U.S. Air Force Bronze Medal is Available for $20


The United States Mint is now selling a bronze version of the two Air Force Silver Medals that were issued as a part of their U.S. Armed Forces Silver Medal Program. The Mint program honors the six branches of the Armed Forces — Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

U.S. Air Force Bronze Medal - Obverse and Reverse
U.S. Air Force Bronze Medal – Obverse and Reverse

A companion to the silver program and representing the first bronze release, the U.S. Air Force Bronze Medal is $20 without limits.

As a quick recap, the large Air Force 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal launched July 13, 2021, for $160. Limited to 10,000, it is no longer available with 9,902 sold as of Nov. 27. The Air Force 1 Ounce Silver Medal was released Aug. 16, 2022, for $65. It is also no longer available and has last reported sales of 15,586.

U.S. Air Force Medal Designs

All three Air Force medals share the same designs.

Created by Paul C. Balan and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, obverses (heads side) feature a fighter jet pilot flying alongside F-22 fighter jets, with a stylized landscape below. Inscribed above and to the left of the pilot is "U.S. AIR FORCE."

CoinNews photo U.S. Air Force 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal
These CoinNews photos show both sides of an U.S. Air Force 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal. The 1-ounce silver medal and the newest bronze medal share the same designs.

Designed by Jamie Franki and also sculpted by Hemphill, medal reverses (tails side) depict the three spires of the Air Force Memorial. Surrounding the memorial are members of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard in ceremonial assembly. Core values of the Air Force are inscribed around the border — "INTEGRITY FIRST", "SERVICE BEFORE SELF" and "EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO."

Bronze Medal Specifications

Denomination: N/A
Finish: Matte
Composition: 95% copper, 5% zinc
Weight: N/A
Diameter: 1.500 inches
Edge: Plain
Mint and Mint Mark: N/A
Privy Mark: None
Design: Obverse Designer: Paul C. Balan, Artistic Infusion Program Designer
Obverse Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill, United States Mint Medallic Artist
Reverse Designer: Jamie Franki, Artistic Infusion Program Designer
Reverse Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill, United States Mint Medallic Artist
Struck Under Authority of: 31 U.S.C. § 5111(a)(2)
Place Struck: N/A



The U.S. Air Force Bronze Medal is available directly from the U.S. Mint via their online store for military medals.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

If the Mint were to sell the larger version of this Bronze Medal it would retail for $160, which is exactly the same price as the 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal. Crazy pricing!

Victor Brenner, III

Simply I just now say NO, the jackup in pricing was crazy. I think that the medal sales must have fallen off a cliff. As Kaiser pointed out the medal pricing is a complete RIP OFF…Venu$??? que paso????????????

Kaiser Wilhelm

Incidentally, we can lay claim to actually having a “Space Force” once we have the capacity to transit the galaxy in less than the lifetime of the entire human race.