U.S. Mint to Produce 2021 Morgan and Peace Centennial Silver Dollars


The United States Mint will strike and sell renditions of Morgan and Peace silver dollars to mark the 100th anniversary of their switchover.

Specifically, Public Law 116-286, the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act, instructs the Secretary of the Treasury to produce coinage recognizing the centennial anniversary in 2021 of the production transition from Morgan dollars to Peace dollars.

Morgan Silver Dollar - obverse and reverse
These CoinNews photos show a Morgan silver dollar

Designed by George T. Morgan, the Morgan silver dollar was produced from 1878 to 1904, and then again in 1921. The obverse bears a profile portrait of Lady Liberty and the reverse depicts a heraldic eagle.

Peace Silver Dollar - obverse and reverse
These CoinNews photos show a Peace silver dollar

Designed by Anthony de Francisci, the Peace silver dollar was minted from 1921 to 1935. The Goddess of Liberty design appears on its obverse while a bald eagle clutching the olive branch is depicted on its reverse.

"These iconic silver dollars with vastly different representations of Lady Liberty and the American Eagle, reflect a changing of the guard in 1921 in the United States and therefore on the 100th anniversary must begin to be minted again to commemorate this significant evolution of American freedom," describes the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act.

The Act mandates that the centennial editions bear renditions of the designs historically used on the iconic dollars. No other design requirements are stated. The final designs will be selected by the Treasury Secretary after consultation with the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC).

No mintages or qualities are specified for the 2021 silver dollars either, giving the U.S. Mint freedom in where they will be struck and in what finishes.

The Morgan silver dollar was produced at Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, Carson City, and New Orleans. The Peace silver dollar was produced in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

The centennial dollars will weigh 26.73 grams, have a diameter of 1.500 inches, contain not less than 90% silver, and have a reeded edge.

Championed by CCAC members Thomas J. Uram and Mike Moran, Rep. Andy Barr [R-KY] introduced the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act on March 11. It passed in the House on Sept. 22 and then in the Senate on Dec. 17. President Trump signed the Act into law on Jan. 5.

The pair of silver coins are to be considered numismatic products, and not part of a traditional U.S. Mint commemorative coin program which, by law, is limited to two annually. This year’s two commemorative programs feature silver dollars honoring Christa McAuliffe and coins honoring the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum.

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Jim Longacre

Is it still going to benefit the ANA?


No. These coins are not commemorative coins. Only commemorative coins benefit something other than the United States Treasury…


#never ANA


Will the coins be dual dated? Are they being recreated or struck using the old dies?

Jim Longacre

If I recall correctly, they had to re-create the dies when they struck the 1964-D Peace dollars. They were supposed to be destroyed in 1937, not all were, but what was left wasn’t usable. Imagine it’s the same for Morgan.


i’m hoping just dated 2021. just make it look like they forgot to make them for 100 years. and don’t mess with the relief either.


they will NOT be dual dated…


Oh idk are you sure


i’ll be fine getting one of each, but i’m not going to bend over backwards to try to get all 72 combinations of reverse/enhanced/matte proof/uncirculated privy marks and mint marks each with maximum mintages of exactly 1 fewer than when you place your order.


Cost will be $175.00 , for a two coin box set (one of each). The cost will be the same as the 2.5 ou.
. Silver American Liberty Medal high relief.
The demand for these silver dollars will be unbelievable. Mint better over supply, at least 20 million per coin.

Seth Riesling

c-q –

Amen brother!
Actually, it will probably be better just to buy the original 1921 coins in MS-64 or higher. The U.S. Mint can & will price these more than you can buy an original 1921 Morgan silver $1 coin authenticated/graded in MS-64. But not so with the 1921 Peace silver $1 coins as they were all High Relief & carry a nice premium & the Mint’s recreation of that coin will be more affordable – but you never know with the Mint! They are very inconsistent & unpredictable for sure.



I have lots BU stacked in (old) old spice deodorant containers. And thanks to people like you I kept them, and will keep them and pass them down with discipline. Fun times!

