was in total melt down. I finally got back online but by the time I got to check out, the Carson City was sold out and I was forced to take it out of my… Read more »


I started out with multiple sessions to the mint website- & it kept crashing
Then I tried just one session (window) & I stopped hitting refresh and it finally went through. Then I did the same thing for the “O” – & order went right through. Still couldn’t change the quantities though

Felicia Anderson

Willing to sell a Carson City?

Felicia Anderson

I kept getting a “bad gateway” message totally blocking me out. Frustrating!

Jon pierson

I have put this on previous coins with these ridiculous manage limits. What I do is I go to the production schedule and hit remind me. The mint then sends me an email that morning that the coin is being sold. I tap on the prompt from the mint from the email. And I go right to the page where I can order with minimum difficulty. It takes me about 3 to 5 seconds to get from the email to where I can actually wait for the mint to start selling the coins. This way I bypass the bots and… Read more »

Felicia Anderson

I also used the link in the reminder. I was sitting at the ready to put Carson City in my cart exactly when sales opened up (11 CT). Even so, immediately after placing it in my cart I was thrown off the site with a “bad gateway” screen. Simply couldn’t get back in for 7 to 10 minutes minimum. When you say you had problems and “went through anyway”. If you’re locked out how exactly did you go through anyway? You ” kept proceeding “? Please elaborate. Also, were you using a Windows operating system, an Android operating system, Fire… Read more »


He probably was on the website before or the day of the sale.

Chas. Barber

HE also was on the Titanic

Chas. Barber

EXCEPT I got the REMINDER @ 10:00 EST……such efficiency,


I had both the cc and the o pages up on my pc. Once i had the cc in my cart i switched to the o page. If the site crashed or took longer than 10 sec i refreshed the page. I got 2 and 2 the first time. I went back in after the first order for 2 more ccs and was successful. I was also successful back in 2011 with the anniversary sets, getting 2. Anytime i was ready i usually get the coin i want. By ready meaning i had been thinking about it for days and… Read more »

Felicia Anderson

Never dawned on me to try a double page approach. I will definitely try that on the 7th.


Maybe they need to go old school. Back to their roots, and really sort out the men from the boys. back to a time when you’d drive by yourself for 4 hours, just to get to the mint doors, then line up with the other faithful. The picture below was just for a simple coin swap day (you could swap notes for bags of uncirculated coins, without any surcharge). When we are all prepared to spend hours online talking about it, and hours clicking refresh, I’m sure we’d all be happy to invest our time to get to the objective.… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Daniel
Big T

In 4 feet of hot snow…

Chas. Barber

I remember the GSA doing a sale by mail for tons of Morgan & other silver coins, you paid various amounts & would get coins; I got a bunch, from 1923 P Peace to a 1883-CC Prooflike, an AU 1890-cc for $35…..runb efficiently & fairly….ahh I took my horse & buggy to pick up @ the PO


I attempted to order 1 of each, at started at exactly at 12PM. The site immediately had problems and I attempted to order but each time got notices that the site lost contact. It continued to add a qty even though I only wanted 1 each and was up to 4 of the CC’s and 2 of the O’s. It finally crashed and I was told that the CC was unavailable and this was 17 minutes from when I started. I immediately switched to an O and that order actually went thru and I also received a confirmation. Frustrated? damn… Read more »


Did anyone else get their order in with confirmation page with order number and thank you for order….but not get any email. ? I checked my order and it says processing.

Felicia Anderson

Hang tight, my email confirmation was very slow in coming but I finally received it just a few hours ago.


TY…yup it arrived…6 hours later


I received my confirmation email several hours later as well but I suggest you sign in to your mint account and review your order. Despite receiving the “confirmation” email, my order is listed as the dreaded BACKORDER. Not holding my breath to get the 1 each that I had in my cart and ordered successfully. Let me know if you see the same issue.

