U.S. Mint Postpones Pre-order Dates for 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

Mint images 2021-D Morgan Silver Dollar
U.S. Mint images of a 2021-D Morgan Silver Dollar. The dollar is one of four with its pre-order release date postponed.

Pre-order launch dates of June 1 and June 7 for the four remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars have been postponed, the United States Mint said in a statement released late Thursday, May 27.

Revised pre-order dates will be announced "as soon as possible," the U.S. Mint noted, adding that the delay will give them time to make improvements to their online ordering system. The system choked for many Mint customers when pre-sales kicked off May 24 for the first two 2021 Morgan dollars.

The Mint’s entire statement follows:

Note to Editors – United States Mint Postpones Pre-order Windows For Remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

The United States Mint is committed to providing the best possible online experience to its customers. The global silver shortage has driven demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products to record heights. This level of demand is felt most acutely by the Mint during the initial product release of numismatic items.

Most recently in the pre-order window for 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars with Carson City privy mark (21XC) and New Orleans privy mark (21XD), the extraordinary volume of web traffic caused significant numbers of Mint customers to experience website anomalies that resulted in their inability to complete transactions.

In the interest of properly rectifying the situation, the Mint is postponing the pre-order windows for the remaining 2021 Morgan and Peace silver dollars that were originally scheduled for June 1 (Morgan Dollars struck at Denver (21XG) and San Francisco (21XF)) and June 7 (Morgan Dollar struck at Philadelphia (21XE) and the Peace Dollar (21XH)).

While inconvenient to many, this deliberate delay will give the Mint the time necessary to obtain web traffic management tools to enhance the user experience. As the demand for silver remains greater than the supply, the reality is such that not everyone will be able to purchase a coin. However, we are confident that during the postponement, we will be able to greatly improve on our ability to deliver the utmost positive U.S. Mint experience that our customers deserve. We will announce revised pre-order launch dates as soon as possible.

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They could have/ should have done improvements years ago. The delay will likely only increase traffic on the site. Prediction: there will still be problems and frustration.


They should void out all the sales from the 24th to allow everyone a fair and equal opportunity to get one. And now’s the time to reduce household limits to one for the first 24. Start it all over again if they really want to be fair.


And when the proof ASE comes out on july 1 the same thing will happen. 30,000 for the dealers and 10,800 orders for the rest @ 25 per house. Won’t last long!

sam tweedy

Watch out for “Bad Gateway” “Bad Gateway” Sorry all got away!!!

Mark D.

It could be the of the world with cicada laying just below the surface, ready to rise and usurp our primacy. All hail our cicada overlords! Hey, they’re better than Caligula.

Chas. Barber

Kaiser ever read the book “Phase Four” check it out, our underlords!!

Well, ASE TyI had ZERO HH limit so 25 is mo bettah, I’d say 3 for 24 hours then open the mEzak Kraken Kage…… As Lt. Phillip Gerrard says “I just don’t care anymore…” ASE Ty2 Proof, sellout before they go on sale is possible… AMPEX has them for $200 pre=pre sale…..yuck

Scott Utley

Yes! The mint has turned me off to collecting. Some shenanigans are afoot.

Mike Hunt

Steve — If only it hadn’t been for the fact that I was lucky enough to get one and that my daughter told me she had ordered the other one (for my BDay tomorrow), I would agree with you. (Sorry if that proves I am a 2-faced collector.) But I like your style. I think the household limits of “one per” type, for the first day of order, would be great. But what I would also ask is that the “Mint’s Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP)” be limited to the same number! From my point of view they are only… Read more »



James E Mayes

Yes they need to limit sales to 1 per household. Mint has always catered to the larger orders, so the secondary market can reap their profits.


Everyone had an equal opportunity


Does that mean you had success. If you did that’s great but what I’m saying if you take away the 10% reserved for the chosen few and have a limit of one coin per for the first 24 then everyone that wants one will probably get one. It’s not rocket science. It’s about fairness plain and simple.


 It’s about fairness plain and simple.”

