New 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollar and 2021 American Eagle Release Information

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar - Obverse
2021 Morgan Silver Dollar – Obverse

The United States Mint announced new pre-order dates and lower household limits for the four remaining 2021 silver dollars which celebrate the 100th anniversary of the production transition from Morgan dollars to Peace dollars.

Their original pre-order windows in June were postponed as a result of ordering issues that happened when the first two dollars sold out on May 24. The U.S. Mint will now begin taking orders for the four remaining silver dollars on Aug. 3 and Aug. 10.

In addition, household limits for each dollar product have been reduced to three from ten.

The Mint also announced new release dates and limits for the newly redesigned 2021 Proof American Gold Eagles and 2021 Proof American Silver Eagles.

The U.S. Mint’s entire statement follows:

Mint Announces New Morgan & Peace Pre-Order Dates to Address BOT Traffic
New Eagle Silver & Gold Launch First; Household Order Limits Revised

During the initial pre-order window for the Morgan & Peace Dollars, the Mint experienced an extraordinarily high volume of BOT traffic. These BOTs were programmed to conduct technology-driven transactions which caused significant interference with many transactions by Mint customers.

To address the issue, the Mint paused the pre-order windows for the remaining Morgan and Peace products until the BOT issues could be resolved. The Mint has now identified a solution that we expect will mitigate most of the issues caused by BOT traffic. Although we are working diligently to put that solution in place, the launch dates for American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins will also be affected. To further increase the opportunity to purchase these high demand products, the Mint will also adjust the household order limits for the new American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins and the remaining Morgan and Peace silver dollars. While these steps will mitigate the impact of BOT traffic and improve overall access to these very popular products, the supply of silver still limits the U.S. Mint’s ability to completely satisfy demand. As a result, not everyone will be able to purchase the coins of their choice.

The revised launch schedules are presented below. Please note the decision to move the American Eagle Silver and Gold product launches ahead of the remaining Morgan and Peace pre-order windows. This decision was based on the Morgan and Peace products’ unavailability to ship until October. Moving up the American Eagle products creates the least disruption for our customers. Our intent is to greatly improve on our ability to deliver the utmost positive U.S. Mint experience that our customers deserve.

The launch dates for the newly-redesigned American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins are as follows:

  • American Eagle SILVER PROOF COIN – W (21EAN), originally scheduled to go on sale 7/1, will now go on sale 7/20
  • American Eagle GOLD PROOF 1 OZ (21EBN), GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ (21ECN), GOLD PROOF 1/4 OZ. (21EDN), GOLD PROOF 1/10 OZ. (21EEN), and GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET (21EFN), originally scheduled to go on sale 7/8, will now go on sale 7/29
  • American Eagle GOLD PROOF 1/10 OZ 2-COIN SET (NUMBERED COA) (21XK), originally scheduled to go on sale 7/29 will now go on sale 8/5
  • American Eagle SILVER PROOF COIN – S (21EMN), on sale date was moved up from 8/16 to 8/12

The pre-order windows for the remaining Morgan and Peace silver dollars are as follows:

  • Morgan Dollars – SF and D (21XF, 21XG) order window is now 8/3 – 8/17
  • Morgan Dollar Philly and Peace Dollar (21XE, 21XH) order window is now 8/10 – 8/24

The updated HHOL are as follows:

  • American Eagle SILVER PROOF COIN (W) – New Design – 21EAN, HHOL = 3
  • American Eagle GOLD PROOF 1/10 OZ 2-COIN SET (NUMBERED COA) – 21XK, HHOL = 1
  • American Eagle SILVER PROOF COIN (S) – 21EMN, HHOL= 3
  • American Eagle SILVER UNCIRCULATED (W) – 21EGN- HHOL = 3
  • Morgan Dollar (SF) – 21XF, HHOL = 3
  • Morgan Dollar (D) – 21XG, HHOL = 3
  • Morgan Dollar Philly – 21XE, HHOL = 3
  • Peace Dollar – 21XH, HHOL = 3


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Give them a little credit, the US Mint is trying to be more fair about distribution of these popular coins. But they fail to mention any new limitations or restrictions of the bulk purchase program set aside for dealers.

