Changing the Landscape, #2


Last week we announced the addition of new content. This week we have more! We’ve added a simple navigation dashboard to the top left of Each button links you to other areas of our site. No brain surgery here…

The ‘Inside Perspective’ link is our “home page”. This is where you can read our personalized style of news and information and also comment about anything.

We’ve added two entirely new areas too…

The first is our ‘News Extra’ area. Like our first article talked about, it contains coin information and news that we’ve piped in from other sources. It’s a great stopping place to get a quick snapshot for what’s going on around the world.

The second is our ‘Coinage Videos’ area. This section of contains some interesting coin videos. These aren’t “do-it-yourself” videos but actual footage from news organizations reporting on stories. Obviously, we don’t often see coin stories on nightly national news so we thought this area would be something you’d enjoy.

I’d encourage you to check each new area of Watch them all grow!

Thanks and please keep the suggestions coming.

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