Teens Arrested For Counterfeiting Money Using Inkjet Printers


Inkjet printers were used to counterfeit moneyThree Long Island 17-year old high school students are under arrest for printing counterfeit $10s, $20s and $50s from the back of a pickup truck.

Amazingly, police say ink jet printers were used to print the bills. The power source? A Radio Shack inverter plugged into the pickup truck’s cigarette lighter.

The average person could easily assume any teenager who used the bed of a truck as a factory floor and inkjet printers to output bogus bills would get caught and arrested in short notice time.

That would be an incorrect assumption. Reports indicate the teens may have been circulating counterfeit money for an incredible two years.

The following wcbstv.com video report has more:

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Koichi Ito

This a Mad Money for Beginners! These kid wanted fast money. It is so easy that Caveman can do it!

Bogi Øregaard

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