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US Mint SiteThe United States Mint is the most active mint in the world, producing billions of circulating coins, tens of millions of bullion coins, and millions of numismatic or collector coins every single year.

CoinNews.net publishes at least one weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures, as provided by the US Mint directly. These coin sales figures are indispensable to both coin collectors and investors for determining current demand, coin mintages, and more.

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2016 Standing Liberty Gold Coin Sales JumpMore than three-quarters of the 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coins are gone, the latest U.S. Mint sales figures show.

Orders for the week ended Sept. 25 jumped 20,462 to 75,338 coins for a 37.3% increase over the previous week […]


US Mint Sales: Silver Eagle and Standing Liberty SpotlightedTwo United States Mint products have been in the forefront of coin collectors’ thoughts, the 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle and the 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin.

But having already talked about their sales aplenty, like in articles about […]


2016-W 30th Anniversary Proof Silver Eagle PhotosThis year’s proof Silver Eagle with its anniversary edge lettering is drawing stronger sales. Orders for the 2016-W American Eagle Silver Proof Coin reached 322,317 pieces in three days, according to the latest United States Mint figures.

That stands taller than reported starts from other recent years, as underscored in […]


US Mint Sales: 2016 Standing Liberty Quarter Rises to 53,378The U.S. Mint’s newest product, the centennial gold 2016-W Standing Liberty quarter, is driving the highest number of collector sales.

Released last Thursday, the gold quarter scored first-day sales of 47,884 coins. Another 5,494 sold over the weekend to lift its total to 53,378 coins for 53.4% of the 100,000 originally allotted […]


US Mint Sales: Theodore Roosevelt Quarters DebutU.S. Mint quarters with a design emblematic of North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park launched last week and their early sales are now available.

Product options include rolls and bags of the quarters produced in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco with mint marks of ‘P’, ‘D’ and ‘S’ […]


US Mint Sales: American Liberty Silver Medals Total 24,440The first batch of official sales figures is now available for the 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals. The 1-ounce, .999 fine silver medals effectively sold out within minutes of their Aug. 23 launch.

Sales reached 24,400 of the allotted 25,000, with splits of 12,221 for the ‘W’ medal and 12,219 for the ‘S’ medal […]


US Mint Sales: Reagan $1 Cover DebutsLast Thursday, Aug. 18, the U.S. Mint released its 2016 Ronald Reagan $1 Coin Cover. The product for collectors holds two circulating-quality Reagan dollars from the first day of production at their minting facilities in Philadelphia and Denver.

This last issue in the American Presidency $1 Coin Cover Series logged four-day sales of 12,902, the quickest start since the 2015 John F. Kennedy $1 Coin Cover […]


US Mint Sales: 2016 Presidential $1 Coin Sets DebutA week ago Tuesday, Aug. 9, the U.S. Mint introduced three-coin sets of 2016 Presidential dollars. They include circulating quality $1 coins depicting former Presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, and Ronald Reagan.

The set with coins from the Philadelphia Mint opened at 3,612 and the one with coins from the Denver Mint debuted at 3,364 […]

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US Mint Sales: Reagan Dollars Pull BackSales of U.S. Mint collector products grew slower during the first week of August following gains that peaked to a 2-1/2 month high in the last week of July.

Nearly a dozen of them actually moved backwards. Circulating-quality Reagan dollars led those declines […]


US Mint Sales: 2016 Commemorative Coins BounceUnited States Mint coins scored their best round of week-over-week gains in 2-1/2 months. More than half of the Mint’s numismatic products logged stronger sales, led by commemorative coins, gold coins and annual sets.

Coins commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and Mark Twain’s life and legacy advanced by a combined […]


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