Felicia Anderson

Just checked. Status “Processing”


Mine is also listed as back ordered. But I don’t think they allowed back order sales so I think we are good , as I got the confirmation email also


B of mine are now listed as processing

Tom dooby

I’ve been collecting coins for about 50 years, since I was a kid. I think this 2021 Morgan sale debacle by the US Mint would probably end my coin collecting hobby. What’s the point to collect a coin you can’t get, except through some over price cable TV show or greedy eBay vendor? So for anyone thinking I’m crying in my beer, good! Now, there will be more coins for all you scumbag dealers to hawk. Some news for my generation and older; the young generation isn’t interested in collecting coins!!!!!! Selling everything now, the market is right, high prices,… Read more »


Yeah, I had that sentiment earlier this year with the 2021-W ASE. I said I’m out, yet here I am again.

I ended up just sucking through my teeth and paying exorbitant eBay pricing because I wanted it.

I’m also about to spend $1,200 on an ungraded 2019-S ASE, which is just ridiculous.

Tom dooby

Yeah, I was looking at the same coin, and decided to buy a new TV, and a new suit! A lot more for my money then an over priced troy oz. of silver! Two years a go someone also paid $80 dollars for that coin also, and it wasn’t us small collectors!


I managed to purchase a few of each today. These are the first coins Ive purchased from the mint since the 2016 commemorative gold coins. I still have the 2016 commemorative gold SLQ I purchased. I remember the coin came out of the capsule and was loose in the package during shipping and has a scratch on the reverse because of the mint’s careless packaging. I decided to keep it instead on going through the hassle of returning it. I just noticed the money ebay sellers are making to flip these coins today. One seller sold sold 10 CC’s for… Read more »

Mark D.

Also, it seldom has ANY intrinsic value. I have several 100 MILLION Deutsche Marks (holding pinky finger to corner of mouth)…cost me less than $10 US.

Chas. Barber

Peanuts I got billions of those Notegeld, I think 400,000,0000 got you a pork schnitzel back in ’23….

Chas. Barber

Indded, I never saw an Armored Car following a hearse…..


Ordered 10 of the cc’s. Order went thru at 12:07 and is now in back order status.

P Dawg

I have been a long time customer of the Mint and set down and realize how much money I spend with them every year and the same problems still exist every year has of today I am done purchasing all products from The US Mint.I am past the boycott stage and will be keeping my money and put it elsewhere and will not purchase any of the Morgan/Peace Dollars release’s from auction sites or off any home shopping tv (BS). That guy Mike M.has not been seen in over a year sets on the phone and tries to sell coins.Yeah… Read more »


D. West 05/24/2021 This is bull crap, The us mint does it again, this time they gave us the customer several days to order and with in minutes the Morgan is gone, I placed my order at 12:00 PM got to the 4th stage of ordering and on my final check out I get a message saying error and the system booted me completely out, I had to log back in to the us mint web site. I made 4 attempts at no avail, get this, I tested the system I just ordered a product and all of my information… Read more »


To all like me that couldn’t complete the transaction before the coins were gone, forget about buying from anyone for whatever price. As for me these coins are a big ‘Joke’, over priced rip off. If you want a real Morgan go to your local coin shop that you trust.

Late & Slow

Got on the site late, signed in and still got one CC.


I know it’s easy for me to say, I was able to get my orders through, but there are hundreds of these on ebay and people paying $2-300, that only reinforces the flippers to order big again in the next rounds and keeps the price high for those wanting these. If people would hold off a couple of months they would likely pay less and the flippers with these would discouraged from ordering as many in the next rounds- especially if these actually start shipping in June and they have to put out the money. Hit them where it hurts,… Read more »

Mark D.

How about ebay putting the stop to all this irrational exuberance? Maybe just a 90-day moritorium after each mint release? Or, levy a steep speculation tax, as with shor-term stock holdings, for any profits on coins sold less than 6 months after purchase?

Amit A Patel

Why would ebay say no to a sale? ebay is in it to make money and they make money off each transaction.

Mark D.

