2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Images, Prices and Sales Dates


The United States Mint published images, prices, sales dates, order limits, specifications and other information for the centennial 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars.

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar
U.S. Mint images of a 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar

Authorized under Public Law 116-286, the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act, the coins are being issued in recognition of the 100th anniversary in 2021 of the production transition from Morgan dollars to Peace dollars.

Mint Marks and Privy Marks

Products will include five 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars and one 2021 Peace Silver Dollar. 2021 Peace dollars will only be minted in Philadelphia and they will not contain a mint mark.

2021 Peace Silver Dollar
U.S. Mint image of a 2021 Peace Silver Dollar

U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco will produce the 2021 Morgan dollars. Those from Denver and San Francisco will carry mint marks of ‘D’ and ‘S’. Morgan dollars from Philadelphia will not have a mint mark, paying homage to the original issues.

The Philadelphia Mint will also strike Morgan dollars with privy marks of ‘CC’ and ‘O" for the former Carson City and New Orleans Mints where some of the original Morgans were minted.

2021 Morgan Silver Dollars with CC and O Privy Marks
U.S. Mint images of 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars with ‘CC’ and ‘O’ Privy Marks

All of the coins will be in an uncirculated finish.

Silver Dollar Coin Specifications

Finish: Uncirculated
Denomination: $1
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Silver Weight: 0.858 troy oz.
Diameter: 1.500 inches
(38.10 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint Marks: Philadelphia – none; Denver – D; San Francisco – S


Prices, Product and Order Limits, and Sales Windows

Their sales or pre-order dates are in late May and early June and each is priced at $85. All six coins will not begin shipping until October.

Sales Windows

Product Option Pre-Ordering Start Dates (Noon ET) Pre-Ordering Ending Dates (3pm ET)
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘CC’ Privy Mark) May 24 June 7
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘O’ Privy Mark) May 24 June 7
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘D’ Mint Mark) June 1 June 14
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (‘S’ Mint Mark) June 1 June 14
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar (no Mint Mark) June 7 June 21
2021 Peace Silver Dollar (no Mint Mark) June 7 June 21


Production limits are set at 200,000 for the Peace dollar and 175,000 for each Morgan dollar. Every coin will have an order limit of 25 per household.

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Sell-out as soon as ordering starts in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Kaiser Wilhelm

Two words, Stuart. Bingo and Amen.

Kaiser Wilhelm

The 25 Coin Per Household “Limit” is nothing less than a very early Christmas present from the U.S. Mint to the likes of the PFS Buying Club since it will ensure, for example, that its many thousands of members will be able to scoop up the vast bulk of the Morgan and Peace Dollar releases all that much easier and above all faster. Combine that meticulously planned and orchestrated exercise in coin siphoning with the similarly damaging added result of the Mint’s Authorized Early Release Program of whole pallet-loads of those Centennial Dollars to the big dealers such as Mike… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

I would like all six but then I thought but the same out of money I can probably buy a regional Carson City Morgan. And I rather have that just my own opinion

Kaiser Wilhelm

Not a bad idea, David. Generally speaking, an original tops a replica any day.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Just to be perfectly clear, the only real culprit here is the Mint. The other players are but a variety of profiteers jumping on an already systemically corrupt bandwagon.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Alan R Williams

We also have to consider the culpability of congress and those members on the committee that oversees this.


KW, I agree with you completely. There must be some intense lobbying going on…with individuals left behind.

Kaiser Wilhelm

The only thing new about this, Frank, is our awareness of it. Reviewing the history of the U.S. Mint one swiftly learns that various businesses and assorted politicians have been influencing the policies of that institution for well over a century.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Seth Riesling

Delivery of these coins after the order date is 4-5 months the Mint says. Crazy!


Kaiser Wilhelm

Mint. Crazy. Unavoidable redundancy.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

2 per day, it is going to be hard getting just one with a low mintage.
I will be trying

Kaiser Wilhelm

Beautifully understated.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

$85? dang… though i’ll try to pick up one or two. not 25.

though I am not interested in the ‘privy’ mark for CC or O. that’s just not the same thing as a mint mark so let’s not even pretend it is.


Privy marks aren’t the same as mint marks. Mint marks indicate the mint where the coin was minted. The CC and O privy marked coins aren’t minted in Carson City or New Orleans since there are no mint operations in those cities.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I agree, Mike; those two privy marks are meaningless. Even worse, the alleged “O” for New Orleans looks like a solid dot in a circle; that’s a very poor rendering.