If it was really about fairness they would make all silver and gold coins to order instead. But I suspect it wouldn’t be as popular , they would not sell as many or get stuck with extra




You’re right I guess.  I guess we all didn’t have an equal opportunity … but the coins were all released to the public at the exact same time. The starter’s gun went off, so to speak. I was on the other side of the globe, hitting refresh at 2am, in a country whose Internet is laughably slow … yet I was successful.  It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t just luck, and I don’t want to sound like I am gloating when you have every right to be annoyed.  Heck, I’ve just spent $250+ for a 2021-W ASE, and $1,200+ for a… Read more »

Chas. Barber

I’ve been shut out, skrewed over & bamboozeled by the mint’s WEBSITE for YEARS & YEARS…..I have gotten some of the hardest releases over the years, the past 2+ years are worse than ever I tell ya, EVER…..I had a V75 AU @ under 1 min. could never get it from cart to buy, nor an AG V75….my friend in Maui is the only one of about 30 I told about the enhanced Rev. ASE that got one, and he got Cert #101!! what nerve….


I only had one computer and one person, myself trying. It will be different next time, I’ll have a bunch of people trying. Why not everyone else does.

Richard Hutchison

This is absolute the way it should be done!

Richard Hutchison

Sorry, this comment should read “This absolutely the way it should be done!”




You’re right. I was on the other side of the globe, hitting refresh at 2am, with a country whose Internet is laughably slow … yet I was successful.

I guess we all didn’t have an equal opportunity … but the coins were all released to the public at the exact same time.


Well I bought more than I “need”, and certainly put myself out there to create our own coinnews.net buyers club a few weeks ago, but there was zero interest.


I did not attempt to order these because my whereabouts at the time did not allow access to the site. I disagree that those who were successful should have their orders cancelled. There is really no “fair” in life. Many “limited” coins I wanted I did not get. Thus, for years, I have always believed the mint should list such coins as subscriptions (it would help level the playing field and make things somewhat “fair”). Dealers and flippers of course would likely complain that it was not “fair”. But, subscriptions seems to have worked well with the 5 oz ATB… Read more »


Chuck, I collected the entire series of ATB 5oz P quarters from the Mint. I used the enrollment program just in case I forgot about the release date of an individual coin. I love the big 5 oz coins and bought extras of several early coins, including the Hawaiian volcano design. Kind of dismayed at the level of enthusiasm over these after the initial release.I’d love to see the Mint produce a kilo coin as the Perth Mint does.


Really Steve, So do they need to go back and get all the coins from people when there was an issue with the site ( many many times) improvements need to be made for sure.part of collecting is demand for limited products, if they made enough for everyone how much fun would that be.

Amit A Patel

Everyone had the same opportunity to grab these on the 24th. Not everyone will get one unfortunately.


Lots of people had others securing coins for them, this time I’m doing the same.


I agree! I was able to secure 5 o’s after all the bs with the website and am just grateful. I missed out on the V75 coins and a few other limited issues. I just keep trying and hope for the best. If I don’t get them, there’s always something on the horizon to look forward to!


Professor Kaiser, Reading many of your posts, l’d say your optimism and your intellectual prowess have served you well. Now let’s hope it helps secure us some Morgan’s and proof ASE’s!


All very true,Kaiser, but I’m currently on a roll with “the positive” of life, I just received conformation from the Mint that my two 2021 W Proof SAE’s are shipping soon! I enrolled in all three of the upcoming SAE releases and was glad to see that they are set. Maybe this karma will enable me to secure a couple of the Morgans and Peace dollars. Only time will tell!


I’ve been shut out before but managed to get 1 of each. How fair is that to me?

Chas. Barber

I agree but make it 2 for 24hours…after that whatever, they won’t last, just hopefully a wider Distb. Why now are they “improving” the website, it’s been like slow death for hot issues since 2017!! Ryder must have got caught with the minted but unsold V75s, Rev Proof ASEs & others that SO w a # well below the total mintage made….just curious George

Chas. Barber

Can they make me return those 1968 -S proof sets for $5….more than value @ LCS

Just a guy

What! I worked really hard to get the coins that day. Why should they cancel my order? I didn’t do anything wrong so why should I pay the price ??


Nobody is going to cancel your order


well finally they realized there is a problem and are trying to do something about it took long enough. but it doesn’t really have anything to do with silver availability – they could have made a clad version of these coins with very limited quantities and the web site problem would still be there. if they really didn’t have enough silver, they could just allow people to order coins provided they send in a requisite amount of silver to melt down and make their coins with (kinda like the mints were originally set up to do in the 19th century)… Read more »


One per house would have solved most of the problems. It’s just that simple, after 24 hours have at it.


