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(San Antonio, Texas) — CoinNews, an online source for numismatic news, information and coin collector services, has announced the launch of a new beta site that is geared solely for mobile users. The site provides numismatic headlines with the latest snapshots of daily news, articles and industry events accessible directly from mobile phones. While the […]

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During the last several days improvements have been made to the website that’ll affect how you use the site. The main areas are within the home and article content pages. But don’t worry… you won’t have to go through a huge learning curve. In fact, the changes should make it easier and much quicker […]


Inflation touches every purchase and knowing its affects can be insightful and interesting. Especially when it’s compared over time – past to present, or anytime between. It’s that measurement that can now be seen through’s Inflation Calculator. Is this a tool specifically for coins and collecting? The obvious answer is no. It’s broader. However, […]


The vast majority of coin collectors collect for the joy and experiences the hobby brings – not for financial gain. On the flip side, collecting coins can place a burden on the wallet so most collectors are savvy in at least the basics of finance. To that end, has added a FREE and simple […]


CoinNews Site Redesign

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Readers of CoinNews have already noticed several significant changes and improvements to the site. Our goal is to make everything quicker and even easier to read while adding more content and free collector tools. Any change – even when it’s much improved – requires some adjustments and relearning. We’d like to thank you for your […]

{ 0 comments } is happy to announce the addition of a new service to its website. As requested by many readers, an eNewsletter has been added. The eNewsletter is FREE and only requires an e-mail address to subscribe. Here are a few things to expect with a subscription: Coin and numismatic news snapshots, articles and occasional […]

{ 0 comments } has added a ‘Most Popular’ tab to its front page. You’ll find the tab right next to its companion tab, ‘Latest Article’, which is also located on the home page and toward the upper left. The Most Popular section lists the most read articles written by The popular articles are not officially ordered […]

{ 1 comment } drives further forward in continuing efforts to improve its services for collectors and those interested in coins. Today, a new online coin store was added. The store is a gateway for choice coin books and magazines hand-picked by and always open for additions by recommendations from our readers. By having the store online […]


The News Extra area has been updated with over a hundred news stories. In the past, our News Extra area contained only the very latest coin news from around the world. Now you’ll find two additional navigation links. The first link, Yesterday’s Coin News, takes you to top headlines from previous days. The next […]

{ 0 comments } has added yet another area and beta tool to the site that we’re currently calling, “The Silver Coin Valuator”.  In a nutshell, the Silver Coin Valuator is a simple and fast calculator for finding the value of silver content within coins. You simply enter two things: The type of silver coin you want checked […]