U.S. Mint Release of Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal


Today at noon ET, the United States Mint will release the U.S. Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal for $160. Only 10,000 of the 2-inch diameter, .999 fine silver medals are available.

Mint product images Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal
U.S. Mint product images for their Marine Corps Silver Medal. The medal is encapsulated and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This fourth 2.5-ounce issue from the Mint’s collection of Armed Forces Silver Medal series is expected to sell out like the first three. Those three include the:

Images of these earlier released medals follow.

CoinNews photo U.S. Air Force Silver Medal - obverse
This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Air Force Silver Medal (obverse side). It was the first release from the Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program.
CoinNews photo U.S. Coast Guard Silver Medal - obverse-a
This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Coast Guard Medal (obverse side). It was the second release from the Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program.
CoinNews photo U.S. Navy 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal
This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Navy Silver Medal (obverse side). It was the third release from the Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program.

Same-sized Army and Space Force medals will follow next year. Before then, however, the U.S. Mint will begin to offer 1-ounce versions. Enrollments for them already opened with Air Force and Coast Guards editions scheduled for Aug. 16 and Sept. 16, respectively.

U.S. Marine Corps Medal Designs

Created by Emily Damstra and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, obverses (heads side) of the newest medal show three Marines with M4 rifles moving ashore just after an amphibious landing. One of the Marines lies hidden in the grass, providing cover for the other two about to crest the hill. A U.S. warship is visible on the horizon.

U.S. Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal - Obverse
Obverse or heads side of the medal

Obverse inscriptions include "U.S. MARINE CORPS" and "EVERY MARINE A RIFLEMAN."

Created by Laurie J. Musser and sculpted by Joseph Menna, the medal’s reverse (tails side) offers the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem encircled by a rope border.

U.S. Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal - Reverse
Reverse or tails side of the medal

Inscribed around the design are the core values of the Marines — "HONOR," "COURAGE," and "COMMITMENT," and the Marine Corps motto "SEMPER FIDELIS" ("always faithful").

Marine Corps 2.5 Oz Silver Medal Specifications

Denomination: N/A
Finish: Matte
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 2.500 Troy oz. / 77.759 g
Diameter: 2.00 inches
Edge: Plain
Mint and Mint Mark: Philadelphia / None
Privy Mark: N/A


Armed Forces Silver Medals are struck at the U.S. Mint’s production facility in Philadelphia. They lack a mintmark as is common practice with U.S. Mint medals.


The Marine Corps 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal may be purchased directly from the U.S. Mint via their online store for silver medals.

An initial household order limit of one medal has been established to help meet demand.

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Looking forward to this medal.


Day 3 Colorized Purple Heart still in “processing” and they charged me for shipping – again – shysters…

So we might get this medal by Christmas or maybe in 2023

Last edited 1 year ago by SENZA

Senza: Same here. I thought they were on track for shipping on the 14th. Hopefully soon. Will have to call them again for shipping credit.


Morning Rooster,

Congrats First-ON-Thread – good luck t-minus 35 minutes to US Marines 2.5 ounce Silver Medal.

Already off to a typical US Mint start for a release day – see image below


Senza: lol. That picture is all to familiar.


Kaiser: Don’t mind either during the login. It’s crazy when it happens multiple times during the sale time.


Kaiser: Exactly. We have all experienced that.


SENSA, you are not a bot.


Antonio, thanks and good morning to you –


Kaiser: It’s ridiculous. The humans were in ere about the credits but there must have been an edict that came down since they seem more understanding regarding this particular issue.

Chris Terp

Yep SENZA, still processing and charged for shipping even though in Loyalty Program. Also, the PH Uncirculated Half Dollar is on backorder and will not ship with my silver dollar and proof half dollar.


Sorry to hear that Chris, it’s all too familiar to most of us here. I have been hung up on, cut off in chat and laughed at by these Government clowns employed by the US Mint; While trying to get this crap corrected – it’s become obvious to me – the Mint has purposely employed a very low caliber of shady individuals who have zero concern for US Mint customers, customer service and product delivery. As other wiser journalists have stated on the blog before me; it’s hard to believe the US Mint could do any worse than it’s storied… Read more »


I bet you could 3D print that sucker too


Very quick transaction.


Picked up the USMC medal, in and out in less than 1 minute. no problem


In and Out under 2 minutes – minor glitches and they charged me for shipping AGAIN……


I know, I know – I can’t help it – I’m on their Radar but they are on mine too it’s just working out better for them at the moment


I’m on that same list.



East Coast Guru

Ordered the US Marine medal. Just checked and 6,000 available.


5300 and counting


Half Gone


Never forget – the Uniform is about 2% of the Job


About two Marine regiments.


In 2022 we completed the biggest successful operation in the history of the Military in spite of Joe Biden Fing it up in every way possible and 13 Marines were lost all on Joe Biden –

Last edited 1 year ago by SENZA

I’m sure your correct you just left out one element of the agenda – the cash crop for Afghanistan = OPIUM.

