2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Enrollments Open


United States Mint customers can now subscribe to automatically purchase products featuring 2023 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars.

US Mint 2022 Product Brochure
A new U.S. Mint product brochure includes information about 2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar enrollments

U.S. Mint product enrollments work a lot like a magazine subscription. When you sign up to receive a family of products, they ship automatically to you when they become available.

Late last month, the Mint announced the type of dollars and their prices. A few days later their enrollments opened, and the Mint began promoting them. It has also since established where the dollars will be produced and how many will be available.

Centennial renditions of the original Morgan and Peace dollars were introduced last year. The U.S. Mint planned on issuing proof versions for 2022 but those were canceled due to their limited supply of silver blanks.

Of note, product information for each of the new enrollments include the notice:

"We will make every effort to ensure product availability but cannot guarantee it, especially in case of limited mintages."

Two of the 2021-dated products included the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with a CC (Carson City) Privy Mark and the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar with an O (New Orleans) Privy Mark. They pay homage to original issues struck at the Carson City and New Orleans Mints. There are no announced plans for privy-marked 2023 Morgan or Peace dollars.

The latest information and product options follow:

2023 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars – Options, Mintages and Prices

Product Option Mint / Mint Mark Mintage Price
2023-P Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar Philadelphia – No Mint Mark 275,000 $67.00
2023-P Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollar Philadelphia – No Mint Mark 275,000 $67.00
2023-S Proof Morgan Silver Dollar San Francisco – S 400,000 $73.00
2023-S Proof Peace Silver Dollar San Francisco – S 400,000 $73.00
2023-S Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set San Francisco – S 250,000 $175.00

Enrollment restrictions for each of the above products include a household order limit of three.

The Mint’s enrollment page for the dollars is located here.

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Chris Terp

Cha-ching, signed up last week for them 🙂


Chris: Same here. You brought it to my attention.


I’m enrolled for all of them. It’ll be interesting to see how the reverse proofs look like for these coins.

Chris Terp

I too enrolled for all of them Antonio 🙂

Chris Terp

Good going Rooster. Pleased I was able to inform you and others 🙂

Chris Terp

One for all and all for one! Well, you can get three of each Kaiser 😉

Chris Terp

I opted for one of each and two of the proofs Kaiser.


I chose one of the Morgans and reverse proof set, and three of the Peace dollars in the hope that at least one will come back graded either MS70 or PF70 when I have them graded. That would be my sell coin. Eventually I’ll sell all my coins, because one doesn’t live forever in this life and I can’t take them with me, so sell, put them out there for other people and use the money to support myself or a good cause.

Chris Terp

Good going Antonio. Longer you hold hopefully increase in value for you. No younger relatives to pass collection down too?

Sam Kirby

Same here Chris….now if the mint would get off processing butt and actually start delivering the Purple Hearts it would be a minor miracle. You have months to plan for shipping and still can’t get them out on time. Sad.

Chris Terp

Yes, Sam – my PH are still processing and one half dollar is backordered 🙁


Chris, I got an email notification from the Mint yesterday that my Colorized PH has shipped, but when I click the USPS tracking number I get “Server Error 404 – File or Directory Not Found.”

Chris Terp

Most likely Rich “shipped” means item is packed and postage placed on parcel; may take another day (or two) to get to Post Office to be on its way to you. Fingers crossed gods of delivery are speedy for your PH as well as my PHs to get from processing stage to “in the mail.”

Domenic Vaiasicca

Yup same here thanks to you!

Chris Terp

Excellent Domenic glad you enrolled 🙂


That reverse proof set should be a beauty.


Why they minting to many of them?

Domenic Vaiasicca

Honestly the amounts look like they are in the range of commemoratives to me


After the demand and quick unavailability I suspect they’re trying to meet demand and being a yearly release. I lucked out and got enough for the ‘21 Morgans to have a complete run of MS70s and hope they relaunch the series or at least the Peace Dollars. I’m a little surprised Denver isn’t making any at all even with the QC issues.