Because they wouldn’t want to lose the customers that purchase the coins who are angry and boycotting eBay due to their complicity.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to be nice and side with being a stalwart citizen and eschewing price gougers, profiteers, rank speculators and their ilk. For the irretrievably cynical, if nothing else, it can also make good business sense.

Where would you prefer to shop, gouge-all-you-want-ebay or, we-ignored-the-mob-mentality and waited-for-prices-to-equalize-groovy-fairness-co-op?

Yeah, I know, not bloody likely.

Just feeling nostalgic for my original, home slice of the multiverse…this place is tres bizarre.

All hail Caligula!

Mark D.

According to Claudius I, an emperor only has to be less hated than the emperor who follows to eventually be loved and deified.


They came to discuss coins, but stayed for Kaiser Wilhelm’s memes.

Mark D.

Je crois la meme aussi.

Chas. Barber

Oui, mais feme la busch

Mark D.

Did you mean, “fermez la bouche”?

I was agreeing! Actually, I just wanted to use “meme” with French meaning (memeing?), i.e., “self.”


Mark D.

err…, not, “self,”…, meant, “same.”

Chas. Barber

Yup, I took French I…. 3 times…..oui…first test answer was oui, I wrote: “wee”

Patrick T. Roy

Would be nice to obtain one from the mint. Computer locks up every time I’m on there website for these releases.

Mark D.

This is hilarious. Joe Cocker intoned it best, “Cry me a river,” or, better yet, Sinatra greeting his audience with, “How’d all these people get into my room?” At noon I was watching a “Boondock Saints” double feature, for the coins-over-eyes numismatic content, of course. I used my meager discretionary cash to buy just one CC Morgan, a boo-tee-ful GSA, NGC certified Morgan in OGP, with COA. No waiting, no site crash, no paying 4x the value of silver for something with mercurial numismatic value at best. Just sayin’,…

Mike Petraitis

Just think it will be the same thing when they release the next four only certain people get lucky and get them.And what is going to happen when they release the 2021 American silver proof eagle type 2 coin the same thing.Why do some people go on line and have no problem purchasing coins and other people like me never have any luck.


The type 2 silver eagle may be sold out.


For the type 2 – you can do a product enrollment for the next 3 – 2021 ASE’s. Go to the USM production schedule and check it out – it is available for enrollment. You can skip this 1st day mess and still get the item.


The enrollment may have met their limit. Currently unavailable. May have sold out.

Mark D.

Just checked site, me thinks you haven’t…ASE enrollments have been NA for sometime. These grossly over-priced silver discs may well be sold out, long before they’re for sale!

Chas. Barber

Type 2 sold out, I saw Rydercoins.com has some pre-sale UP now


Let’s credit the US Mint with another Fiasco perpetrated on 5-24-2021. Web site crashed three or four times, three or four different “fail” messages flash on the screen, and the inevitable “no longer available” after 10 to 12 minutes of struggling to place an order. Can’t wait to see what the premium cost for these “O” an “CC” Morgans will be on dealer and flipper sites. Once again the Mint has broadcast loud and clear that its main source of income is from the dealers and the flippers, not the single coin collector/purchaser like me. Regardless of how often the… Read more »


It’s an interesting dilemma. I think we can all agree that selling and shipping 10% of your stock to 18 individuals (with a 5% cost uplift), is smarter than selling the remaining 90% to 16,000-160,000 individuals. That’s just good business practice. Having a dealer network take care of some distribution is smart business. It gives an alternate avenue for people that miss out, and there is a place for those willing to pay a little extra, for convenience. But the real issue at play is long-term supply chain. The mint is producing something to get to get to an end… Read more »

Richard Margolis

It is not a little extra, it is 250-300+ percent over the issuing price. I would be willing to pay a 25% premium, not $250/coin.