Kaiser Wilhelm

My bad. I got this one backwards; the “O” for New Orleans privy mark is the circle around the dot, not vice versa as I had stated.


Is it any different than the ww2 privy marks?

Kaiser Wilhelm

May we speculate as to the reason for such a “generous” household order limit?
Hint: Lucrative resale market (for the big guys).

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Clockwork Squirrel

The privy mark belongs in the privy. Gotta be the real thing or not at all.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I’m not privy to the real poop, so there’s that.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm

The ideal privy, for when all is said and done.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Is the mint allowing the 18 dealers early access to their 10%? Anyone in the world thats interested in these coins has followed these reports. Why wouldnt Mr Ryder put a 1 per household limit on for the first 24 hours? Hes not worried about not selling them out, hes making them to order if they wont ship until October. Does he really believe he wont sell 175,000 Morgans. If I read that explanation of these special buyers allowing for more of the mint products to be availale for collectors on sale day, thats absurd and the people at the… Read more »


The average Joe will NEVER be able to purchase these. 2 different coins on the same day. Be real. The 2021 Proof Silver Eagle sold out in 3 minutes. What a joke

Kaiser Wilhelm

It would seem, KTD, that Average Joes are no longer the Mint’s preferred clientele.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm

Let’s just do some arithmetic here and see if we can get down to brass tacks. The 10% allotment for the authorized early buyers will take care of skimming 17,500 of each Morgan and 20,000 of the Peace Dollars right off the top, and with all of those mandated to be picked up by the buyers the Mint will have effectively completed its work with those. That then will leave 787,500 Morgan and 180,000 Peace Dollars for a combined total of 967,500 to be sold on their three official release days. With allowances of 25 of each of the six… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Jessica Wargo

How do you order? Is there a link?

Kaiser Wilhelm

The U.S. Mint catalog page for that item indicates the release date. At the stroke of noon, hit your refresh symbol and the order button will appear in red on that page.

Seth Riesling

And then we all collectively click our red high heal shoes together & pray to the Mint Gods that our coin order goes through & we are delivered into the numismatic holy land of milk & honey!! If you do not follow this exact ritual, your refresh button on the Mint’s website will disappear! Lol.


Kaiser Wilhelm

Now that you mention it, Seth, I did neglect to include in my short and simple U.S. Mint guide for Jessica that upon having initiated the ordering process it doesn’t take long to realize that one isn’t in Kansas anymore.

You don
Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Melanie Bainbridge



IMHO the mint almost got it right. A period to order and mint enough for such demand. No excuse not to do that since delivery several months out ( of course that would not set well with flippers and “biggies”) but just might restore a little faith with collectors.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I see this process as having been designed solely to assist the Mint with arranging its production schedule. As for the collector, and from the initial Release Day on, all the coins will as per usual experience be sold out within a few minutes past High Noon.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Compared to US Mint prices of uncirculated silver dollars (2020 walking liberty–$67.00), the price has escalated. The proposed uncirculated Morgan and Peace dollars may be .999 fine but only contain ,858 troy ounces. In effect this equates to an ~ $100 uncirculated coin relative to the 2020 uncirculated walking liberty. Outrageous pricing in my estimation.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I’m going to hazard a guess, Jim, that this unprecedented $85.00 per coin level will be of little concern to us average collectors/buyers since if anyone is able to acquire one at that official rate it will be a minor miracle. More realistically, it will be the now certain to be higher than ever grossly inflated secondary market prices that will impact us.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Mike Smith

Just a little more than 80%of the original size not quite thick enough, not quite big enough, ill pass

Kaiser Wilhelm

I rather doubt, Mike, that you’ll be the only one skipping these coins, but it will be very difficult to differentiate between those who do the same on principle and the others who are just plain sick of having to fight with the jammed-up website on the Release Days.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
sam tweedy

Reproduction “JUNK” NO THANKS !!!!!!!! LOL Refresh Refresh Refresh !!!!

Kaiser Wilhelm

If past experience is any indication, all the “Refreshing” in the web world isn’t going to get one any closer to getting this particular holy grail in one’s grasp.


What are other morgan silver dollars worth?

Mark D.

