Limits of JFK and LBJ 2015 Coin & Chronicles Sets Increased

2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles Set
2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles Set

Following exceptional demand and quick sellouts of the first two 2015 Coin & Chronicles Sets, the United States Mint announced today that the product limits for the next two sets have increased.

This year’s first two sets, featuring Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, each had limits of 17,000 and sold out within 15 minutes of their release.

The next set honoring John F. Kennedy and scheduled for release on Sept. 16 now has an increased limit of 50,000 from 25,000.

The last 2015-dated set featuring Lyndon B. Johnson and scheduled for release sometime in October now has a higher limit of 25,000 from 17,000.

Priced at $57.95, sets includes a reverse proof $1 coin, a one-ounce 99.9% pure silver medal and a stamp that is specific to each president.

Visit on Friday for photos of the new Dwight D. Eisenhower set.

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Jerry in Jersey

The low mintage limit is what makes these sets desirable.
The 25,000 limit for the Johnson set is ok, but the 50,000 limit for the JFK set will make it the dog of the series. The mint continues to dream up ideas to maximize profits.


It looks like the two sets at 17000 will be the key RP sets until the U. S. Mints special reverse proof presidential dollar set comes out with an additional montage of 50,000 per set for 2015. I feel it coming, don’t you?


I doubt it. Why make one set for $60ish when you can milk collectors $60 a time for each set. However, people who didn’t get the original C&C sets would definitely snatch up a Rev Proof Pres Dollar set. Who knows what the mint will do though…


The mint can issue Jimmy Carter on next year. He is dying! Cancer spread around his body. Is it good news for U.S.Mint? I’m blessed him and get well soon. God blessing America and Him!!!!


“50,000 limit for the JFK set will make it the dog of the series”

Jerry have you seen the coin – it already is the dog of the series.

Jerry in Jersey

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the presidential coins in reverse proof.
I think they all look better in regular proof. I would much rather the mint stay with the previous format (silver medal, bronze medal & regular proof coin plus stamp). I think the Teddy Roosevelt & FDR sets are beautiful. This whole reverse proof nonsense is just a way for the mint to give us less for more $$$.


RP set, there are 4 coins max for this year, no otgher RP PRez$1, the mint may make a subscription set of the whole series in RP, they sold other limited coins in the past, maybe a 4 coin RP set for New years, boy would the flippers, no the flipEEs would go nutts..


thePhelps: I agree totally that the JFK coin is the dog of the series.
Who selected that loser obverse of Kennedy looking down?
Is that pose (where you can’t see full face of the President) the only one in the series?
Does anyone else feel the same?

Jerry in Jersey

John: I agree completely. The profile portrait as on the Kennedy Half Dollar would have been a much better choice and also saved the mint money on a new die design.


John – I read elsewhere that the coin is based on some presidential painting of Kennedy… to which I say – so what the painting must have been ugly as well. One of the most recognizable presidents to many generations and they hand him the worst possible pose on the coins… not a single other coin has such a terrible portrait of a president. (and the are some other bad ones)

Marty Katz

The Kennedy set may be the dog of the series because of a high mintage. However, the higher total maximum will allow everyone who wants a set to buy it at the issue price and not have to pay a premium on ebay.

Christopher Williams

Again, Mike, thank you for another informative post.

It is appreciated.


The Mint seems to think they can easily draw attention away from their problems by highlighting a “pro-active” initiative (they probably think that) … increasing the mintages of upcoming C&C … hey Mint even a half brained idiot would have done that, show us something substantive.

What about details on what really happened with the Ike and who from the Mint and contracted firm are responsible for it?