Tom Harris

Me too!! Nice legacy gift to the heirs, albeit with firm instructions on how to sell, only if you have to. Otherwise, pass them down. The older the more precious!


Legacies are to be fulfilled!

Frank Onolfi

Am I wasting my money buying Morgans less than MS 64

Mark Slezak

All depends….
If it absolute rarity or condition rarity
But all in all yes higher than 64 normally 65 is the is the good is the good grade start at 65 line up but once again it depends on condition rarity or absolute rarity


Yes I would rely on your in-laws for an inheritance of BU. JK! I worked hard for my BU. Grass doesn’t cut itself!


It all depends on the year and mintmark my friend. I buy MS-63 common date Morgans and cut them out of their “graded” holders with a chop saw. That way someone’s waste of money assures me that I get a somewhat accurately graded coin for my Capital Plastics holders. I have received beautiful bright white mint fresh MS-62 Morgans and ones graded MS-64 that look like they have been in a sewer for a few years. They key is to be patient. Also, bear in mind, unless you have access to millions of dollars, you will never be able to… Read more »


Way cool! I’m buying doubles! The coin date will read 1921-2021 dur


the coins will NOT be dual dated…


Oh burn! lol


I personally think the classic Morgan Dollar is still one of the most beautiful silver dollars ever produced by the U.S. Mint (or even perhaps worldwide). I would like to see them dated 2021 and produced in 2 finishes: Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof. Also would like to see a special edition 5 oz. large sized coin similar to the America The Beautiful Quarter series. And please price them less than $50 each. Or Mint Tubes of 20 coins would be nice also.


Food for thought. Its .25 because of the overall abundance of silver. Collector value and slabbed in plastic TBD. Tubes of Voyageurs are the prettiest, still!


I Love these 2021 Morgan & Peace Dollars.


It would be more interesting to do a gold version of the Peace Dollar, like they did with the Walking Liberty and Mercury Designs.


there will NOT be gold version…


Thankfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gold versions are NOT historically accurate and kick the prices way up over most people’s heads!!


Will these be sold at face value since they are considered legal tender for circulation? Or will they be sold based on their precious metal content?

Jessica R Graff

Neither. They said $175 for a set of 2. That is way beyond face value or the precious metal content.


Thanks captain Obvious

Tom Harris

Will there be different coinage, i.e. proofs, burnished, etc.?


and that from the Daily Onion, now there is a reliable source! cute.


Nice! Love the designs on these & own many of each. Glad to hear of this new law for a centennial issue! Looking forward to owning a set!
Mike, Please let us know when to expect them!


Personally i wish they would continue to make both Morgan and Peace alongside the silver eagles going forward. 3 Beautiful coins

Last edited 3 years ago by domenic

Now, that is a good idea!


Nice pic!


Curious why the Mint has not provided a release/order date. It’s March 2 and the legislation was signed nearly 2 months ago.


I have been thinking the exact same thing. I went through the schedule twice, and found nothing related.


The mint has never been very good at planning things. Just think “Silver Eagle Privy Mark.” I do hope they treat these as bullion and not “instant rarities”. I can’t take another episode of that with eBay dealers “pre-sailing” them an hour after they are sold out. I wonder how they do this proxy buying?

Daniel R.Allen

I have been waiting for this since last year. They could use original dies as the Smithsonian released commerative dual dated 1886 to 1888 Morgan Dollars I believe AFTER 2006.

Peter Gordon

The US Mint just updated their site with release dates and mintages for the Morgan and Peace Dollars. May 24th for the Morgans with CC and O privy marks. June 1st for the Morgans with D and S mint marks. June 7th for the Morgan with no mint mark (Philadelphia) and the Peace with no mint mark (Philadelphia). 175,000 is shown for each Morgan Dollar under product limit with household limit of 25. The Peace Dollar is shown as product limit of 200,000 with 25 household limit. There are no mintage limits listed for any of the coins. Only product… Read more »

Peter Gordon

$83 per coin. No multiple sets listed.