It depends on multiple factors, e.g., condition, number minted, scarcity, etc. So, the price could be as little as the melt value of the silver for a “cull,” or, as much as tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, they still have a face value of $1! Check out PCGS, NGC and Grey Sheet web sites for more or less current retail pricing, i.e., what you could expect to pay as a buyer. You could probably find a nice graded/certified/slabbed Morgan for less than $50. Happy collecting!

Kaiser Wilhelm

Excellent advice all around, Mark; you certainly covered all the bases! I would just humbly add that when making such a purchase the source is also of some significance, which is to say that multi-product sites such as ebay and Amazon cannot always be relied on to have comprehensively vetted all of their coin sellers.

Counterfeit Coin.jpg
Mark D.

Excellent point, Kamerad.

While I did purchase several First Nations hand-crafted beaded pouch Lewis and Clarke coin sets at a fair (negotiated) price from an Amazon 3rd party vendor, that’s the exception.

Way too many price gougers and fakes on Amazon, and not much better on eBay.

Of course, the USM is worst of all…arrogant, greedy AND dishonest.

Too bad the closest shop I trust is nearly 200 miles round trip, but thank goodness I finally relented and paid for a Grey sheet subscription. If it’s slabbed I can price it. Don’t really get grading otherwise.

Kaiser Wilhelm

For a variety of reasons preceding and beyond the pandemic I don’t get out much, so my purchases are essentially restricted to those coming from the Mint. I’ve never bought any numismatic items on eBay or from Amazon and I have yet to have anything slabbed. In short, Mark, I’m just an old and old-fashioned guy who gets by as best he knows how.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Joseph Tizio

Dealers will buy them up first and collectors will be shut out. What collectors can afford 25 items of each.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Joseph, you’ve managed to illuminate the clever reasoning behind and the ultimate purpose of the 25 per coin Household “Limit”. It’s clear that this particular sales structure is designed strictly for the advantage and benefit of the usual cohort of the Mint’s favored big dealers. As such, it is meant to function as a prohibitively high “minimum” sales point rather than as an effectively deterring “maximum” ordering barrier.

Richard G

I tried frantically to get 2 of these morgan dollars today (24th May). I managed to get them in the cart, after having to refresh, go back, go to shop, go to coins then on to silver then onto the dollars in question…I copied and pasted my links from the email they sent me, you know, those reminders saying the pre ordering is starting…I tried every trick in the internet book to get connected long enough…got timed out a little under a million times…but I did it…now in the cart…my name and address was filled in automatically, so all I… Read more »

Kathy Rawlingd

Personally I’d much rather buy a original Morgan than a reproduction.

Mark D.

Brava! Clearly, not all of us are as uninformed and gullible as the Mint believes us to be. I’m boycotting these, saving up for a 1921 HR Peace dollar graded MS65 (!!!), and waiting for the “fad” to pass — so, a wait of 5 to 10 years, not really THAT much longer than the Mint’s homage items.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Brava and bravo to you two. Consider how enlightened and discerning you and others here like you are compared those less aware souls who, for example, would so very indiscriminately pay $500 for a slabbed Congratulations Set (how is one expected to appreciate the distinction?) 2021-W Type 1 American Silver Eagle.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Mark D.

But it came from a card stock folder,… a CARD STOCK FOLDER I say, the rarest, most valuable card stock ever (which we recycled on eBay because there’s no place for it in the slab). GENUINE CARD STOCK, I say, ABSOLUTELY GENUINE!!!
Mike Mezakrap or Foghorn Leghorn?

Kaiser Wilhelm

Actually, the re-sellers could let the coin go for the original $73 and just tack on another $427 for the folder to make their going rate of $500.


ALL i want is 1 of each…and ill be a happy camper.

Clockwork Squirrel

85 smackers is a bit much for me to order all 6. Regardless, the privy marks are a non-starter in my book, so I’ll probably settle for the San Francisco Morgan and Philly Peace, then call it a day.

Kaiser Wilhelm

That just so happens to be my plan also for the perfectly tuned “compromise”.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm

That’s way more than a little bit too rich for my blood, but go for it and good luck to you!

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Would like 5 of all 6 if i can get them


From the United States Mint.
You spoke and the Mint listened! The household order limit has been lowered from 25 to 10 for the following products:
• 21XC Morgan Dollar with “CC” privy mark
• 21XD Morgan Dollar with “O” privy mark
• 21XF Morgan Dollar (S) mint mark
• 21XG Morgan Dollar (D) mint mark
• 21XE Morgan Dollar no privy or mint mark
• 21XH Peace Dollar no privy or mint mark
Please visit https://catalog.usmint.gov/product-schedule/ for more information about each product.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Will wonders never cease! I’m in shock.

