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Video of Presidential $1 Coins used in Wal-MartNew Presidential $1 Coins are certainly a hit with many collectors, but their acceptance elsewhere since they were first introduced in 2007 has been slow.

Frightening slow… and very similar to previous failed attempts at thrusting dollar coins into the publics hands.

Like the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea golden dollars, Presidential $1 coins face a daunting and nearly impossible task of competing with the one dollar bill.

Regardless of the historical and interesting aspects of any dollar coin, handling and using paper bills in every day life is simply too convenient. When it comes to the dollar, most people want to use and receive paper in transactions, not coin.

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Platinum blasted through several records this week with a final London close of $2,060 and up an impressive 8.54% for the week. With the rapid rise in platinum, the United States Mint suspended platinum coin sales to readjust prices. That, after just lifting the previous suspension last week.

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CBS 60 Minutes News Video: Should We Make Cents?The CoinNews Saturday eNewsletter and the short post Sunday morning included information about the Sunday night 60 Minutes news segment titled, Should We Make Cents?

Morley Safer reports on how the penny and nickel are worth less than the U.S. government cost to manufacture them – the penny almost two cents and the nickel almost a dime.

The largest portion of the segment, as the 60 Minutes title suggests, revolves around the various points of view on whether the government should stop making Lincoln pennies.

Why is the manufacturing cost of the 1-cent penny and 5-cent nickel up so much? United States Mint Director Ed Moy summed it up:

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5-cent nickels contain 75% copper and 25% nickel. 1-cent pennies contain 2.5% copper with the remaining zinc. The price of these metals have each gone up significantly and for over a year now, their melt value has been worth more than their real value. Or, more to the point, it costs the U.S. government more […]


Platinum experienced a second consecutive week of impressive gains and records, climbing 4.32% on the London Fix. Silver and gold posted smaller, but still positive numbers. Platinum was the benefit of continual power shortage problems reducing production in South Africa mines, where four-fifths of the world’s platinum originates. At one point, platinum futures hit a […]

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Gold and platinum were in mixed moods this week. Gold had spiked Wednesday on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) after the Federal Reserve cut interest rates by a half-percentage point Wednesday. However, profit taking and a stronger dollar relieved gains, forcing gold down sharply Friday. Platinum, on the other hand, spurred forward after a […]

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View Larger Map Archaeologists don’t expect to find gold in the middle of a downtown city, but that’s exactly what they did find. Main Plaza is the historical center of downtown San Antonio. Texan construction crews have been working in the area for months in revitalization efforts for the Main Plaza Redevelopment Project. The area […]

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Dec. 16, 2007 wasn’t a good day for Chester (Chet) Endress, a 73-year old coin collector and owner of Chet’s Coin Shop. That day thieves burglarized Mr. Endress’s business by cutting through an adjacent store wall. The robbers then proceeded to torch the shop’s safe to steal approximately $750,000 worth of rare and common coins.


Gold and platinum dazzled this week and closed Friday at all-time highs. Bullion prices were spurred along by the Fed’s emergency rate reduction last Tuesday, the expectations of further cuts in their next meeting on Wednesday, the dollar’s weakness, solid oil prices and the closing of South African mines on Friday due to a power […]

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When you’re pulling out a few bills or loose change to pay for something, it just happens. There’s little if any consideration to how the US monetary system came to be or how it works. It just happens. Numismatists will typically have a better grasp of information, but it’s easier to get caught into the […]