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The latest coin news and information on Canadian coins and Royal Canadian Mint products, including new coin releases, coin prices, images and planned product launches. Also, make sure to check out the listing of some of the Mint’s most popular or unique coins for 2013 and 2014.

Canadian 2016 $20 Four-Leaf Clover Coin ReleasedJust in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Royal Canadian Mint is now selling a one-ounce $20 silver coin featuring a four-leaf clover.

Composed in 99.99% pure silver and in collector proof finish, this 7,500-limited coin is available for CAD $109.95, or about US $79 […]


Canadian 2016 $50 Hare Silver Coin for $50Offered at its legal tender face value, the Royal Canadian Mint has just unveiled its new 2016 $50 Hare Silver Coin.

Composed from 99.99% pure silver and depicting a hare trying to escape from a wolf, this coin appears as the fourth release in the Mint’s $50 for $50 program. It follows last year’s 2015 $50 Beaver Silver Coin and, like it, the Mint does not charge taxes and it ships free in Canada and the United States. In U.S. dollars, the coin’s price is about $36 […]


"Predator" and "Call of the Wild" Canadian 2016 Bullion Coins LaunchInvestors and collectors have two new options when buying bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint revealed on Friday, Feb. 5. Featuring a leaping cougar and roaring grizzly bear, both coins were unveiled at this year’s World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.

The Mint introduced its first coin from a new, four-coin "Predator" series. Featuring 1-ounce silver coins that are struck in […]


Canadian 2016 Coin Series Depict Wildlife ReflectionsIconic creatures of Canada take center stage in the Royal Canadian Mint’s new 2016 Reflections of Wildlife Fine Silver 3-Coin Subscription. Coins of the series feature an animal with their reflections uniquely cast in rippling water.

Each coin is composed in one-half ounce of 99.99% pure silver and is limited to 15,000 […]


2015 Coin in Some Canadian 2016 Uncirculated SetsSome of the Canadian 2016 Uncirculated Sets mistakenly include a coin from last year, the Royal Canadian Mint said on Thursday, Jan. 28.

Released on Jan. 12, the annually issued collector product has this year’s editions of the two-dollar, one-dollar, 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent coins. The uncirculated coin to check out is the one-dollar […]


Canadian 2016 Coin Series Features Aircraft of WWIAircraft of the First World War is the subject of a new 3-coin subscription recently unveiled by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin of the series is struck from 99.99% pure silver and features a colored reverse design depicting a vintage plane from the World War I era.

Enrollees in the subscription will be sent each issue as they are released for CAD $99.95, which is about US $69. A specially designed 3-coin display case will ship along with the second coin […]


Canadian 2016 Uncirculated Set ReleasedThe Royal Canadian Mint is now selling its annually issued set with this year’s six denominations of coins produced in uncirculated finish.

Limited to 60,000 and priced at $24.95, the 2016 Uncirculated Set includes the toonie, loonie, 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent coins […]


Canadian 2016 Silver Proof SetThe Royal Canadian Mint this week unveiled its 2016 Silver Proof Set and the year’s unique silver dollar which commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Transatlantic Cable.

Limited to 20,000, this annually issued set has a total of seven coins. All are in 99.99% fine silver. The included 2016 Transatlantic Cable Silver Dollar is gold plated, and exclusive to the set […]


Canadian 2016 Gift Sets for Birthdays, Babies and CelebrationsNewly unveiled Canadian coin sets offer some unique options for those special occasions celebrated throughout the year.

Included in the Royal Canadian Mint’s line-up of new products are Birthday Gift Sets, Baby Gift Sets, Wedding Gift Sets and 2016 O Canada Gift Sets. All four include their own unique $1 coin […]


2016 $20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Silver Coin for $20The Royal Canadian Mint opened ordering for the 2016 $20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Silver Coin, the latest issue from its popular series of 99.99% pure silver coins that sell at their legal tender face values.

This one should be another hit, especially with youngsters. Known as the king of dinosaurs, the enormous T-Rex is recognized around the world. Fossilized reconstructions make them a centerpiece in museums and imposing CGI recreations have made them stars in films such as Jurassic Park […]