Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin Photos

by Mike Unser on May 6, 2016 · 4 comments

An appealing silver coin depicting a blooming cherry blossom tree captured collectors’ interests when the Royal Canadian Mint released it in early March.

Photos of Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin, Obverse and Reverse

Designed by Canadian artist Jan Poynter, the reverse of the Canadian 2016 $15 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin depicts the splendor of a blooming Kwanzan cherry tree, as can be seen in many parks and neighborhoods throughout Canada in the spring. Obverses offer the traditional Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Limited to 6,500 coins, sales reached 82% within 24 hours of its public release. They were all gone within a few days.

Already intrigued by the design, we decided to order one when our article about its release hit nearly 600 Facebook likes. Given the original interest, I figured it’d make for a good follow-up piece to see how things turned out.

We paid CAD $64.95 for one, which converted to a credit card charge of US $50.96 with free shipping.

Buyers seemed to be pleased with their purchase. The coin’s online product shows 93 reviews with an overall favorable rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.

Flippers aren’t making a ton of money on them after considering fees. You can find Cherry Blossoms coins selling for around $20 to $30 over their issue price.

In looking at photos of our coin, its reverse shows several scratch-like imperfections on the surface. I searched around the web and they seem common, even appearing in the same place on the Mint’s online video of it. They’re detracting, no question, and that’s a shame.

Photo of Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin, Reverse-c

This photo shows the coin’s reverse. Each is struck in 23.17 grams of 99.99% pure silver to a diameter of 36.07 millimeters and to a proof finish.

Photo of Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin, Reverse-d

Another view of the reverse

Photo of Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin, Reverse-b

One more view of the reverse

Photo of Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin, Obverse

A photo of the obverse

Photo of Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin, Obverse-a

Another photo of the obverse

2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin Box and Case

A photo of the 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin and its presentation case

Certificate for Canadian 2016 Cherry Blossoms Silver Coin

Each coin ships with a serialized Certificate of Authenticity. The back of the card offers coin specifications and design information

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Seth Riesling

i ordered the RCM Mint Master’s Club exclusive 2106 $20 1-oz fine silver polar bear coin with blue enamel water on April 29 & it shipped yesterday. Very very low mintage of 4,000 coins only at only $109.95 & for members only (limited to 3 per member). My first truly colorized coin. Can’t wait to see it in person! Sold out to members fast!

Check out the RCM Master’s Club benefits everyone. Very good program for sure!


Seth Riesling

Mike Unser –

Beautiful coin, thanks for sharing! It was the first colorized coin from any Mint that I seriously considered buying. That scratch is unfortunate for sure, but RCM quality control is great overall. I have only returned 1 coin, a Proof silver coin for a planchet flaw since I started ordering from them in 2012.


Seth Riesling

Received my RCM Master’s Club exclusive 2016 $20 Polar bear silver blue enamel color water coin today. Limited mintage of only 4,000 coins for members only. Sold out fast. Beautiful coin! Congrats to the Royal Canadian Mint on a winner.


Seth Riesling

RCM offered its new Star TrekTrek™ coins on Monday. Exciting! Includes a $20 for $20 silver coin & a Star Trek™ coin & stamps set. Plus 5 colorized silver coins. Get them while they last Mint Master’s Club members!