Wild Bill Coins

If you didn’t refresh your browser 150 to 200 times and keep trying to check out diligently you would’ve never got one of the coins it was very difficult and stressful and frustrating but I did end up getting them! It took 52 minutes to get the v75 ASE, but I got one and I sent it in to NGC and received a 70 grade! I’m just a collector I have never sold a coin yet! I had to buy the 2019 reverse proof American silver eagle immediately on eBay after it’s sold out for $385 it sent that one… Read more »


Another waste of time for me. I really think the mint needs to address this issue, it is very frustrating. I even had my daughter trying and both of us got nothing.

Mike Polansky Sr

On line 12:04, placed order for 3 of each privy mark. Proceeded to check out and notice appeared stating “item in cart not available delete to proceed) I did and guess what, entire cart was emptied and attempt to repurchase has both items “unavailable” the us mint owes the individual collector a chance to purchase any certified coins and not be subject to price gauging by big coin dealers


Hi everyone, Quick question. I placed an order, went through at 12:03, confirmation email, etc….mint took the money out of my account, checked this morning, and they put the money back in my account and order states BACKORDER. Is this normal, and will I still get my coin that I ordered?
Seems like they may take the money back out when they are ready to ship?
Just really curious, if not I will have to pay 3-4 times the amount to get one on eBay….Any info would be appreciated.

Mark D.

I’m guessing the charge was a temporary hold to verify your credit card account.


Hi Mark,
Thank you, I sure hope that is the case 😉

Chas. Barber

The Mint charge$ you when they ship it out to you by Carrier Pigeon


Hi Chas,
Thank you! I was beginning to think that my order was canceled…Carrier Pigeon LMAO!


Mine said backorder at one point but has changed to processing as of today. I received both confirmation emails and my credit card was charged for both orders , in full.


you shouldn’t have any concerns. It’s normal that your cc is “pinged” but not actually charged. You will NOT get charged until shipment. Shipment is scheduled for October. Backorder is what you Should be seeing at this point…



Mike Petraitis

The US mint said they are sorry for the customers who were unable to purchase these coins.So what they are doing is sending out a box of condoms to those who could not purchase them because they got fu**ed


Actually looks like they postponed the future sales and are working on their websites before the next sale.

But they did pretty much say “tough luck” when they said it was because of a silver shortage


Anyone interested in trading me an O for a CC? I am in the Augusta Georgia area


I am.

Rodney AMoore

Everyone that tried to get a coin but didn’t, you may be surprised to find a pending authorization on your credit card. I have a $870 pending authorization on my card but got no email and nothing shows in my order history. A friend of mine has the same thing! I didn’t catch it yesterday because it is hidden under pending authorizations. It will drop off very soon but I recommend everyone check. My friend called the mint and the mint said they had “no idea” how that occurred. I tried calling earlier and was on hold for 55 minutes… Read more »

Mark D.

BREAKING NEWS…AND TRAGICALLY FUNNY Dear Valued Customer, The United States Mint is committed to providing the best possible online experience to its customers. The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights. This level of demand is felt most acutely by the Mint during the initial product release of numismatic items. Most recently in the pre-order window for 2021 Morgan Dollar with Carson City privy mark (21XC) and New Orleans privy mark (21XD), the extraordinary volume of web traffic caused significant numbers of Mint customers to experience website anomalies that resulted… Read more »

Mark D.

Smells like freshly minted male bovine excrement to this reporter.


Yeah, they pretty much say “Tough luck” right here “the reality is such that not everyone will be able to purchase a coin”

Last edited 1 year ago by corners
Richard Margolis

we can be sure that the Elite 18 will get their coins without delay

William Bonnie

The pre orders are postponed!!??

sam tweedy

Now the rest of the Morgan and Peace Dollars are delayed until the fall. Someone at the U S Mint still has a “Brain” amazing!!!!!

Richard Margolis

Will they change the max to one coin per customer and cc for the first 48 hours? We can always hope . Maybe a lottery system, one name/address


Mint delaying release of new coins until website is updated to handle traffic. This is a joke right?

Big T

way to go guys – you ruined it for everyone


I love how they are effectively blaming the customer for unprecedented popularity.
Even though Blind Freddy wearing reflector sunglasses at night was able to see this coming.

