U.S. Coast Guard 1 Ounce Silver Medal Launch


Today at noon EDT, the United States Mint releases its latest product from their Armed Forces Silver Medal Program, the U.S. Coast Guard 1 Ounce Silver Medal for $65.

Mint product image Coast Guard 1 Ounce Silver Medal
U.S. Mint product image for their Coast Guard 1 Ounce Silver Medal. The medal is encapsulated and presented in a U.S. Mint blue presentation box.

This 99.9% fine silver medal features designs emblematic of the Coast Guard. These same designs first appeared on a larger 2.5-ounce silver version which launched last year and sold out.

U.S. Coast Guard Medal Designs

The medal’s obverse (heads side) depicts a Coast Guard national security cutter at full throttle, speeding head-on toward the viewer. The hull number on the cutter indicates it is the Hamilton, named after Alexander Hamilton, who was instrumental in the creation of the service.

The design was created by Richard Masters and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso. Inscriptions read "U.S. COAST GUARD" and the Coast Guard motto "SEMPER PARATUS" (Always Ready).

CoinNews photo U.S. Coast Guard Silver Medal
These CoinNews photos show both sides of a U.S. Coast Guard 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal. The medal released today has the same designs but in a smaller format.

Its reverse (tails side) shows two iconic symbols of the Coast Guard, a life preserver ring and the racing stripe mark. The mark is found on almost all Coast Guard craft.

Also featured is the Coast Guard emblem along with the inscriptions of "HONOR," "RESPECT," and "DEVOTION TO DUTY" — the Coast Guard’s core values. Artistic Infusion Program artist Thomas Hipschen created the design, with Medallic Artist Renata Gordon engraving it.

Medal Specifications

Denomination: N/A
Finish: Matte
Composition: 99.9% silver
Silver Weight: 1.000 troy oz.
Diameter: 1.598 in. / 40.60 mm
Edge: Plain
Mint and Mint Mark: N/A
Privy Mark: None
Design: Obverse Designer: Richard Masters, Artistic Infusion Program Designer
Obverse Sculptor: Michael Gaudioso, United States Mint Medallic Artist
Reverse Designer: Thomas Hipschen, Artistic Infusion Program Designer
Reverse Sculptor: Renata Gordon, United States Mint Medallic Artist
Struck Under Authority of: 31 U.S.C. § 5111(a)(2)
Place Struck: N/A



Coast Guard 1 Ounce Silver Medals are available directly from the U.S. Mint via their online store for silver medals.

No household order limits, or mintage limits have been established.

Armed Forces Silver Medal Program

The U.S. Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program debuted last year and has seen the following releases:

The above 2.5-ounce silver medals sold out with maximum mintages of 10,000. The 2.5-ounce Army and Space Force Silver Medals are expected next year, as well as the remaining 1-ounce editions.

Companion Armed Forces Bronze Medals are also planned.

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I am in. Could be my last purchase from the mint this year.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Not a bad choice at all, Rooster; that is a very fine looking coin. I’m waiting for the Army version since that is the Service my family has been associated with.

As far as my final buy of the year, that will be the 3 Roll Set of the Anna May Wong AWQ, that is, unless the Mint stiffs me out of it. So far my enrollment is TBD.


Those quarters can be fun. Dissolved myself from most of the quarters unless they are silver.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I totally understanding your reasoning, Rooster, and have myself toyed with that idea. If I had any thought in mind of aiming for profit rather than just the fun of collecting I too would tend to concentrate more on silver.


Did the same with the presidential dollars.

Kaiser Wilhelm


Perhaps having that “weakness” is what being a collector is all about.


That’s why there is such a variety. I just had to pare back on some of these.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I agree that it’s nice to have so many choices in spite of having to make slightly more difficult decisions regarding what to buy due to being presented with such an expansive coin buffet.

Chris Terp

Got mine via enrollment Rooster. Nice looking medal design.


Same. Takes the fun out of the ordering process. Just kidding.

Kaiser Wilhelm

That “fun”, Rooster, was akin to enjoying a root canal minus the novocaine.


I would have taken that root canal without novocaine for a couple coins I missed.

Kaiser Wilhelm

If it’s any consolation, Rooster, as in the “misery loves company department”, I underwent the equivalent of a whole series of un-numbed extractions in vain for multiple coin-buying misfires.

Chris Terp


Although these aren’t Morgan’s, Peace or WWII Commemorative coins so wouldn’t have expected a mad dash at Noon to acquire this medal.


The will be my FIRST medal purchase … not for myself but for a guy I know who was in the Coast Guard. He’s been fighting cancer for awhile now and I think the beauty of this piece might lift his spirits a bit.

Chris Terp

Good going REB. I’m sure your guy will greatly appreciate the medal and your thoughtfulness.


That is awesome. Great reason to grab this.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I can’t help but think the best reward for your selfless act will be the smile on his face when you give him the medal. My own thanks to you for the good feeling I got just knowing that this is happening.


I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to receiving something from the Mint. The gentleman is the husband of my wife’s close cousin. He is possibly one of the most decent human-beings I’ve ever encountered in my life’s travels. I’m sure the two-hour journey to deliver the medal to him will be filled with joy and anticipation. I look forward to the Coast Guard service stories that will follow. I’ve told him in the past that he should write a book. He’s sent me a couple of “chapters” that he had written about his service. Maybe he’ll surprise me… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Reb, I didn’t think it was possible this story could get any more heartwarming, but it just did. Thank you so very much for sharing it here.

Mike Hunt

You are to be admired and commended. It’s not how you act when the world is watching your every move. It’s what you do when only that infinitely critical person you see in the mirror every morning when you shave is watching.
— Mike

Kaiser Wilhelm