Notice that blip in the background – it’s not a UFO – it’s a crop killing drone

East Coast Guru

4,200 left. At this rate it should sellout within 24 hours. Navy medal seemed to last a few days as I recall. APMEX is selling the Navy medal at $350. That seems a bit steep.


They’ll be more demand for the Marine medal.


Girl Scouts have a $1 denomination


Can’t refuse those coconut caramels


Noticed these on Feebay Navy Medal


I don’t really know what etsy is but I’m on my way


Aaah thanks for the quick education sounds so familiar


Confident Flippers – Feebay Fees are outrageous for sellers tough times for all


I know thre


Not this time! It was my $10 Amazon keyboard that failed me in the wee hours but a back-up was found. I built a new custom PC and the whole thing is on hold because I was sent the wrong mouse and had to return it – so not putting too much more $$$ into the old relic. So, there is a niche buyer who refuses to deal directly with the US Government aka US Mint (you can wildly imagine all the reasons) so that explains the third party market however, I have no explanation for those prices especially when… Read more »


Right On


With a 2 inch diameter and 2.5 ounces of the shiny stuff it’s definitely going to feel good in your hand

East Coast Guru

Marine medal sales are slowing to a crawl. For the most part, if you wanted one, you have already bought one. Perhaps I can pick up another one tomorrow.


2674 almost 75% gone


Was just on US Mint Chat trying to get them to credit me for the shipping charge that should not have happened and “Tristen” hung up on me – US Mint Sucks Big Time – Then……………………………

So anyone who had a had their account orders and enrollments go down for the Morgan and Peace enrollments – may have had their loyalty program data washed and you will have to sign back up for the loyalty program all over again


I won’t be happy until everyone at the US Mint is fired and honest – professional people replace them – Ventris needs to go now………………….

Thumbs Down_001.jpg

Are you nuts? Those fine people are all hard working union members and unless they come out and proclaim a love for Donald Trump will never ever be fired. I’m afraid you’re going to be unhappy for a long time.


Thanks Larry, it’s the thought that counts – “Unhappy” is my middle name and 13 is my favorite number

1252 to go last time I checked


My free shipping due to “loyalty” was applied automatically today to my confirmed order of US Marines medal.
I had my enrollments page wiped after enrolling for Morgan/Peace starting 2023.
My orders page never got wiped.
Later, the enrollments came back, along with new Morgan/Peace enrollments and the orders page remained sound.


Glad your not dealing with this nightmare – my account has had problems that they just can’t seem to iron out-

I closed my account many years ago pissed off about the Bots and Dealers taking coins out of my cart and when I came back the account just never worked right.

However, I have already far exceeded my 3 orders this year and received free shipping on many of my orders so this is crazy


Sir Kaiser


Markets are getting pumped and manipulated upward today but Gold is not rising with the tide.


So the Mint couldn’t even move 10,000 in the first hour –

I think it’s from the sketchy (pun intended) artwork – the obverse of this medal looks like a plastic GI Joe toy from the 1970’s rather than US Marines –

I still believe, more and more, with every release, the whole US Mint needs to be purged and replaced with fresh talent from the Top down since there is NO talent at the top and it’s only worse below


Agree, SENZA, unfortunately the Obverse “EVERY MARINE A RIFLEMAN” depiction is a little cheesy and corny – too much artistic diversity infusion.

BTW, still no shipping movement on the Colorized National Purple Heart coins, mine is still in processing limbo and I was one of the first pre-sale orders placed.
And, as of 4:30pm ET there were only 1972 Marine Corps Medals left for sale.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rich

Thanks for the update Rich, and the invaluable data – no-go on my CPH either but the Mint did send me a survey and you know I live for those.

Let’s get back to the important stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdFb4cUHuIw

Last edited 1 year ago by SENZA

Timeless mystery


At 5:35
Probably won’t last for 24 hours
Household limits won’t be lifted
eBay prices will just go higher …


Right On


Thanks for following up on my comment . My point was that since no one can get more than 1
, and some want more than 1 that should only drive prices higher .Another reason is ,from the sellers point , if has more than 1 he would sell at a lower price .

East Coast Guru

I like these military silver ones. Not the $160 price tag on the bronze ones. 1,500 Marines left. 630 ASE UNC left. 7pm EST


I couldn’t control myself – the button said add to cart so I did Bam I’m broke….

What about you ?


The Marine Corps Silver Medal finally sold out shortly after 12 noon ET today (7/16/22) after the HOL was lifted. Prior to noon, there were only about 300 medals available for ordering, so it did very well during its initial 24 sales period with the HOL = 1 (much like the sales for the Navy Silver Medal). Oorah!


Agreed Rich, there is value in that particular piece of shiny stuff (SCARCITY) oops tomorrow there will be 5,000 mysteriously available


That’s a Classic Sir Kaiser, an Award is in order


Just got notice from the US Mint that this medal was shipped. How fitting that one of my colorized Purple Heart coins also shipped. My father in law served in the Marines and is a recipient of the Purple Heart. Could be some high emotions seeing these side by side.


Be sure to report those special moments to those on here.


Relax and keep scrolling.