The Mint portal always crashes due to the high volume of simultaneous users attempting to log on to the site. They must upgrade their servers/software to handle 100,000 (or whatever is appropriate) simultaneous users. Perhaps Mint could look into selling limited editions as a “bundle” select; e.g., both Morgan dollars could be ordered with one request. This would reduce time users must spend on the site and reduce the time taken to navigate and individually order the coins. Less time on site would enable more users to access sie over time.


I bet they just don’t want to spend the money on the upgrades. They need rockstar server hardware upgrades but will only need that level 5-10 times a year for 30 minutes at a time.The rest of the year it will be idle.


And that’s exactly how the worlds largest cloud computer provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) started.

“What do we do with all this extra computing power we put in to handle the Christmas rush?”
”why don’t we resell the use of it through the other 11 months?”


Sent this response to the US Mint: Appreciate your notice. Someone penned a definition of insanity as: Doing the same thing, the same way, over and over and expecting different results. I am starting to believe that only the “insane” can hold upper management positions in the US Mint. Of course your web site will always be overloaded; because your product is in great demand. There is one recourse and only one recourse: Give us collectors a longer period of time to place an order. There is one way and only one way to effect this solution: Reduce the household… Read more »


100% accurate, well stated roger. And if management doesn’t get it right this time heads should roll! These are for collector’s, aren’t they?


100% agree. As is the system is ripe for exploit by scalpers. I went through the entire checkout and submitted my order four times (with myriad errors along the way) just to finally be told I was banned for “excessive usage”. I’m a software engineer and am well aware that my usage was NOT excessive by any definition or stretch of the imagination. However, I see completed ebay sales from the same “dealer” of multiple 10-coin lots at 2x or more markup, despite the household limits. That’s simple scalping; it’s unethical and terrible for the hobby. I would rather pay… Read more »


Great point


The whole thing is a scam. How on one hand the mint is using limited silver as an excuse, yet upped the silver content in the silver proof sets starting from 2019? The silver proof sets went from 90% silver 1992 to 2018 to 99.99% starting in 2019. Secondly if they had used the enrollment programs like they do with other releases maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. This should also be a good time to stop the bulk programs as well. Most slimy dealers get the bulk then send them out to be rated by NGC. Then in… Read more »


One coin of each mint mark, for the first 24 hours is a great idea! I ordered as fast as I could. After a lot of tries, I was able to get one of each in my bag. Went to check out and the site crashed again! After 20 minnetes, I finiley gave up! I can’t see paying 4 times, the cost for a coin I should have been able for $85. I will try again on the next round. If I can’t get one of each at cost, I won’t collect them. I am very disappointed in the mint… Read more »


I see lots of great points on here. You cancel culture people are so off base. For anyone that wants to trade my new O for last year v75 im the guy. I missed out out on the v75 last year. No one was calling for those orders to be canceled. I want my v75 as bad as u wanted a CC or O.


Im up for trading 1 O or 1 CC for a 1 V75 also. I also missed out then


I welcomed the email last night. I was fretting what miracle I would have to pull off to get just one coin of each. Likewise, I agree with 1 per household, it made me sick looking at all the eBay auctions for lots of 10 coins. Especially those with single digit feedback or those sellers whom other auctions have nothing to do with Numismatics.


Keep in mind..EVEN with their servers updated. There IS going to be a massive website crush when the coins are released. Even if everyone was limited to 1. It will mean more folks will get at least 1 coin…but the website will still have heavy traffic during those opening minutes….still doesnt guarantee everyone will get even 1 coin. I was lucky i was able to get 1 of each….it was a frustrating process for sure….DEMAND on these is going to push the limits of the website regardless….They are MORGANS! I vote keep the mintage as is…. its a good number


We can be sure this decision came from the mint director himself, due to pressure from above.

In addition to the numerous complaints posted on this website, evidently enough coin collectors complained to their congressional representatives – who then told the mint director to fix the mint’s website.

If you endure another fiasco when ordering coins, don’t stop with sharing your experience here, but go ahead and also contact your Congressman/woman.