Mark D.

Standing by with nitro and paddles, just in case. Remember when funeral parlors had ammonia ampules on hand in case anyone fainted?

Kaiser Wilhelm

Can’t say I remember that. However, in Vienna all of the shoe stores had X-ray machines you would put your feet into – and as many times as you wanted to, with no shielding of any kind, at least none that I ever noticed – to see how a particular shoe you were considering buying would fit. Yikes!

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Mark D.

A device featured in a Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) flick,… “Billion Dollar Brain” I think.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Michael Caine has long been one of my very favorite actors. Prior to appearing in the above mentioned film he starred in two other Harry Palmer movies, The Ipcress File and Funeral In Berlin. Both of them were admittedly somewhat downbeat but nevertheless excellent films. In fact, it’s my belief that their purposefully dreary cinematic ambience brilliantly echoed the unquestionably grim reality of the times.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

I can’t understand why dropping it to 10 per household will reduce the problem. In fact, I reckon a lot more people will be able to find $850 to max their purchasing ability, than $2,125 from the previous limit.

The mint’s website is going to be absolute trash.

Kaiser Wilhelm

You win the gold star (sorry, no coin), Daniel. Just think, the Brooklyn Buyers’ Group alone, the membership of which numbers in the many thousands (and here let’s for the moment just put aside the guaranteed involvement of an assortment of major dealers like Mike “Sold out Limited Edition” Mezack and each of their countless ordering minions), could all by itself effortlessly suck up the entire offered supply of each iteration of every one of those Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars.

stanlry chalmers

this is as bad as it can get. the mafia give you a better shake then this bunch. good lock every one

Kaiser Wilhelm

In my humble opinion, the Mint’s impossibly infuriating sales of its most desirable coin products are less like the methods of the Mafia and more akin to one of those street hustles where you have to keep your eye on which of the constantly moving cups the object in question ends up under but you never have the slightest chance of being right.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Mark Docas

Good to see that The Mint changed ordering limits across all options from 25 to 10 coins per household.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Mark, please see Daniel’s, mine and Stanlry’s comments above as to why this 25 to 10 reduction is more a cosmetic alteration by the Mint than one of substance in our favor.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

So what are the chances if I login at 12 PM Eastern that I will even be able to buy one of these coins? The last time they had the V75 I wasn’t able to get on there site and when I did the coins were already gone.

Stephen Pardee

Come on man.

Joyce McElroy

frustrating once again can’t get any special ones. Online on time and at 1211 sold out and lost what was in cart because it kept being timed out.


what is the cost of 2021 Morgan dollars with a privy mint mark

Melanie Bainbridge

I have the silver eagle, proof & circulated, as “active enrollments” however they do not appear in my bag (cart) on the US Mint site. Other items I am enrolled in do show in my bag. Does this mean I am not enrolled for the silver eagles? Any help is greatly appreciated. Reached out to the mint multiple times with no reply.


If it is active you should be good to go. A couple days before going on sale you should get an email confirming your enrollment. Congratulations on getting these coins!


I see these minimum $225 on E bay. I have searched for the the $85 on the offer date and every coin was sold out. Why are the big 18 first in line. Why cant they have there own line to buy and a separate line for the little retailer coin collector. I feel rigged and the big 18 got them at $85 and pass it on to me for $225 or more, That is not a fair. So I will not Buy even one coin unless I get it straight from the mint. So I hope you sit on… Read more »

james butler

what is the deal with these. I collect Morgan’s but do not know about these. Can someone help me. Are these real or just collector repos


The real deal as far as being a coin. Tribute to the originals but not a commemorative. This could be a one shot deal but also the window is open to punch out more next year or thereafter. Hope you placed your order. The original Morgan’s or “cartwheels” has been my favorite coin.

Neil trisilla

Y’all barking up the wrong tree. Sure, the mint is broken, but the REAL money and corruption is in the relationship between the “BIG PLAYERS” and the grading companies!Here’s my big BIG problem…the “BIG PLAYERS” have contracts with the grading companies. They are EACH GUARANTEED to receive a specific, preset percentage of the coins they send in to be graded as MS70, so many as MS69. So, if a company sends in a thousand Morgan’s to be graded and they have a guarantee that 40% will come back as MS70, that means thousands of coins will be receiving the MS70… Read more »