Mike Hunt

Chris & Rooster —
I too added them to my enrollments last week. I hadn’t seen anything on it until I received the Mailer shown at the top of this CoinNews.Net blog. I enrolled for 2 each but echoing Rooster’s comment on the beauty of that reverse proof one it makes me think about ordering a 3rd for it.

The interesting thing is that the Mailer gives a price but the Mint’s website says it is “TBD”. Those folks at the Mint certainly are slippery characters, aren’t they?
— Mike


Mint website product pages say …
“Prices listed on the enrollment page are current prices for the products included in your enrollment. These prices may change during the course of your enrollment. Should a change occur, the new price will be provided on your 30–day pre–fulfillment email notification. Please review your notification carefully.”

Last edited 8 months ago by PAUL

Mailer says …
“”Prices for products containing silver, gold, and platinum are subject to change. Please visit our website or call for current pricing.”


If I want it, price is not an issue. I’m a collector, not an investor.

Chris Terp

The guise was Kaiser for the Mint’s silver coin & medal increases was the meteoric rise in the precious (and industrial) metal as well as pricings comparatively to other world mints.

And yes, agree, I don’t see Mint lowering silver pricings – but hope so. (Hope is not a strategy though 🙁 ).


I think they have a legal requirement to change coin prices for some metals per the pricing grid. For other metals like silver, they can also change the price … they just are not legally required to do so. Since the Morgan/Peace enrollments for silver coins are so far in advance, it would not surprise me if they change prices in the future because materials changed pricing. But maybe they announced 2023 prices because they already have signed contracts with costs for the blanks/planchets they will use. But maybe they did not account for inflation increases. Who knows what will… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Paul
Chris Terp

Also sometimes the Mint just lists what the item is without a picture even though designs have been approved or were minted previous year(s). Case in point, the military service 2.5 oz. silver medals but the next year’s 1 oz. medals not pictured even though same design just smaller.

Looks like all of us the Morgan & Peace train and waiting patiently for next year’s mintings of them.

With precious metals nose diving in value hopefully Mint lowers pricings in the years to come – fingers crossed.


I’m on board with the enrollment program for all of the Morgans and Peace Dollars.I like these coins much better than the current ASE, love the obverse but not crazy about the reverse. Have you noticed the declining prices being asked for last years Morgans and Peace issues. Mega-hawker Mike Mezack is now asking only $1995 for the complete MS70 set. I’d have to feel like an idiot if I paid $2600 for the set last year. Mine came from the mint and are ungraded. I think the uncirculated coins will be the ones to see a little bounce in… Read more »

Domenic Vaiasicca

Agreed…i dropped my ASE enrollments for next year


Domenic, I haven’t dropped my enrolment for the ASE yet, because I might want to collect one of each. If the Mint ever decides to mint bullion versions of these Morgan and Peace Dollars, I wonder how long the ASE program would last. It’ll be interesting to see the numbers for next years sales of ASE Proofs and Uncirculated coins. It should be an interesting year for numismatics.


Great idea to replace the silver ASEs with Morgan and Peace versions. I wonder if a survey is out to find out what collectors, buyers and dealers think of the idea.


As did I.

Mark Smith

I wished the mintages were not this high. I’d rather miss out on a coin because it’s a low mintage, rather than the coin being over minted. I mean I’d rather have a rare coin, than a over produced coin.


As a collector, I would rather have the coin than not have the coin. Two minute sellouts and being forced into an overpriced secondary market take the fun out of collecting for me. I’d prefer that the Mint would mint a coin to meet collector demand and not speculator whims.


Can’t wait to see them all got my order in for both Philly & San Francisco Bu & proof and the reverse proof ! I bet the reverse proof won’t disappoint !


The montage limits for these coins are too high. Sadly, there will be little, if any demand in the after market.


When or if they lift the limits I will attempt to buy additional ones.


The 2023 uncirculated Peace Dollar is no longer available for subscription. Guess that’s going to be the coin to get.