The supply of silver still limits the U.S. Mint’s ability to completely satisfy demand. As a result, not everyone will be able to purchase the coins of their choice.
Good luck getting these for your collections.

Seth Riesling

Tim –

I agree with you. This seems about as fair as the Mint is going to get – (but a 1-coin household limit on first day of issue would be better). Hope for the best luck!


Mike Hunt

Kaiser — I’m with you on the “one coin limit” thing and was disappointed as to why they only backed it off to 3. But thinking back on it, when my only 2 children (now in their mid-40s) were essentially babies, I used to order 3 of everything in the HOPE that they would want to enjoy coin collecting like me. But it became very apparent when they entered their teens, and especially now, that they could care less. So I dropped all of my orders down to 1. That said, my hope for this 3 limit is that some… Read more »


That’s funny. I’m in my mid-forties doing the same for my two children. My son might find a passion, but my daughter certainly won’t. But … things need to be equal.

That said, when I told my toolmaker father that I was going to buy a lathe as I now have an interest in turning metal, he chastised me:
”Don’t do that! You will have mine when I die”.
Yeah … well, I don’t really want to be in limbo waiting for someone to die to see whether I have a passion for it.


why can’t they just make coins for me if I send them a lump of silver to make it from? it really can’t be the inability to find silver that is a constraint. they aren’t going to ship til october, so there’s time to melt my silver down.

and yes 3 is better than 10 which was better than 25, but 1 would have been better, at least for the first 24 hours.

John Wigginton

I think the pre sales orders should be for loyal US Mint customers that have had a mint account with a purchase history for some time to be eligible to make orders prior to release to the general public and the bulk purchaser’s. I have been buying many coins from the mint for years and I want the chance of buying at least one each of the new Morgans and the peace dollars. I like the limit of ten per household though I am only trying to buy three of each one. With the sale out of the first Morgans… Read more »


Not the ” C.C” or “O” Morgan’s God knows I tried.. but was able to get 2 Morgan “S” & 1″D”mint. & 2 Peace dollars & 1 “P”mint. Had to work hard just to get those I still hope I get them..the mint or website kept throwing me off site & tried several more times before it Finally went through…..
I did look at my account & they all say on backorder.. guess I’ll find out in the end.. lol
Austin Tx.

Last edited 2 years ago by Keith

Mint still fearful of alienating the dealers by lowering the household limit to one coin. One would think that the 10% bulk purchase for dealers would suffice.

Seth Riesling

Roger –

You are right in suggesting basically that the bulk program for such limited edition coins should be discontinued. It is patently unfair!
Good Luck to you on first day of issue!



I’m not sure there telling the whole story. I can buy plenty of silver from the British Royal mint website silver bullion with no issue. What’s the problem with the us mint?


“What’s the problem with the us mint?”…surely a loaded question! At least they lowered the house hold limits….now we shall see on ordering day!

Seth Riesling

Chris –

No other Mint in the world has this problem with silver! Only the U.S. Mint seems to have problems getting silver blank planchets. The head of the bullion division at Perth Mint Australia said recently that there is no silver shortage for them & they produce coins & ingots in silver. The U.S. Mint is very mismanaged & blames supply chains for its problems in bad management by U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder!



Exactly Sir Wilhelm. The Director of the United States Mint is a presidential appointment that requires a Senate confirmation. David J. Ryder became director in April 2018 and commencing in 2019, all the unwarranted, inexcusable problems encountered over the past 3 years began.


Did anyone else catch this.on the Morgans….
Mintage Limit: –
Product Limit: 175,000
Household Order Limit: 3

So mintage limit is now open???

Seth Riesling

domenic –

That has been listed that way on the Mintage Limit as a dash (-) on the Mint’s website since they first listed these silver dollars. I think they were planning on issuing a set of 6 coins (1 of each), but who knows what they are up to the way they operate in total disarray!


