Kennedy Collection Scores 12-Hour Sales of 85,670

2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection
Kennedy Collection of four 90% silver coins

Sales of the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collections jumped out of the gate. Now, they’re not moving at lightning speed like the curved Baseball silver coins did in March, but they’re selling fast.

Released on Tuesday at noon, collectors gobbled up the set of four silver coins with 85,670 ordered by midnight. That’s 28.6% of the available 300,000 claimed within the first 12 hours.

Early Sales Statistics

Here are some of the statistics captured by the Mint throughout the first day of Kennedy collection sales:

  • As of 12:10 p.m., the site processed at 14 orders per second. By day’s end the number peaked to 24.9 orders per second.
  • By 12:30 p.m., the system processed approximately $3.6 million in sales and 36 thousand units sold.
  • Between 12:00 p.m. – 1:00p.m., the online catalog handled more than 272,000 page views.

Ordering System Works

More importantly for the Mint, they scored a win with the new website and its ability to handle traffic during peak hours of a highly anticipated release. U.S. Mint customers from around the web voiced their positive experience, describing speedy and effortless transactions — a 180-degree turnaround from the past pains of website crashes and online waiting rooms.

"Transaction went very smooth," CoinNews reader S. Buckles commented. "The whole ordering process took less than two minutes! Very impressed with the Mint’s new website. Keep it up!!!"

"Yes, for all the grief I’ve given the Mint (deservedly, imho) I will have to give them kudos for this smooth ordering process on this highly anticipated item," CoinNews reader Kevin said in part.

Everyone involved in designing and getting the new ordering system out the door has to be happy, and the Mint appreciates the roundly good reviews.

"We’re obviously delighted over the overwhelmingly positive reaction by our customers to our new order management system," said Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications.

"Many people don’t realize that the Mint is one of the top 100 online retailers in the country, and the order management system we’ve designed and put in place is one that reflects that status," Jurkowsky added.

Kennedy Collections Already Shipping

Just as delightful for customers, Kennedy collections are already shipping. As of 8:30 p.m. last night, the Mint said that approximately 14,000 orders had been shipped from its distribution center.

"I also must give the Mint an ‘A’ for the new ordering system!," said CoinNews reader RonnieBGood. "I was allowed to log in at 11:58 am and place my order at 12:02 pm! My order of 5 is listed as shipped within 7 hours of my order being placed!"

Last week the U.S. Mint said that 180,000 collections were prepared for immediate shipping. It appears customers who ordered early will have their sets within days.

2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collections may be ordered online from the Mint here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). They cost $99.95.

This coin news article was updated to include new U.S. Mint sales statistics.

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I am a first time buyer on the us mint system. I have heard horror stories about the past ordering system. I had no problem with the new system and my order was handled promptly and w/o any problems. Looks like this system was done right.


What a delight to be able to smoothly glide thru the ordering and confirmation; a significant change from previous highly anticipated releases. Shipping confirmed within hours as well! Hope this continues! I’ve noticed eBay has a few sellers offering orders for pre sale for $150.

Tom H

really??? I was unable to order off the mint website. I was there and signed in 12 minutes before noon. As soon as the sale became live I put sets in my cart and went to checkout. At 1:30, I was still unable to checkout. My icon just kept spinning and spinning. So, anticipating a quick sellout, I started dialing the phone. Busy, busy, busy. Twice I made it passed the busy signal to where it says press 1 to order the Kennedy Silver set and was promptly disconnected. Finally, after 126 phone calls, all the while still trying to… Read more »


I experienced the spinning as well, but I promptly hit the stop then refresh key and it was smooth sailing from there on; this happens occasionally with the browser.

Tom H

Bill, I hit refresh 4 or 5 times and kept getting the same result. Anyway, had I known they would not even sell a third of the sets on the first day, I probably would not have been so persistent. I meant to say in my last post that I ordered 5 sets, but the 5 key on my computer is broken and I don’t always remember to go over to the number pad. I am just happy I got my order in as I believe this set to be one of three big scores this year. The other two… Read more »


Hi Tom! Sorry you had so much trouble, but tickled you completed you order!


Ordered on the 28th Shipped on the 28th. No Problems.


Individual buyers getting their coins on the same playing field as the bulk giant shopping networks and ebay flipping dealers, unheard of!

Wonder though, as much as I like the mint selling coins they already have in stock, if they won’t regret doing so. Could easily have left over unsold inventory that ultimately will have to be melted down or take up storage space for months.

Still, gotta commend a government agency that seems to be on a path to seeking a better balance than in the past.

Tom H

You guys have probably noticed I am new here. Can someone shed a little light for me on to value a 10oz. poured Engelhard loaf bar. Serial number begins with P01. Thanks.


