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Sign up for the eNewsletter. It’s free and simply requires your e-mail address for subscription. is happy to announce the addition of a new service to its website. As requested by many readers, an eNewsletter has been added.

The eNewsletter is FREE and only requires an e-mail address to subscribe. Here are a few things to expect with a subscription:

  • Coin and numismatic news snapshots, articles and occasional news alerts
  • will not sell or share your email address. Please read our privacy policy.
  • This is a Double Opt-In eNewsletter (when you enter your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email asking to verify your sign up)

To sign up for the eNewsletter, simply visit’s eNewsletter sign up page. From there, you can also – at any time – cancel your subscription.

The sign up page also has a simple sample eNewsletter you can view and read. That way you can get an idea of what’s within a eNewsletter before registering for a subscription. (Please keep in mind we’ll continue to make the eNewsletter better with each passing week.)

As always, we’re happy to hear any other suggestions you may have for improving Let us know what you’re thinking through our Contact Page.

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