U.S. Navy 1 Ounce Silver Medal Launch


Marking the last scheduled release from the United States Mint this month, the U.S. Navy 1 Ounce Silver Medal goes on sale beginning today at noon ET. Priced at $75, the medal is composed of 1 troy ounce of 99.9% silver and features designs honoring the rich history and duty of the Navy.

US Mint product image Navy 1 Silver Medal
U.S. Mint product image for their Navy 1 Ounce Silver Medal. The medal is encapsulated and presented in a U.S. Mint blue presentation box.

Unlike its larger 2.5-ounce counterpart, which shares the same designs, went on sale last year, and sold out, the medal has no official mintage limit and no limits on product or household orders.

For some background, this medal is the latest issue from the U.S. Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program, which dates back two years and includes a variety of sizes and compositions. Each medal is struck to honor one of the six branches of the U.S. Armed Forces: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

To date, releases in the Armed Forces series include:

The U.S. Navy Bronze Medal is scheduled to be issued next month on August 8th, with the Marine Corps 1-ounce silver and bronze medals listed for September 11th and this fall, respectively. No dates have been provided for any other medals, including those celebrating the Space Force.

Turning back to today’s release of the Navy silver medal, its obverse (heads side) depicts the Navy destroyer John Paul Jones on the left, the historic U.S.S. Constitution on the right, and an F-18 Hornet formation overhead. Inscriptions on the obverse read "UNITED STATES NAVY" and, lastly, "DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP," which was spoken by mortally wounded Commander James Lawrence to his crew on the U.S.S. Chesapeake during the War of 1812.

CoinNews photo U.S. Navy 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal
This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Navy 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal (obverse side). It was the released last year. The new 1-ounce medal released today features the same design but in a smaller format.

This design was created by Artistic Infusion Program Designer Donna Weaver, with United States Mint Medallic Artist Jay M. Kushwara sculpting it.

The reverse (tails side) shows a line of sailors manning the rail while the American flag flies in the background. Inscriptions display the Navy’s core values, "HONOR," "COURAGE," and "COMMITMENT." This design was created by Artistic Infusion Program Designer Steve Ferris and sculpted by United States Mint Medallic Artist John P. McGraw.

Navy 1 oz Silver Medal Specifications

Denomination: N/A
Finish: Matte
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 1.000 Troy oz.
Diameter: 1.598 in
Edge: Plain
Mint and Mint Mark: N/A
Privy Mark: None



The Navy 1 Ounce Silver Medal is available directly from the U.S. Mint via their online store for silver medals.

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My order starting processing Saturday the 15th.

Chris Terp

Yep Rooster, think it was Friday or Saturday when US Mint charged my credit card. As a Navy vet looking forward to receiving my two medals. Hope they arrive as quickly as my Peace & Morgan subscriptions.

Chris Terp

Thank you Kaiser.

Chris Terp

Good going Major D. I purchased the 2.5oz medal too. Navy and Space Force will be the only 2.5oz medals I pick up. Navy b/c I served and Space Force as it will be the first item struck by Mint for that service.

East Coast Guru

Thank you for the info. It will be interesting to see how many Morgan/ Peace get returned. I wonder if the mint would sell much closer to the product limit for the Morgan/Peace dollars. They haven’t yet on the AGE products, yet the only one they still sell is the 1/10 oz while the other options still have a lot of room for additional sales.


Nice update. Thank you!


I just received my Morgans and Peace Dollars and looking at them I feel quite confident in saying they are all MS70’s!

Chris Terp

Got my Peace coin on Saturday and the Morgan arrived today, Monday. And yes Craig, these look amazing. Pleased I did the subscription for both assured purchase and quick delivery.

Now hoping my Navy medals post quickly too.


Chris Terp,
As info, the Navy 1 oz medal now shows “unavailable”, you can still order it, but with a 10/3/2023 back order date.

Chris Terp

Thank you for the heads up Chuck. I did the subscription path and thankfully the Mint is processing the order already 🙂

Chris Terp

Fingers crossed you get your Peace coin quickly Major D.

Yes, I look forward to seeing the sales figures. Agree that there’s probably a good amount available still.

See on the TV shopping networks that the Peace coin is available for $199! 😮


The coins that I received today were all top notch. Next up is the 1 ounce Navy medal.


I’m happy that you guys are reporting back positive notes re: the appearance of the coins you’ve received. Congratulations! I’ve seen more than a few videos on YT where the quality was less than desirable to say the least. Also I have read some reports of other low grade(estimated at MS67) coins being received. I know they won’t all be perfect or non-perfect, however the coins currently sound headed for possible condition rarity? Guess time will tell… I didn’t buy any and feel the coins look too digitized or sterile. I o/u a couple 2021 Peace dollars and I’m good… Read more »


What’s frustrating is if you return it you may or may not even get another one. With the prices though there should be zero quality issues.

Chris Terp

Yes a bummer about your Morgan Kaiser. Guess it’s the luck of the draw with Mint. But as Rooster states, at these prices more care must be taken by Mint staff to ensure quality control at these prices.


Clever way to profit off the rise in silver interest. Not financial advice, but I see the silver spot price going above $75 either this year or next. Until then make that $$$.


Any idea where gold will be in a year?


Hopefully, some will still be in the USA.


Lmao. Good one. I hope so to.


You ‘see’ the spot price of Ag above $75 this year or next? Those must be some clever eyeglass’s you are wearing.

Chris Terp

And Major Mint is also going to produce bronze versions of the military medals.

Space Force design may be interesting as much of their work is classified. So maybe a skunk on the medal for their secret space & satellite image? 😉

Chris Terp

Major D & Kaiser, an Air Force unit in the late-1950s used a delta insignia for its unit moniker before Star Trek. I will admit that Space Force’s delta insignia is boring but worst of all is their dress uniforms – they look like bell hops.


Chris Terp, Rooster,
Notified my order (Navy Medal) shipped. Scheduled for delivery on Friday. Hope we all receive ones we like.

Chris Terp

I’m in the same boat Chuck too as my Navy medals arrive Friday the 21st 🙂


Friday as well but out of town till Sunday. Looking forward to this. Ordered 1.