Pre-release 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Information

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar
U.S. Mint images of a 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar

Pre-ordering opens Monday, May 24, for the first two of six 2021-dated Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar products.

Production of the five 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars will halt at 875,000. No more than 200,000 of the 2021 Peace Silver Dollars will be made. 2021 Morgan and Peace dollar products will stay at the current six — no set combinations or other options will be offered. The United States Mint will allow authorized bulk purchasers to claim up to 10% of the silver dollars before they go on sale to the public. The U.S. Mint also hopes the production of Morgan and Peace dollars will continue into next year and beyond.

These tidbits were unveiled May 4 by U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder and Mint staff during a roundtable discussion with members of the numismatic media to help broaden information available to the public about the dollars.


Last month the Mint published images and other information about the six products which celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2021 of the production transition from Morgan dollars to Peace dollars.

U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco will manufacture the five 2021 Morgan dollars. Those made in Philadelphia will not have a mint mark while the ones from Denver and San Francisco will carry respective mint marks of ‘D’ and ‘S’. The Philadelphia Mint will also strike Morgan dollars with privy marks for the former New Orleans and Carson City Mints in honor of their Morgan silver dollar production.

2021 Peace dollars will only be minted in Philadelphia and they will not have a mint mark.

Products and Mintages

The five 2021 Morgan dollar products are limited to 175,000 each, for a combined mintage of 875,000 coins. The one 2021 Peace Silver dollar has a product limit of 200,000. Mint officials would have liked to offer more, but they lacked the time and, most significantly, supplies.

The authorizing legislation for the dollars, the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act (Public Law 116-286), wasn’t signed into law until earlier this year, and the Mint has had to allocate supplies of their silver products due to limited raw materials and high demand — boosted because of market conditions as well as the switchover in designs for the popular American Silver Eagles.

At one point in the discussion, Mint director Ryder said: "We just don’t have enough silver blanks."

The Mint has also been impacted by COVID.

As such, published limits for the silver dollars will not increase and no additional Morgan and Peace dollar product options will be introduced in 2021.

Multi-Year Series of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

Mint officials hope the 2021 dollars will sellout as that would signal support for an ongoing series of annual issues which is already permitted under the authorizing law.

Such a series could result in Morgan and Peace silver dollars with varying finishes, like proof, reverse proof, enhanced uncirculated and circulating, as well as special sets and product pairings.

It would be a non-commemorative annual program — similar to the American Eagle and Buffalo series — that could potentially create a new generation of Morgan and Peace dollar collectors.

Dealers Get 10%

Approved dealers from the U.S. Mint’s Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP) can order up to 10% of the entire mintage. This amount is already reserved for them.

Matt Holben, the Mint’s director of sales and marketing, stressed that dealers under ABPP will not receive early delivery of the dollars. They will also have to pay a 5% premium above each coin’s retail price and freight/shipping costs.

Holben indicated that the bulk program has helped in reducing online ordering congestion and resulting frustrations for high-demand products. Holben recalled an instance before the ABPP where simultaneous website sessions exceeded 300,000 during a popular product launch. Conversely, concurrent web sessions have been under 40,000 with sellout products since the implementation of ABPP.

Pre-ordering Dates Staggered

Pre-ordering times for the six dollars are spread across three different times with two dollars sold on each date — May 24, June 1 and June 7.

The Mint staggered the on-sale dates across several weeks in an attempt to reduce the online hassles of trying to order every dollar in one session and to increase chances for customers to get all six coins. For similar reasons and after customer feedback, it also reduced household limits for each dollar to 10 from 25.

Pre-Order Windows

Product Option Limit Price Pre-ordering Start Dates (Noon ET) Pre-ordering Ending Dates (3pm ET)
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘CC’ Privy Mark) 175,000 $85 May 24 June 7
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘O’ Privy Mark) 175,000 $85 May 24 June 7
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘D’ Mint Mark) 175,000 $85 June 1 June 14
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘S’ Mint Mark) 175,000 $85 June 1 June 14
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (no Mint Mark) 175,000 $85 June 7 June 21
2021 Peace Silver Dollar (no Mint Mark) 200,000 $85 June 7 June 21


Shipping and CC Charges

The dollars will begin shipping in October.

The Mint’s ecommerce system will only verify a credit card at the time an order is placed. It will not charge the card until product shipping begins. Therefore, remember to keep account information updated at to prevent order cancellations for such things as an expired credit card.

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Roger Gaulin

“Mint officials hope they will sell out…” What a joke! Of course they will sell out. The Mint knows the interest collectors have for these historic coins. The Mint is also very sensitive to the need of dealers and flippers to remain in business by catering to them by means of offering 10 coin purchases. The average avid collector like me would like to obtain one coin as I do for all the other products the Mint offers. The Mint has proven once again that they are indifferent to me and others like me, otherwise they would have reduced the… Read more »


How about they take orders for 24hrs not shipping till October anyway? That way anyone who wants one can get one at the mint price and not get hosed by the flippers. It’s not like the flippers pay more than the collectors for the coins the mint makes the same $$. The collectors also don’t return hundreds of coins at a time because they don’t make grade.