Don’t get your hopes up, after the problems last year with the limited mintage coins and the May 24 mess until they limit how many are allowed to be signed on to the website at the same time the same things will be repeated.


The mint changed the amount of enrollment eagles to a max of 25 per household. They havent shipped the Morgans yet, supposedly, take the orders that were processed and change the limit to 1 coin each type. Eliminate those 18 Special Dealers, offer the coins on a specific day, specific time. Give the people with no success a chance but the folks that managed an order still have 1 of the coins they ordered. The household limit should be 1 for the first 24 hours.


I personally don’t think it would be right to take coins back from people that already ordered them. Want to limit it to 1 on future coins releases, im fine with that.

Howard Klein

The GSA CC dollar sales back in the late 70’s reduced all orders larger than 5 coins to 5 coins shipped and the excess payment refunded. That was when there was no internet or personal computers, just mail in orders.


Just curious, why did they do that back then?

I don’t think it would be fair if they wiped everyone’s orders out though. Even when they reduce it to 1 per household people are still going to miss out. I wouldn’t be bothered if it was 5


I find so much humor in this debacle. Typical government failure, almost as bad as the V75 coin. These products should be enrollments, and the mint should have plenty of Monies

Seth Riesling

I agree with you totally Jake! The Mint successfully did a series of Proof silver medals with Theodore Roosevelt/Wildlife theme years ago by a special subscription. You had to order the first one & then commit to ordering up to 3 each (a different animal design on the reverse) if I remember & after a month the subscription period ended & they produced the 4 different medals in the series & sent them out in order like once every month. Everyone who wanted them got them & the Mint didn’t have to melt any. They even made the most popular… Read more »

David Price

us mint is not run by the government






Mark D.

Two o’s.


If 500,000 coin buyers land on the Morgan “Add to Bag” page at exactly 12:00:00 pm…and place 1+ more Morgans in the “Shopping Cart” … all the coins will be sold well before 12:01:00 pm. I had no problem adding the coins to the shopping cart. The failure occurs when my credit card is being processed. “Web server down” … “Bad Gateway” At that point the show is over. I suspect the US Mint is performing some logic here… IF “Buyer = 25 Morgans” Go To “Process Order” ELSE “Bad Gateway.” Any logic trick can be performed here…Geo-location, Credit Card… Read more »


I experienced te same issues Joe, could not sign in and the phones were busy. The first offering was gone in 10 minutes but I did try as a “guest” and this worked for me, I got six coins from the second offering, New Orleans (O) confirmed.


The web site is truly a problem. When they so-call fix it, will we be better off with the Devil we know – or is the FIX worse than before, Remember ” the USM is the government and they are here to help you. We all need to be careful what we wish/hope for.


🙂 I got the reference


Don’t get your hopes up. Any upgrade in the ordering system will most likely include the implementation of an on-line “Waiting Room”, as is common in first day ticket sales on sited like Ticketmaster. You’ll sit in a queue and by the time you gain access to the product ordering page it will be sold out. Sure you won’t get the “Gateway” message, but probably won’t get the coins either. I do agree that the bulk ordering program for the select few dealers should be eliminated. It makes absolutely no business sense, and if the ordering system is improved then… Read more »


Yes do away with the bulk program for a handful of flippers. Let them have at it for their monster boxes that the average person can’t get. Enough is enough, let the collector’s have a chance.

Ken T

Instead of a “mintage limit”, there should be a “time limit”. All limited edition US Mint coins should last, lets say, 72 hours. The first 24 hours you have a limit of one per household. After 24 hours, you have an unlimited household limit. After 72 hours after initial release, the coin is declared “sold out”. A true supply and demand scenario.


The 2012 San Fran 2 coin anniversary silver eagle set had a 30 day ordering window. The 2013 West Point anniversary set had a 30 day ordering window. they sold around 275,000 of each one. If you put ordering windows with limits of 1 for 24 hours anybody that wants a product has the ability to get it. There is no 300% markup on ebay because it eliminates the immediate market. Those two items can stillbe purchased for around $150 each. The people and dealers that sell them havent lost money on them but these new collectors dont get shafted.… Read more »


Kaiser ,
I enjoy reading your posts . They’re well written and informative, seems like you understand the issues well.
I am actually a collector who turned into a profiteer , as I realized that’s sadly became the norm.I have no doubt that many have done the same ,from a hobby to a source of income .
Your point on mintage levels is extremely accurate.I hope someone at the mint is reading these comments.
Just wondering are you of German origin ?


