Adds Silver Coin Valuation Tool


Click here to visit the Silver Coin Valuator has added yet another area and beta tool to the site that we’re currently calling, “The Silver Coin Valuator”.  In a nutshell, the Silver Coin Valuator is a simple and fast calculator for finding the value of silver content within coins. You simply enter two things:

  1. The type of silver coin you want checked
  2. The amount of those coins you have

From there, the Silver Coin Valuator takes over. It takes the current silver spot price and immediately displays the resulting silver content value. If you like, you can even change the silver spot price to check where your coins will go with an increase or decrease in silver prices.

It doesn’t stop there! You get an extra bonus. Using the same information you entered, the Silver Coin Valuator creates a real time graph that shows the performance of your coins since January of 2000. For your records, you can print everything out, including charts of historical silver prices ranging from the last 30 days to the last 10 years (compliments of

One of the most interesting aspects of the Silver Coin Valuator is simply selecting older coins. It’s fascinating, as just one example, to check how the silver price of just a few War Nickels is worth several dollars in today’s market.

To use or even play around with the new tool, visit our Silver Coin Valuator page. Please keep in mind it’s still in beta so suggestions are welcome! And perhaps most importantly, always remember that the values shown reflect the silver content value of your coins and not their numismatic value – what coin collectors could pay for your coins.

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