Seth Riesling

Amen brother! What collector needs 10 each of these silver dollars??!! The Mint could easily put a 1 coin per household limit for the first 24 hours as they have done a few times in the past & they will still sell out the next day & everyone is happy…



I agree completely!

Carmine Tocco

Bravo !


Just tried to purchase 10 for myself. I am not a reseller. Totally blocked out. Tried multiple times. Was looking for the CC mark.

You are right. They should limit to smaller quantities.

Oh well. Now I “might” have to purchase one from Apmex at an inflated price. Maybe.


What you didn’t mention is the mint also reserved 10 percent of the production for big coin companies leaving the small avid collectors with very little chance of gaining one if these coins.


I liked c_q’s suggestion from the other thread: Basically take all the orders (just don’t process the card card charge), and then start fulfilling based on single orders first, then those wanting two coins, then three coins etc. People trying to circumvent household limits would be reduced as you could police shipping multiple orders to a single address, and the same credit card number being used for multiple orders. there would so many ways to be fair (and the mint has enough staff and resources to make it happen) … but that would take a slight amount of passion… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Daniel
John Chopek

“The United States Mint will allow authorized bulk purchasers to claim up to 10% of the silver dollars before they go on sale to the public.”


Seth Riesling

And remember, the 2021 Peace Silver dollars will NOT be high relief on both sides as all the original ones struck in 1921 were.



I’ll look for these on the secondary market (local coin shop) in the future. If they turn up I’ll be happy. If they don’t, I’ll still be happy!

Seth Riesling

The U.S. Mint seems to believe in the old coin flip “street trick” – “Heads, I win – Tails, you lose.” Sad!


Michael Stein

More like Heads they win….Tails…….they win.

Tom S

I was able to get both coins on 5/24. I didn’t know at the time of ordering that they may be an annual release. I just lost my enthusiasm for any new releases.

Mike Petraitis

I have a better chance of finding a rare penny in a roll of pennies then getting any of these coins when they go on sale.The web site will crash as usual happens every time.

Jon Grillo

Wow that’s great.
One question. A year ago I ordered a sleeve of 2020 silver eagles from American hermitage coin and bullion for 479.00 locked in they say,now no contact been leaving messages and they keep posting next month. What’s up with the silver is there any.
How do I get in touch with them.
Thank you for any help.
Jon p.Grillo.


Did you mean American Heritage Bullion? If it was indeed American Hermitage, that might explain why they have not gotten back to you.

Jon Grillo

Your right,my bad,so is their a shortage of silver or their is no more 2020s.can they hold my order that long.AHM


In general there is not a shortage of 2020 American Silver Eagles still for sale from several major online bullion coin dealers. A quick check verified that about half of the major dealers are currently selling 2020 silver eagles. In fact, American Heritage Bullion has plenty (i.e., thousands) of 2020 silver eagles for sale at this time. The US Mint Silver American Eagles sales totals for the 2020 silver eagles was 30,089,500 coins. This compares with 14,836,500 2019 silver eagles sold and 13,106,500 2021 silver eagles (type 1) sold during the four months through April. The phone number listed for… Read more »

Big T

But these are the bullion ones not sold by the mint to the public. The proof or uncirculated ASEs are the limited release versions, not the ones you mention made in the millions…


I had ordered a box from them come out and after a couple months I decided to take the money back. They were a bit difficult to get in touch with but I really had to a bad feeling about it. Thankfully they were able to make it right by sending the money back but by that time the box has already increased in price by $3,000


Sir Kaiser Wilhelm, thanks for the further clarification in general and specifically with respect to Jon’s inquiry regarding AHB.

Steve Martin

I was going to buy one of each, but after knowing that some 87000 are reserved for the dealers then they can just keep therm. To many other nice coins are out there.


limit the quantity of each coin to just 1 for 24 hours. then can do 10 or 25 or whatever after that.


I think it’s going to be difficult just to get 1 of each tomorrow. I always thought any items from the mint were for collector’s but that’s not the case. They could care less about the little guy wanting a couple for their personal collection. We have to be standing by @ noon hoping the site doesn’t crash or getting a pop up message, sorry please remove the item from your cart. The dealers are all hooked up, 17,500 for them. And they probably ordered them a couple days ago. No waiting, no refreshing the page 100 times until there… Read more »


I’m also very surprised that ebay has all these pre-sales. I thought they had a 30 day window. Does anyone know about it.


Amazing! Possibly sold out before going on sale.


Sir Kaiser Wilhelm, I have some information to share regarding the 2021 Silver American Eagle enrollments. Back in mid-February the US Mint enrollments for the American Eagle coins listed the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin Enrollment West Point (W) as Sold Out TBD, the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin Enrollment San Francisco (S) was TBD and the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Uncirculated Coin Enrollment West Point (W) was TBD. On February 23rd I placed enrollment orders for the AES Proof S mint and the AES Uncirculated W mint. Then in April I called the mint… Read more »

Mark D.