I believe the mint says it sells collector grade products. It does not say it sells directly to collectors. 275,000 may seem high for a mintage but how many collectors have your set of lincoln cents and every year they search for the best P and D they can find to continue their sets. Billions every year doesnt deter them. Why? Because its fun. How much fun is it stressing on release day if your going to snag the coin to fill the hole for this years issue? Too many collectors arent having fun. And besides how would you catagorize… Read more »

Seth Riesling

So true…the tripartite numismatic hobby/industry/science is very complex. But, the U.S. Mint has been in action, or inaction, since 1792 & should have learned a thing or two to keep debacles of all kinds they have caused from happening over & over. As the saying goes, “Learn from the past, or you are doomed to repeat it.”



But how does that compare to the 2011 anniversary set you left out?


The mintas far as collector coins go is a business. Does anyone really think they can control who buys their products? As far as a business goes what is broken? They sold 345,000 coins in lets say 20 minutes. thats around $29,325,000. Do you really think they have a problem?

Seth Riesling

“No Soup for you!!” – Seinfeld – (my all-time favorite episode, “The Soup Nazi”). That actor’s voice is ringing in my ears now & reminds me of what inept U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder is shouting to all coin collectors who are customers of the Mint.



Lol I love that episode. I think of this guy when I think of Mr Ryder

Seth Riesling

Lol. That is too funny!, & sadly so true Jake.


Ken O’Donnell

This is just damage control. They were Greedy and tried to screw the American public.
“We ThePeople“won’t stand for this . Time to take our country back from the Democratic Party. Who are nothing more than socialists

Harry Kahl

First of all, stop the ABPP, the Mint will still sell every coin to individual buyers, Second, lower the limit. Third, set up loyalty program so that members have first shot. May be set up a seniority program, ex: 10 yr. members before 9 yr, members.


I’m in the upper echelons of the 1% … so this really isn’t anything anyone here needs to worry about, but International customers aren’t able to join the enrolments program, so I will also miss on on the v2 ASE.
So that means I am willing to trade Morgans.

Last edited 2 years ago by Daniel
Seth Riesling


It’s the 1% of Niue! Lol.



I agree with all of you on this one, however, I will give the mint a thumbs up for at least trying this time!

Stanley Rekant

I experienced the inability to purchase one CC privy silver dollar.The best approach is a lottery with proof of vaccination required.The presale must be voided.Otherwise the US Mint is complicit in a sham sale.


It’s the gosh darn lizard people in charge.


Don’t get your hopes up about a fix. This isn’t the first “apology” letter from the mint regarding this issue.

Fred G

I am soliciting commenters’ responses to my Mint experience.

On May 24th, I placed an order for 5 each of the Morgans. I got an email acknowledgement at 12:15, then an order confirmation at 4:42.

On May 26th, this order was cancelled “because the item(s) are no longer in our inventory and are not available for backorder.”

I am curious:

1.  if any commenters’ orders were similarly cancelled, or 
2. if any commenters have an order number SUBSEQUENT to 096332XX (not actual order #) whose order has NOT been cancelled.



Hmmm. I haven’t had an email, but the “pending” charge on my credit card has just disappeared 🙁

Last edited 2 years ago by Daniel
Carl Warren

That happened a couple of times to me (there, gone. there again, gone again) with the ASE type 1 enrollment. Mint order page showed pending. Eventually, 2 or 3 weeks later I got the product shipped email and the cc was charged


Don’t just complain here to the shabby way the Mint treats collectors and the incompetent ways it conducts its business. Also post your comments on the Mint’s
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedStatesMint/ Whatever you think of Facebook, it seems someone at the Mint actually reads them. Whether they decide to respond . . . .


Coin news has better management than FB. The mint is aware, as we are also. Forward Ahead and Moving on to the next one.


I SWEAR the mint site is still so frustrating. !!!..Has anyone been successful subscribing to the new ASE/new reverse 2021W Proof Dollar.??? It says its available for subscription….but no buttons that say subscribe!!!!

