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First Space Shuttle Silver Orbital Coin Launches

The space shuttle Columbia was hailed as a great achievement when it first launched into orbit on April 12, 1981. The relatively short 54...

First Man On The Moon 2009 Silver Proof Orbital Coin Issued

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of a technological and historically significant event, The Perth Mint has released the First Man On The Moon 2009 Silver Proof 'Orbital' Coin. This coin is the fourth of five in a set of releases that are part of the Perth's Orbit and Beyond series.

First Man On The Moon 2009 Silver Proof Orbital Coin

The innovative series capitalizes on the Perth's abilities to create unique pieces. The Orbit and Beyond coins feature an outer ring design that really orbits around the colored image of Earth in the center.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy issued the following challenge to his fellow Americans:


"... I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important in the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish."


Following several years of amazing technological advancements...

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The Perth Mint Achieves Record Profit

Gold Corporation, which trades as The Perth Mint, achieved a record profit before tax of $38 million and capitalised on the favourable market ...

Royal Australian Mint’s Spring Cleaning Collector Auction

The Royal Australian Mint is holding a September Spring Cleaning Collector Auction, marking the first time it has held such an event. Set for...

Sir Bradman Coin Breaks Tradition at PM’s XI

For a number of years Cricket ACT has been using the same coin in the coin toss at the Prime Minister's XI...

Orbital Silver Coin Commemorates Leonov’s First Space Walk in 1965

Orbital Silver Coin Commemorates Leonov's First Space Walk in 1965The Perth Mint on Monday issued a commemorative one ounce silver coin celebrating the first space walk in 1965 by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. The coin is the third release in its highly innovative Orbit and Beyond series where each main design literally orbits around a representation of the Earth.

The Perth Mint describes Leonov's historic achievement: Exiting the Voskhod II capsule 500km above Earth, Leonov floated in space for more than 10 minutes before attempting to re-enter the airlock.  Alarmingly, his space suit had inflated, forcing the courageous cosmonaut to vent air before being able to squeeze back inside to rejoin compatriot Pavel Belyayev.

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Perth Mint to Resume Taking Bullion Coin Orders

The Perth Mint has announced that it will resume taking orders for a popular range of gold and silver bullion coins from 12 January...

Holiday Coins from World Mints

Finding unique and memorable holiday gifts for collectors has been made easier by world mints and their spectacular coins. Most collectors would be thrilled to unwrap and behold any number of modern coins. There is usually very little difficulty in discovering what coins interest many collectors.

2008 World Mint Holiday Themed Coins

For youngsters are those who could be inclined to collect, however, finding the right coin as a gift is often times more difficult. For them, coins struck just for the holidays may be the unique gift to consider. Here are several holiday-themed coins from some major mints:

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Australian Perth Mint Suspends Gold Orders

The Australian has reported The Perth Mint of Australia has suspended gold orders until January.   "We have never seen this before and are working...

Royal Australian Mint Shoots for the Stars with Astronomy Coins

Alongside telescopes looking up into the night sky, the Royal Australian Mint launched its newest collectible coins at a unique event on Friday, 7 November 2008.

2009 $1 and 20 Cent Proof International Year of Astronomy Coins

The Mint joined with the Canberra Astronomical Society to create a night of star-gazing in celebration of the 2009 year set theme which commemorates the International Year of Astronomy (IYA). An amazing light show of local astronomer's photography was also projected across the walls of the Mint building.

"In 2009 the world celebrates the exploration of our universe. It marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's first use of the telescope and recognises his revolutionary discoveries that began modern astronomy," said Janine Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Australian Mint.

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