Check this out to discover how a collector-oriented mint does business in a civilized culture.

Go to Royal Austalia Mint site and follow, “2021 legends ballot” links.

It’s long and a bit complicated, but it seems fair…


Yeah, I’m a Legend (Australian Mint member – free to join). Twice a year they send you a $50 voucher to use if you’ve spent over $1,000. They send physical magazines to your house each month, and have listened to feedback letting you know of upcoming releases. They even keep coins aside for mail order customers, as a lot of aged members aren’t online … they browse the magazine and post the physical order form in. Items they know will be popular are capped at either 1 or 3 per household, and they police the process. Mint resellers have to… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Daniel
Seth Riesling

The Royal Canadian Mint is even better! They have a Mint Master Club free at different levels based on your prior total purchases & you get to order up to 3 days before the public & they make a special coin each year at low mintage that only members can buy. It’s great!


Mark D.

True that, however, some items still sell out before the mid- and lower levels get much of a chance, as with the Pysanki, the 3D/cutout coins, the high-end bejeweled gold coins, etc. The highest level with 5-day presale ordering requires $3K CDN in purchases, 1-day advance notice is $700 CDN. You’re right Seth, the Masters exclusive coins are way cool. In fact, most of the Canadian coins are quite impressive, often with low mintages of 1,000 or fewer. Yet far too many look like something a child would find under a bottle cap of Cherry Canada Dry…unattractive, overwrought colorized coins… Read more »

Mike Petraitis

I have a better chance of getting a date with Christie Brinkley then getting to purchase any of these coins. And I am sure she would treat me better then the US mint.


Do any of you understand that as with our fiat system, the us mint is trying to artificially make these coins appear “rare” by their tactics? Of course we are worried about getting just one! That there in is the tactic! Ever wonder why a S.E. is only face value of a dollar? Or why an gold eagle is $100? It’s all smoke n mirrors That’s the true value of the fiat dollar and with these coins, they would be worth nothing more than silver spot if they didn’t get us all excited we might not get one!! Am I… Read more »


Sorry boys, I’m about to buy the entire stock from the mint.


Yeah, I just had the painful chat with my wife. Apparently she didn’t remember she offered to help. She also thinks it is stupid.
“What are you going to do with all those coins?”
“My dear, I can only dream of getting but one”.

At any rate, her work laptop won’t allow her to see the mint site, so we are down to 5 devices.
Not long to go now. Good luck gents!

Big T

Were you successful on the flip phone?? Maybe that is the secret!


12:24 ET the CC is unavailable.

Mike Petraitis

I had both in my bag at 12:00 went to check out and the web site went down as us always tired of the same thing every time.

Shawn T Corcoran

My order went through! 5 “CC”s and 2 “O”s, yeah baby! I win this round!

Big T

That happened to me and I kept trying – patience pays off – about the ninth time it worked and I got the coin. You might have given up too easily….

Mike Petraitis

Meant to say the web site went down as always does not surprise me .

James Davies

What happened to no more then 5 per household? It is bad enough to get one at that rate but at 10 I had no chance. Plus you add in that they can’t or won’t fix their site to handle an increase in traffic. I got kicked out 4 times and on the 5th try was at the final stage and it said order processing and it kicked me saying product is unavailable. I’m not about to pay the flippers and dealers who are just being greedy. Should have been a strict 1 coin for each privy limit.


site crashed and the bots / dealers got all the coins a real shame ; had them in my cart for checkout & could not proceed as is usually the case (bad gateway errors ; cloud fire or some other poor excuse messages)


I’m a new collector and my opinion is perhaps different from that of most here, and would be interested in your thoughts. My interest in collecting has grown partially from television and partially from the ruckus caused by high demand for certain US Mint issues. So while frustrating, my own experience is perhaps indicative that the commotion caused by excess demand may help bring in a new generation of collectors. I also understand why the Mint is motivated to encourage bulk buyers – correct me if I’m wrong here but that probably allows the Mint more certainty of demand and… Read more »


This is one of the first US MINT coins with a privy mark, right? The website crashed and was a real hassle for about 30 minutes, but I got the 10 CC I wanted. In the mint’s defense, they did like $30 million in sales in a couple minutes, so unsurprising they had some glitches. Wish they would have just made it a full Troy ounce though.


I received an email from the US Mint late last night that the dates for presale of the last 4 Morgan/Peace coins has been updated to TBD so the problems experienced by many May 24 for the presale of the ‘CC’ and ‘O’ can be addressed. So hopefully they figure something out to improve things with the website.

Jo Harp

I think its awful an individual can’t even get one. The last two dates (today and end of last months) their systems went down. I had my coins ordered and keep getting error messages. If don’t get it in 10 minutes or less your just out of luck. Sett a limit because you have to pay upfront. What do they have to loss. Nothing but make more money. Thanks for letting me vent.