Harry Kahl

Maybe we need a national and world boycott on the big coin dealers. Let them set on all those 2021 dollars and just wait for them to drop the price to below what they paid.


Does anyone know of your orders says back order for the Morgan they plan on cancelling it?

Carl Warren

I considered getting the Morgan and Peace dollars, but then I had a “Hello… McFly” moment figuring that trying to order them was going to be an exercise in futility. So I’m passing on them for now.


Just got this from the mint: In a message released Friday, May 28, we made reference to a global shortage of silver. In more precise terms, the silver shortage being experienced by the United States Mint pertains only to the supply of silver blanks among suppliers to the U.S. Mint. Please see the updated message below reflecting this clarification. The United States Mint is committed to providing the best possible online experience to its customers. The Mint is being impacted by silver blank shortages among its suppliers. The demand for many of our bullion and numismatic products is at record… Read more »


Hope they straighten this out but will not get my hopes up.

Jim Longacre

Allow only one of each to be ordered in the first 24 hours, problem solved.

Mark D.

More humor from the Mint:

Here’s how to get the most from our list of upcoming product releases:

• Step 1: Browse the list for your favorite products or a certain keepsake that catches your eye.

• Step 2: Click its “Remind Me” button to be notified when the product goes on sale.

• Step 3: Order your treasure as soon as it’s available. That’s it—go ahead and start shopping!

Chas. Barber

Does Rodney Dangerfield Jr. write this mint PR poppycock?> stuff, more like a yuck yuck joke, then a real memo….. This has been going on for YEARS and YEARS, what changed did Biden threaten Ringo Ryder? Or like


This has been a problem for years and it always will be. There are past articles talking about the same thing and that the mint was going to do something about it but it’s the same years later.


The mint is out for the mint and the thousands of dealers across the country. Who came up with this ridiculous idea of letting the AP’s in to scoop up 10% of the total mintage. It was hard enough securing a coin before this absurd idea. How many years have they been getting away with paying 2 or so bucks over spot to get their monster boxes and then charge collectors stupid money. Should get a petition going and gather thousands of names to get these vultures stopped once and for all. And then of course reduce the HHL to… Read more »


Remember money talks and bull shit walks


This from the Mint: During the initial pre-order window for the Morgan & Peace Dollars, the Mint experienced an extraordinarily high volume of BOT traffic. These BOTs were programmed to conduct technology-driven transactions which caused significant interference with many transactions by Mint customers.  To address the issue, the Mint paused the pre-order windows for the remaining Morgan and Peace products until the BOT issues could be resolved. The Mint has now identified a solution that we expect will mitigate most of the issues caused by BOT traffic. Although we are working diligently to put that solution in place, the launch… Read more »


Notice no discussion on limiting dealer early access. This is just a 1/2 ass fix.


That’s where they should have started.


The extraordinarily high volume of BOT traffic issue should have been fixed years ago alone with the early dealer orders. Same BS day after day after day and still the same outcome time and time again.


Always an issue for sure. Wish the bulk boys were invited a month later if any were left.


Most here probably got this. Can only hope they do what’s necessary to make it an even playing field for us who are not “connected”.

Joe T

I was fortunate to get to order the 2021 Morgan ‘O’ silver Dollar with much difficulty but failed when trying to buy the 2021 Morgan ‘CC’ version. I wonder if anyone is interested in trading a Carson City for an New Orleans 2021 Silver Dollar.

Grant Hanson

I parked on the website at 11:30, went to the D coin and refreshed until 12:00. Immediately put it in my cart and checked out, worried that if I tried to add the S, I would lose the D in the process. Sure enough, I went back for the S within 1-2 minutes, put it in my cart and hit checkout and place order. I got web page errors. Tried to refresh multiple times.. Then, the website flagged me as a bot and wouldn’t let me buy it. Now it’s sitting in my shopping cart, but it’s an “invalid” product… Read more »


People , people , people , don’t you know by know it’s all a big scam . When you have the power to make a coin that could fetch thousands of dollars in the near future , why not . There is nothing “fair ” when it comes to money . 99% of the time people will screw their own family over money . It’s no longer about collecting coins . It’s all about how much I can get from you . That’s why they keep pulling this ” one per household ” crap . They have that shit already… Read more »


Awaiting for approval to join a discussion? Lol
I never had to wait for approval to discuss a subject before