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Vist the store for coin books, magazines and coin drives further forward in continuing efforts to improve its services for collectors and those interested in coins. Today, a new online coin store was added. The store is a gateway for choice coin books and magazines hand-picked by and always open for additions by recommendations from our readers.

By having the store online at, you won’t have to wade through a ton of different web sites or unrelated products to find great coin books and magazines. The store also includes simple coin folders that are good for children who collect circulating change.

The professionally designed store was added through an association with, relying on its proven experience, top-notch content and its online ordering security. visitors can browse from a dedicated shopping area by clicking on the ‘Coin Store’ button, located toward the top of the web site. Without leaving, you can select current store categories of:

  • Popular Collecting Books (the default)
  • Coin Magazines
  • Coin Folders

Each store category contains several popular coin products with pictures. The store shows detailed product descriptions, their prices, similar products others have bought, specials, customer ratings and reviews and an option to buy. Only when you’re ready to checkout, will you automatically proceed to for login and purchasing.

Why did add an online store? We’re determined to offer services that coin collectors will find useful. In particular, services that can help build numismatic knowledge, like books, magazines or starter products for kids or very new collectors. We’ll continue to make similar improvements and additions!

We’ve already been asked and just so it’s "public news", will never sell coins. That’s for coin dealers!

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