The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights.”
I really hope that’s not what they truly believe, otherwise the mint doesn’t understand numismatics at all. A more simple business rule would be “If you are going to sell 200,000 of something, make sure you have 200,000 of it to sell”.


I think those excuses are for the politicians that gave them flack after getting calls from their constituents


Do away with the 10% advanced purchase to the chosen few, split up into single coin days, lower the HHL to 1 or 2, 3 total if they leave them as 2 different mints on the same day, and…multiple, random, unannnounced on sale dates and times with 5-10 minute availability windows, then shut down. That would spread them out and limit the bottlenecks, make them available throughout the day/evening/overnight and limit the recruiting of groups. I think those of us that really want them wouldn’t mind checking back (many are doing it now for the ‘CC’ and ‘O’ scraps).


I still check back for a v75 ASE weekly. I once did and saw a gold v75 coin. I didn’t want that, I wanted the silver, so stupidly spent 10 minutes umming and uhhhing about it. Finally decided to buy it and [gone]. Doh.


Ouch, I think most of us have done something similar lol.

Mark D.

And, there’s 450.


I just want to ask a stupid question, and hell, this thread is probably the place to do so.

How do you chaps navigate this site to reply to posts and keep track of conversations?
Do you just scroll up and down till you manually find a thread where someone has responded to something you have said?
If so, I don’t know how Kaiser Wilhelm manages to keep track of them all.
(I’m just wondering whether I can be more efficient.)

Mark D.

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Mike H.

I wonder why the Mint couldn’t have minted 5million-10million of these Morgan silver dollars since they produce 30million-40+million ASE annually. Also, has anybody else wondered why the 2021 Morgan silver dollars are $85 each when a 2021 ASE costs $42, and the ASE has a full 1 oz. of silver while the Morgan dollar is just 0.858 of an ounce?! Price gauging, I suspect.


Because of the demand for silver the USM was only able to procur 1,075,000 planchets for this program, by law the ASE program has precedence and with the 2 types of ASE this year the silver is going to them. The only ASEs available for $42 are bullion versions, not more limited collector uncirculated or proof versions. There is always a premium for the collector coins. $85 is a lot for less than an ounce of silver, but with the limited numbers not far off from pricing for collector ASEs, and with the demand for these they would probably sell… Read more »

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Mike D

Hey did you go on today to buy the latest American Eagle 2021 One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin?? Less then 1 min I was in and it came up automatically as Back ordered?? Why is this??? I mean immediately back ordered and my 2 other for the peace also,, does that mean Hey did you go on today to buy the latest American Eagle 2021 One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin?? Less then 1 min I was in and it came up automatically as Back ordered?? Why is this??? I mean immediately back ordered and my 2 other for the peace… Read more »

Mike D

Anyone get the coin today from the mint and it site crashed again???

Mike D

Had the gateway and handshake crap and final went back to cart and able to final push through order a half hour later


Looks like the coins are getting ready to ship. Credit card is being charged for the coins.

john F

To whom it might be helpful. The mint “is” updating expiration dates if your credit card expired after the “presale” order was placed. But they will not allow “proactive” updates. Your order has to fail then it goes into holding. I got a credit card alert directly from my card. I called the customer service line. She simply asked for the new expiration date and cc last 4. She then handed that over to a supervisor and my order was back on track. I double checked and the new “payment” info line showed the new epxiration. Whew. Warning though…I’ve been… Read more »


Thanks for this info John. I see the next coins, D and S, will be shipping to some of us soon. Myself, I’ve only received a notification for the privy marked coins. I’m looking forward to how these look in comparison to my 19th century and 1921 Morgan dollars.


Got an email that my CC Morgan dollars have shipped.


FINALLY. I look forward to them, as do we all.


Lots of scratches on my morgans, will never make ms70


That sux. Have not opened mine yet. Soon though. Gave up on grading. All of them? Were they loose during shipping?