First Cleveland $1 Coins Debut at 3.75M, Arthur $1 Mintages to Rise Again

Chester Arthur and Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 Coins
Chester Arthur and Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 Coins

Rolls, bags and boxes filled with $1 coins honoring Grover Cleveland’s first term as President proved popular with collectors.

Buyers ordered 3,758,025 of the dollars between their launch on Friday, May 25, through to Monday, May 28. In terms of product options, $25 rolls from the Philadelphia Mint were most popular at 26,975 for a coin total of 674,365. But it was $250 boxes from Philadelphia which accounted for the biggest movement. Collectors ordered 6,632 of those for a total of 1,658,000 coins.

The following grid shows debut unit sales by product option and the combined number of Grover Cleveland Presidential dollars sold.

Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 Coin Sales Debut

Cleveland Presidential Dollars Price Unit Sales $1’s
25-Coin Roll (P) $32.95 26,975 674,375
25-Coin Roll (D) $32.95 26,008 650,200
100-Coin Bags (P) $111.95 207 20,700
100-Coin Bags (D) $111.95 160 16,000
250-Coin Box (P) $275.95 6,632 1,658,000
250-Coin Box (D) $275.95 1,857 464,250
500-Coin Box (P) $550.95 276 138,000
500-Coin Box (D) $550.95 273 136,500
Total $1’s 3,758,025


Based on most recent production figures, the United States Mint has struck a total of 6.72 million Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 coins that are representative of his first term. 2.66 million of them were produced in Denver and 4.06 million were minted in Philadelphia.

Grover Cleveland is the only U.S. President to serve two nonconsecutive terms. Sometime in November the U.S. Mint is expected to release another dollar with a different likeness of him which is representative of his second term.

More Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coins Needed

The above sales are higher than the debut sales figures for the first 2012 Presidential $1 coin honoring Chester Arthur. They came in at 2.86 million during the five days from the April 5 release of the coins in rolls and boxes.

Bags of the Arthur dollars were not available until April 30. With those added in and by May 7, collectors had ordered a total of 7,088,500 coins. As of Monday, May 28, sales are at 7,393,755. Breakdowns are offered in the following grid:

Current Sales of Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coins

Arthur Presidential Dollars Price Unit Sales $1’s
25-Coin Roll (P) $32.95 45,541 1,138,525
25-Coin Roll (D) $32.95 41,964 1,049,100
100-Coin Bags (P) $111.95 557 55,700
100-Coin Bags (D) $111.95 487 48,700
250-Coin Box (P) $275.95 10,967 2,741,750
250-Coin Box (D) $275.95 5,608 1,402,000
500-Coin Box (P) $550.95 943 471,500
500-Coin Box (D) $550.95 973 486,500
Total $1’s 7,393,775


Since the U.S. Mint’s production figures as of April indicated that 6.86 million Chester Arthur $1 coins have been produced, the bureau will or is already striking more of them to meet the higher-than-expected demand from collectors. This is the second instance in which reported sales of Arthur dollars have exceeded their published mintages.

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