Tom, I know they’re collectible. I’ve seen the for sale from GoldMart & eBay.

Tom H

Bill, thank you for the reply. I have seen lots of them on ebay. Where my confusion comes in is when they range from $259 to $597 and everywhere in between, all for bars that begin with P01. I can’t figure out what makes some so much more valuable than others. Let me know if I am being a PITA. Just looking for like minded people to shoot some ideas around with. I started as a silver stacker in 2008 and along the way I became a coin collector. I have visited this site several times following links from various… Read more »


Just a small addition to what I’ve said above. Sellers don’t have to overprice on eBay; they can put there item out there with no reserve and no minimum and still have their item bid up more than twice the value, I assume for the reasons I’ve explained above. I’m into coins; you get the bullion and numismatic investment. Hope I’m not being a PITA!


Tom, not dumb questions, just being wise on your part! Wish I could help ya some; I’ve just seen them. I wouldn’t think values would be more for particular serial numbers on an Engelhard loaf, I do know what sellers ask and what they actually get is usually different. I’ve seen the identical grade of Morgan Silver Dollar sell for a large range of amounts, usually because of buyer being in too much of a hurry in getting that particular coin or lack of knowledge of the coin’s value; many sellers hope they’ll get those buyers for their overpriced coins!


Any more updates on sales?


I was wondering the same thing, are there numbers out for the day 2 sales? Does anyone know where these numbers are posted on the old inter-web?


Mike and fellow Collectors,
I Received my 5 set coin order TODAY, 10/30/14 at approx. 12:30 pm EST!!!
Now I Have to Give the Mint an A++. This is the fastest and smoothest transaction I have ever had over the last 8 years of ordering On-Line from the US Mint! Excellent Job. Thank you!


I started collecting with my Grandpa and he told me somethimg i have told my kids and grand kids and its not new but it was to me at the time The only stupid question is the one not asked, how do you expect to learn so Bill theres no such thing as a PITA AND RONNIEBGood Congratulations! What do ya think of them?Do you live across the street from the Mint LOL!…Good for you…

Ron S

Received my 4 coin kennedy sets only 50 hours after I placed my order! Extremely impressed! Excellent set of kennedy coins!


Got a call today from Texas about the ordering problems US mint. Looks like they got the glitch fixed then asked me to wait 4 hours for the system to update..all is well now. Great service from Mike in Texas.


No update on sales? I have a gentleman’s bet w/JP that the 180K will be sold out by the w/e. LOL Wishful thinking!


I placed two orders within five minutes of each other (2+3 sets). One shipped but not the other.

JOE #2

I’m hearing some of the kennedy’s have milk spots. A friend of mine told me. Unreal. Glad i passed.


Ordered five sets the first day and the arrived today 10/31/14 @ 1230 PM.
I would say its a lot smoother than the 2006, 2011, 2012, and 2013 sets.
The Mint finally has got the system that works and works excellent.


WOW. The Mints website is working very well. Kudos !
Ordered 10/28 @ 11:06 am CDT
Rec’d 4 Coin set 10/31@ 10:10 am CDT

Love the quality, especially the enhanced uncirculated & reverse proof !!

After articles on this site, I must have early releases & PF70/MS70, since they are part if the 36,000 units

Thank You ALL at US Mint !


Ordered 10/28/2014 received 10/30/2014 go us mint.


The thing I don’t understand is; why does the US Mint use UPS to ship this particular product? My closest UPS center is 12 miles from my house and they insist on delivering between 12-4PM during the week when I work for a living. There’s always a US Post Office within 2 or 3 miles from your residence in which they would hold it for you. Doesn’t USPS need the revenue?


Ultra fast!!!
ordered @12 02 on opening day and got delivered on Saturday

Tom H

I received my Mint sets today. They look nice except for the fact that the enhanced uncirculated in one of my sets has a big scratch on the front of it.

ny collector

Easy to order, got the set within the week, but the uncirculated coin looks like it sat out in the highway for awhile and multiple vehicles drove over it. This is pathetic. Don’t they have ANY quality control? My previous order had problems that would had been obvious if anyone was actually looking at these.


I had to send mine back, the uncirculated looked like it had been varnished and dragged across the road for awhile. Doesn’t anyone do any quality control on these? Its not like we’re asking for anything other than new unblemished coins. I had to send back the 2013 silver set due to poor qc.

JOE #2

You wonder why the Royal Canadian Mint and The Perth Mint are the Mints to buy from.


Received my two sets yesterday and I must say I am impressed. The unc would grade at least a 67-69 as far as I can. I be happy.