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US Mint SiteThe United States Mint is the most active mint in the world, producing billions of circulating coins, tens of millions of bullion coins, and millions of numismatic or collector coins every single year.

CoinNews.net publishes at least one weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures, as provided by the US Mint directly. These coin sales figures are indispensable to both coin collectors and investors for determining current demand, coin mintages, and more.

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageDominating American Silver Eagle sales reach 630,000 in less than two August weeks. 2009 Lincoln Rail Splitter Cents make their final push over the 300,000 barrier. And UHR $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins swing toward 78,000.

Impressive? Certainly. But so are 2009 Proof Sets numbers. The 18-coin clad set jumped another 21,006 to hit 936,674. The million mark looks to be a few short weeks away. Silver proof sets rose 20,716 to settle at 406,455.

In other related news this week, Lincoln Formative Years penny rolls sold out. The latest two-roll set tally is 300,246, which will be close to the final sales figure for the second 2009 penny. The US Mint timed the sell out as the third 2009 cent, the Lincoln Professional Life penny, takes center stage Thursday. The coin is ceremoniously launched and two-roll sets go on sale. Collectors will anxiously await next week’s figures.

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageUHR $20 gold coins roared, Silver Eagles soared, American Samoa quarters performed and US Mint Proof Sets marched forward.

The latest US Mint sales figures also include a fair share of average and sub-par numbers, but the highlights are more interesting:


  • Ultra High Relief $20 Gold coins awakened from a several month slumber. Lifting the one-coin order limit to ten helped prop the gold pieces up by 3,799 to reach 75,048. The weekly number jumped fivefold.

  • Bullion Silver Eagles are coins to watch. They recorded the best July since the series launched in 1986. More than 2.8 million were sold. 200,000 are already gone in a young month of August.

  • American Samoa quarters also made headlines. New Mint production figures show them to be the least minted quarter in generations. Their inaugural week quarter-dollar sales were also impressive. Buyers scooped up more than 17,000 two-roll sets.

  • 2009 Proof Sets are cooling, but their weekly increases are still worthy of notice. Collectors purchased more than 915,000 proof sets since June 1 and nearly 386,000 silver sets since July 17.


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US Mint Sales Figures ImageProof sets could hardly perform better for the US Mint and bullion silver eagles continue to flash forward at a striking pace. The numbers do the talking…


  • In a single week, 37,232 more Mint Proof Sets sets were sold, bringing the total to 888,329 since June 1.

  • As of July 17, collectors purchased an arresting 350,572 Silver Proof Sets with 79,200 added in a week.

  • And to top it off, American Eagle Silver bullion coins sprung past 16 million for the year and 2,585,000 for a yet to be completed July — already registering the second best month and continuing at a record-setting yearly pace.


Other US Mint coin sales were less brag worthy. Ultra High Relief $20 Gold coin demand was nearly unchanged. 865 more were sold compared to the prior 868. Better numbers should kick in next week as a result of the Mint’s coin limit unleashing on Monday.

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageWhat a difference a week can make. Collectors partially awoke from a summer slumber and began to buy US coins.

Ultra High Relief $20 Gold coins surpassed 70,000, newly released 2009 Silver Proof Sets reached 271,372 in three days, American Eagle Silver bullion coins topped 15.8 million, and demand was higher for the remaining US Mint silver coins.

Aside from several straggling First Spouse Gold coins, the US Mint had a good week — at least better than the last. Even non silver 2009 Proof Sets emerged from a haze to rise 45,729 compared to the last reported 19,547. Tagging along were improved Lincoln Formative Years penny figures, jumping 5,179 from the prior 3,572.

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageRecent sales of 2009 Proof Sets hiccup, Braille Silver Dollars crawl, Lincoln Rail Splitters lose luster and, well… the list goes on for nearly every US Mint coin or set.

Collectors appear to be sleeping through the summer when it comes to buying modern coins. There is one, no make that two notable exceptions: American Eagle Gold and Silver bullion coins. They are screaming along this month.

The Mint has sold a whopping 15,449,500 silver and 721,000 gold American Eagles this year. The following tables sum up the current eagle mania, and recent slower sales of the coins discussed above:

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageCollectors had more on their minds than buying coins last week, the latest US Mint figures reveal. Sales were modest, held in check by diversionary summer travel and the celebration of an extended 4th of July holiday weekend.

As has been the case for several weeks, the Mint 2009 Proof Set led in sales. Another 101,409 were purchased on top of the last report, bringing the total sold to 785,821. It looks like the million figure will be breached by month’s end.

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Standing out in the latest batch of US Mint sales figures is an eyebrow raising increase for the 18-coin clad 2009 Proof Set. After a double-take, the numbers were verified as true. Another 106,987 were purchased during the prior seven days ending on Sunday. The new total stands at an impressive 684,412 sold in the […]

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Collector action was mostly lackadaisical when it came to purchasing coins last week, the latest US Mint sales figures reveal. Despite that, a few milestones were achieved as we so often like to point out in our weekly heading. 2009 Proof Sets again retreated from their launch week highs, which is naturally normal. They did […]


US Mint Sales Figures ImageUS Mint sales generally declined last week, but several products ranked surprisingly strong.

In summary: 2009 Proof Sets sales retreated from their launch week highs but action was robust in week two, Braille Silver Dollars recovered from their prior negative showing, Guam quarter demand more than halved, and Lincoln Rail Splitter pennies are set to pass 26 million.

In finishing a second week of availability, 81,947 more of the 18-coin 2009 US Mint Proof Sets were purchased by collectors. The new total is 519,125, which represents a 18.7 percent increase in week-over-week sales.

Uncirculated Braille Silver Dollars climbed into positive territory following their recent reversal. The Mint reports a pick up of 499. In contrast, 1,399 of the proof options were sold. Together, the series has reached 151,599.

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The latest batch of US Mint sales show soaring 2009 Proof Sets, Braille Silver Dollars collapsing, Guam quarters sizzling, Rail Splitter cents rising and UHR $20s normalizing. The Mint’s 18-coin proof set went on sale Monday, June 1. In a blazing rage, collectors purchased 437,178 of the sets in a single week. For more on […]