Carl Warren

While I won’t be trying to get any of the Morgan’s, I will try and get the Peace dollar. May be an exercise in futility though given the Mint’s track record.

I am concerned that they lowered the household limit on the ASE’s. I’ve been enrolled for 6 each of the West Point and San Fran proofs the past few years. 1 for me and 1 for each of my grandkids. Maybe the limit doesn’t apply to the enrollments (I can only hope, right?). 


I have active enrollment for all 3 ASE issues, But when I called the Mint this morning they said that no enrollments will be honored on the these coins (w-proof/S-proof/W-unc). Hope they are wrong. I will only know the day before or the morning of the oder date. If i get a confirmation email prior to 12 noon – i guess customer service was wrong on the enrollment cancellations.


Why don’t you just call and see what they tell you. They told me they were cancelled. If I don’t get an email confirmation prior to 12 noon that day, I’ll have no choice but to scramble to try and get the coin. I hope you are right and customer service is wrong.


… or like asking a cosmetologist about climatology. I have verified product enrollments for all three 2021 Type 2 American Silver Eagles (W-proof, S-proof and W-uncirculated). I have since spoken with two Mint customer service representatives: one said the Mint will not be fulfilling the upcoming 2021 American Eagle Silver Coin enrollments based on a recent decision by mint officials (because of limited product availability/mintage); the other representative said that the enrollments will be honored and fulfilled as advertised. I have now asked to speak with a higher ranking customer service supervisor about this matter. I am waiting for them… Read more »


HELL Michigan freezes over multiple times each year. Maybe you need to check it out.

Richard Margolis

I called the mint yesterday and they said that the current enrollments are valid


This is the response i got from mint on june 16th…….. We show you have three active enrollments order for the following: Silver Proof Set, American Eagle Silver Once Ounce Proof coin (S) and the American Innovation coins. The American Eagle Silver Once Ounce Proof coin (S) coins are due to be released August 16, 2021 at 12pm (EST) once this enrollment order is processed you will received a email notification regarding the shipping details and tracking information.   The enrollment order for the 2021 American Eagle Silver Once Ounce Proof coin (W) and uncirculated coins are currently unavailable. Demand… Read more »

Howard Falchick

The scalpers are selling the first 2 Morgans for like $900 each. Why don’t you mint more of them and allow each order to be just 1 each house hold. This will make up for the May 24th fiasco. I was one of the people who had my order in, but then you killed it.


Since there was such an issue with ordering will the first two Morgan’s 2021 be able to be order for us who didn’t get in?

Will Watt

I would like to have one of each dollar.

Mike Petraitis

The people at the US mint do not know what kind of answers to give you . I had my enrollment for the silver proof coin for over a month now I called the US mint to make sure everything is fine with it and they told me they will not honor the enrollment plan. A few hours later a friend called them asked the same question and told her yes the enrollment plan is still good but only limited to three to a customer. So tell me this they had two different answers and they say they got the… Read more »

Ray Tope

When will the coins become available?


Scheduled dates are Aug3 (D and S) and Aug 10 (‘P’ and Peace)

Seth Riesling

The Mint has always said, even before the first day of issue of these coins, that these silver dollars will not ship till sometime in October, unless they have a production schedule change.



I see all the pre-sales on ebay for the morgan dollars. If these aren’t shipping until October how do they get around the 30 day policy set by ebay. I always thought that the item had to be delivered within 30 days. Has that policy changed, just curious.

Te Wa

Good question.

Can we cancel the sale if we don’t receive a coin in that time period?


BOT traffic is total fake news! The mint can’t mask up, wash their hands, and pass the blame fast enough. They don’t get credit they get another E for effort. The silver shortage is so overplayed. Next thing you know there will be a Coin Virus that affects the Mints clearly outdated servers. Hey Mr. Ryder maybe spend a little money on some “infrastructure” and get some new battery powered modems in that dump.