And this Mint Director nominee is hobnobbing with the bulk buyers at the ANA show. Has any small fry collector been after to talk to him about this Ike fiasco or is he too important to attend to such trivial matters

Michael would you or anyone in your position be able to speak to (or have spoken to) the Mint Director nominee about this Ike stuff and get a reaction? Many thanks

Joe R. Alvarado

I don’t like the Kennedy pose either. What are they trying to show. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis. That is a bad pose for any President. And I really don’t like the higher mintage on Kennedy or any of the other Coin & Chronicles. Some people have been begging for “A REAL COLLECTIBLE LOW MINTAGE COIN” that would be worth something in which we at least have a chance to buy before it hit the secondary market. Yea some dealers might be trying to corner the market by paying people to order for them and what ever else like… Read more »


You mean I actually get a coin? I just wanted the stamp.


As I mentioned elsewhere the flipper are whining that mintages have increased. The Mint can’t win with the crowd.

Agree though the image used on the Kennedy dollar is most disappointing like the FDR Dollar & the Eleanor medal.


Wouldn’t that be something if the mint changed Kennedy looking down coin to a more presidential look? Call it Type 2! Then 50,000 limit would sell out even faster!


Say what you might about the mintages on these releases. It’s STILL a better decision than whoever decided to mint over 3M 1982 proof sets that are now fetching $5 less than issue price 33 years ago!!!! The mint is finally getting smart. These issues will appreciate.


Its going to ruin the set…..why cave to pressure…pissed off in Pa


Personally, I’m done with these sets. High mintages don’t appeal to me unless the coin is something substantial. With all the problems associated with their website, it is apparent that the high mintages are to relieve some of the initial traffic as people will not be as motivated to log in immediately at noon. How about the mint invests in upgrading their website to handle traffic like that….?


WTF. US MINT re-issue 2015 president and spouse set .Like someone said these set are unlimited.


For those bashing the portrait of Kennedy, to each his own. But you should know it is based on the Official White house portrait of Kennedy, by Aaron Shickler. It was done posthumously at the request of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who wanted her dead husband to be portrayed in a “Contemplative” pose. I am not crazy about the pose either, but you can’t argue with Jackie. I’m sure it would have been different had he lived. I believe most of the Official portraits were done after the president leaves the White House.


Chris… as I posted earlier… sure it is based on a portrait of Kennedy… ok – so they made a bad portrait. That really doesn’t make it a good subject for a coin. It is perhaps the worst subject and display on this series of coins (which has some very bad ones). Marilyn might have chosen a different perspective had she lived to see him pass… the mint should have as well.

The fact is many of the coins weren’t done using official portraits – and Kennedy has many many better images to chose from that a “comtemplative pose”.


Who cares? Now that the first two sets are financially unavailable to the common collector, and those of us that fall into that category can’t complete our presidential sets – who will buy this hyped-up garbage? I’m selling my presidential dollars to the bank and giving away my proof sets! Thank you
u.s. mint for being so awful, or perhaps just plain stupid.


Yeah, close to giving up on completing a Prez C&C set collection thanks to the US Mint


I think the US mint should issue enough of each coin to meet “true” collector demand. It was obvious going into the Truman debut that 17,000 was not enough for a reverse proof, considering the 2014 NA enhanced unc sold out at 50,000. But, based on the fact that the sales of annual sets and other steady collectibles have been falling lately, the US mint will probably continue to try gimics to make up for it. I guess one positive of all this is that it gives coin crazy people something to blog about!

Jerry in Jersey

I agree with you, David. The mint should have a system for registering each collector (name, address, email, tel. no., and home computer identity). Then, only those customers should be able to make online purchases. None of those dealer robocallers trying to make a fast buck at the expense of the little guy. They should, also, do a much better job of anticipating future product demand (why don’t read these blogs?). Then, they should only produce quantities of each product slightly greater than the expected demand. A limit of 2 products per real collector would then give real value to… Read more »

drew scott

Coin collectors are the biggest bunch of whiners that I have ever come across. USMINT: ‘Let’s mint more coins!’ COLLECTOR: ‘There goes the mint, maximizing profits!’ USMINT: ‘Let’s mint fewer coins!’ COLLECTOR: ‘There goes the mint SCREWING the small collector!’ It’s hopeless!


