2015 JFK Coin & Chronicles Set Sales Top 40,000 in Hour

2015 JFK Coin and Chronicles Set
2015 JFK Coin & Chronicles Set

Not a lot of the 2015 John F. Kennedy Coin & Chronicles Sets are left, based on early figures from the United States Mint.

Sales of the third 2015-dated Coin & Chronicles Set kicked off today at noon Eastern Time. Limited to 50,000 sets, half of them were claimed in the first 10 minutes and less than 10,000 remained after the first hour.

"The Mint sold 25,000 sets via its website in the first 10 minutes of sales," Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said in an e-mail. "Of those orders, approximately 78% were via desktop computers, 16% via the Mint’s new mobile app and 6% via social media … After the first hour, sales totaled over 40,000 units."

Jurkowsky said that the Mint will start shipping the first 25,000 sets immediately and expects all customer orders will be fulfilled by early October.

Ordering them went smoother than when the 2015 Coin and Currency set launched about three week ago, though some CoinNews readers reported webpage errors and slowness in the very early going.

Priced at $57.95, sets include a 2015-P Reverse Proof John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin, a one-ounce .999 fine Kennedy silver medal, and a 1964 5-cent Kennedy U.S. postage stamp.

Sets remain available on the Mint’s online store at this writing but they now have an in-stock date of Oct. 15. There is a restriction of 2 sets per household.

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I ran into trouble in the first couple of minutes, I had to re-enter my credit card security code four times because of persistent error messages. My order was complete, however, by 12:04PM [EST]. I just received an email telling me that my two sets have shipped!


Phoned in my order at 12:10 first try got thourgh.


12: pm East Coast release time 40 thou claimed by 1: pm 12:AM eastern no sell out 40 thou was the number.No real numbers for the real time flippers.Sorry for you pre release buyers.Pre release buyers $300 e buyers in the now $100. Still available from the mint $57.95 GO,FIGURE


My two sets were ordered by 12:04 on 9-16 with a confirmation email at 12:06. I then got a duplicate confirmation letter at 12:56. Still no word on shipping.


Ordered @ 10:02 PDT, 2 sets confirmed but back order, easy as pie for a change, & I got totally f*&$ed over by Ike & Harry


You can’t tell me that these sets aren’t sold out and probably oversold by a few thousand. How many additional sets above the 50K will it take to reach a “SOLD OUT” status? This is just going to tick off hundreds of small collectors who think they may have a chance to acquire one or two of these sets. Crappy marketing idea.


On ebay, recently sold prices for a single 2015 John F. Kennedy Coin and Chronicles Set have dropped from their highest of $185.00 for Buy It Now pre-sale item #291546710354 by 1abfer four weeks ago on August 23, 2015 down to $77.00 for item #201430583274 auctioned by artook1 on September 17, 2015 @ 08:36AM. Their official issue price was $57.95 released on September 16, 2015.


Its like the us mint picks on Kennedy collectibles to the point of making these worth less than the others. So sad that the mint keeps on ruining such an icon figure by their greedy descions…maybe the conspiracy continues ..who knows


The mintage has made the HSN crowd apparently bow out, returns, refusals, etc., should have been 50k all the time. But, the prices on Harry & Ike are falling a bit, more for Ike….wait a year or 2 they will drop like lead panties……