When the next 2 Morgan’s become available why do they both have to come out on the same day, it’s hard enough getting one. Can’t they space them out so it’s one at a time. Everything has to be so difficult for the average collector unlike the chosen few that have zero problems getting them. If the program has to continue why not cut their limit to 3% of the total minted. 10% is absolutely outrageous!


I try not to let the Wizards bother me, they are pure genius. Let’s be honest it all comes down to the roll of the die. I’m still on track for the best 2021 collection I have ever owned and its NFS


I definitely recommend the enrollment options. I’ve got the AE, all set at the max 3 limit. If that program starts to fail, there is a real problem

Carl Warren

if the unthinkable happens we’ll have 2 chances – Zero and None

Carl Warren

Especially with the product limits set at 300K for the W-mint proof, 200K for the S-mint proof, and 175K for W-mint unc


Yeah, I just dont buy the BOT traffic excuse, it’s too easy of an escape for them to just get off and move on to the next great release. We shouldn’t believe an entity of the treasury would be that inept in providing fair and equal access to the collectors over flippers, in today’s age, that may be racist. If the servers are that bad, then put off every future sale until it’s fixed. Allow enrollments for every release, if it’s a limited release, than it should be prepay for registered customers and first come first serve. We know that… Read more »


May I ask what do all of you complainers want? I think you want it your way and if you do go to Burger King cause if you do that is the only place your going to get it.


I’ve played this game before


Well the mint is following the DeBeers diamond model of controlling the supply, to artificially inflate the value of an item.


Lonnie would say but I havent been to McDonald’s, so what’s your point. =)


Yup lol and if he isnt happy I’d ask why are you complaining so much Lonnie?


Very true, I was going to say it must be Mike “joker of coins”, the go getter from the HSN, with a Lonnie mask on 🙂


Kaiser, Please refer to Mike’s proper name as: Mike “Not Enough Coins” Mezack. It’s much more apt and realistic. Must be all the grandpas and grandmas watching his same old stik on the weekends that keep him in business. What a bag of hot air he is.


Hey finally a story about the for lack of better words.. the major traffic jams at the mint when launching a highly desirable coin…it’s the BOT’s.. so someone who is a computer type expert can probably set up numerous programs to put in order for the coins.. and there is not a human doing the transaction.. 65 years old.. out of my pay range..


I looked into it Matt, and crunched the numbers for the Morgan re-release. I came to the conclusion that if you are only buying for yourself, and not looking to flip coins for profit, then paying for the licensing of a bot, servers, VPN servers, the fact that there needs to be a level of testing involved (there are no off-the-shelf bots for, and the fact a you might not be successful … or busted … it really doesn’t add up. unfortunately if you aren’t successful, my advice if you just want a coin for yourself (as much as… Read more »


Looking forward to receiving the new type 2 silver proof eagles. Undecided on the gold coins for now.


Awesome! Just in in a holding pattern and hopeful they come through. 35 years of a run of the most popular coin coming to an end. Birth of a new one.


Don’t like these new prices but damn I sure like this design.


I don’t like the missing reed or notch in rim. Like a gear with a broken cog.


It would be nice to get one or more without the “notch”. That would make for an interesting error coin.


Ebay just ended the listing for the CC coin I had listed because of concerns from the “brand owners”. Said concerns of conterfit or unauthenticated items.


If they mean the us mint as “brand owners” then who could you trust?


Gotcha! Thanks.


Nah, it was more so the fact that enough cry babies complained and the mint had to change the way it is releasing the coins. The complaint to Ebay is probably an attempt to save face since they should not have sold them with so much time between the delivery date (so I do agree with you a bit there). I have always done a pre-sale on coins from the mint, so a bit extreme to remove an item I am selling when it was documented and listed correctly. If some one is ignorant enough to buy fake coins from… Read more »


Next up is the W proof ASE. Limited to 3 but going to give it a shot.


The availability of these morgan and peace dollar commemorative coins is a joke. I am a long time subscriber to the mint and as have many of you spent thousands of dollars purchasing mint products. The fact that I cant get even one of each is very disappointing. I have to wait to buy them third hand from a distributor that has bought bulk from the mint.