Some people just don’t get it. Collectors are not collecting to make profits; they want to assemble a collection of coins. If they were buying coins (not collecting) to make a profit, then they would be Dealers or Flippers, and not collectors. Seems like everybody thinks that the bottom line is the only thing that matters in life.

Proof Ratel

It was a stupid attempt for the Mint to make $$$.
If they wanted to make a set of RP presidents, then they should
have started in 2007 with GW.


People should be happy with low mintages: it means VALUE. The answer to making a valuable product people actually want to collect is not to destroy the value of the future editions in the series…who is in charge at the Mont of making these decisions? What has happened every single time the Mint has I creased mintage in a series? Answer: the series tanked and failed (for proof, check what happened to the Platinum Eagle series a few years ago, and how the First Spouse line imploded by just the 4th coin (reducing hh limit to 1 and killing the… Read more »

Joe R. Alvarado

Boz, why the smart remark? Did I write something dumb or do you just not like what I posted or how I posted my comment? drew scott, I really don’t see any reason to call coin collectors “the biggest bunch of whiners.” We post to express what we think or feel of the hobby, U.S. Mint’s products, actions by the Mint or what ever the article is about. Good or bad, satisfied or not, pleased or upset about the subject posted. Not for name calling. If you don’t like what you are reading well then go visit some other web… Read more »

Jerry in Jersey

The mint should have the same system that is in wide use already of requiring the user to type in a script that is in a box. This would eliminate the mass robocalling by dealers trying to buy huge quantities for a quick profit. I believe this massive robocalling probably is what repeatedly knocked individual collectors off the mint’s website as they attempted to place their orders. Let’s return coin collecting to the fun hobby it used to be rather than the make a quick buck scheme it seems to have morphed into.


They the U.S. Mint have more resources than Apple Microsoft or that matter any major corporation.For them to do a marketing analysis with the recorded sales of past offerings to determine expected product demand but rather than the scientific method looks to me they use a knee jerk method.If one group complains they go there way and if the other group complains they redirect.This product would do well in the 25- 30 thou area but instead of making moderate adjustments they go totally overboard..They need to say ok we will produce at one level say 30 thou and stay the… Read more »


another method to get same profit and make collector happy is: Only accept Mail order , , only 1 per Valid ID # and make in order,like Australia mint did couple years ago


Of course they have increased mintages. Again proving that it’s more about the money they bring in than about the value of a set to the collector.

There has to be some consideration for the secondary market. It is what gives a hobby value and peaks interested buyers. Disagree? Go ask beanie baby and beer can collectors.


The constant increase of sets from the US Mint shows the total incompetence of the Mint Director. She is systematically destroying the collecting hobby by flooding the market with junk. Low mintages make the sets more valuable and spur new collectors. Replace the incompetent idiot with someone that understands this.


What about the people that collect coins because they enjoy collecting and don’t care about making a profit. I’m so sick and tired of hearing form all these people that think they are going to get rich quick because they flip coins, it makes me sick. IT’S A HOBBY! If a profit is made in the future – fine, so be it. But anybody that is frantically buying coins only for quick profit is not in touch with what the hobby is all about. With that said, the mint is a business and it is also a federally operated public… Read more »

Jerry in Jersey

Paul: Could not be said any better. My sentiments, exactly!

James Penne

Paul couldn’t have said it better coin collecting is a “Hobby”! A coin is a coin, you either want to add it to your collection or not, who cares what it looks like or how many were minted. I’m one of those individuals who didn’t get Eisenhower c&c, but that doesn’t mean I’m throwing away my Eisenhower collection, and I will continue to collect remaining Presidential dollars as well.
I love what Paul said, ” let’s leave the world of make believe and start collecting coins for fun, historical interest, and artistic beauty”.
Thank you Paul .