2022 American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set Release


Five women are celebrated for their accomplishments with the newest collectible from the United States Mint, their 2022 American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set™. The set of silver quarters goes on sale today at noon ET.

Mint product images of 2022 American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set
U.S. Mint product images of their 2022 American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set

Honored individuals include Maya Angelou, Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Nina Otero-Warren and Anna May Wong. Each coin in the set is produced to proof quality from 99.9% silver at the U.S. Mint’s facility in San Francisco.

The silver set is the first of four for the Mint’s program of American Women quarter dollars. The series debuted earlier this year and will see five different quarters annually through 2025. By its four-year conclusion, the program will have honored twenty unique women for their important contributions to the United States and its development.

Included quarter dollars for this silver proof set feature reverse (tails side) designs depicting:

  • Maya Angelou – celebrated author
  • Dr. Sally Ride – physicist and first American woman in space
  • Wilma Mankiller – first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
  • Nina Otero-Warren – a leader in New Mexico’s suffrage movement
  • Anna May Wong – first Chinese-American film star in Hollywood

Rolls and bags of the Maya Angelou quarters and Dr. Sally Ride quarters launched earlier this year as did a regular clad proof set of all five 2022 quarters. The Mint’s 2022 quarter products have been selling out. On March 16, the Mint noted that only 17,455 remained of this year’s silver quarters set because customer enrollments (subscriptions) had already claimed the others.

Mint image of lens holding silver 2022 quarters
U.S. Mint image of the protective lens holding silver 2022 quarters

Quarter rolls and bags honoring Mankiller, Otero-Warren and Wong will follow later this year along with ornaments with each 2022 quarter.

Mint image of 2022 quarter obverse
Mint image showing the new 2022 quarter obverse (heads side) image of George Washington. It was originally sculpted by Laura Gardin Fraser as a candidate entry for the 1932 quarter.

All coins of the series bear a new obverse (heads side) portrait of George Washington. Laura Gardin Fraser created the design as a candidate entry for the 1932 quarter.

2022 Proof Silver Quarter Specifications

99.9% silver
6.343 grams
0.955 inch (24.26 mm)
Mint and Mint Mark:
San Francisco – S


A total silver weight of 1.01966 troy ounces is calculated by adding up the weight of each quarter within the set.

Ordering and Price

The 2022 American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set may be ordered directly from the U.S. Mint via its page dedicated to quarter products.

Pricing for each is $73. For reference, the 2020 Quarters Silver Proof Set (the last annual quarters silver proof set which contained five coins) initially sold for $42.50.

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Seems to me 73.00 for 5 silver quarters is a bit much, last year’s set was 42.50. Just over one ounce of silver, crazy!


Major D, yes the set originally sold for $42.50. Here is a portion of the US Mint February 13, 2020 Press Release for the Set: WASHINGTON – The 2020 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ (product code 20AQ) will be available for purchase starting on February 20 at noon EST… The 2020 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set is priced at $42.50… Additionally, I also saw that on the US Mint 2020 Product Schedule it is currently listed as Sold Out with a price of $60.00. So at some point, either before or after it… Read more »


Major, the Silver price has increased about $8 per ounce from February 2020 (approx. $17.60/oz) to March 2022 (approx. $25.60/oz). However, the big jump in price to $73 for the Set is excessive, and Its probably due to the Mint’s shock and over reaction to the jump in the prices of silver, gold, platinum and palladium earlier this month when the Ukraine Invasion started. Recently though, the prices of the precious metals have retreated from their highs earlier in the month, but the Mint is left with their price increases they placed on their silver products. Another example of the… Read more »

Thad Staples

Money metals exchange sells the Silver Eagle type 2 for 40 dollars an oz.

Carl Warren

Major D,

I bought the State quarter sets when they came out in 1999 (silver in 2004). Didn’t bother with the ATB ones since, as you say, they’re included in the annual sets which I get 2 of each (one to keep, one to crack for albums).

Just didn’t seem worthwhile to have, IMO. Especially with their cost nowadays

Last edited 2 years ago by Carl Warren

Just in case you’re curious, of course it’s sold out. Not sure how many minutes it took. 5, 15?


Did you have some magic mushrooms for Breakfast Antonio


No, they were at Remind Me when I looked.


Maybe the Us Mint employees were eating magic mushrooms but I knew mushrooms had something to do with it

sam tweedy

These sets would be great to display with your “BAT” quarters, but can you really tell the difference????? Same designer????? esp the last one!!!!!!! >>>>>>????? <<<<<<……….!!!!!

Larry T

So do I, especially on the 5oz P ‘quarter’ coin.


I think its a little fruity, but there is no better symbolism to capture the year that was 2020 on a coin.


What up TWeedy


That image is the best of the best of the best with honors holy men in black quotes

Mike Hunt

I “book-ended” the regular Proof of it that I have already received with the Silver Proof version. And at 9:35AM California time it showed as having 4895 available.
— Mike


4700 sets remaining at 43 minutes in if that tells you anything

I noticed dealers and flippers on the secondary market selling them for less than the US Mint price

Last edited 2 years ago by SENZA

Dealers often sacrifice less popular products in the hopes of retaining customer base and/or the hopes that the customer will throw additional items in the cart and make up the difference. Although you may be correct about the return option you forgot the biggie – dealers get better prices than we do and could still be profiting from selling below US Mint retail. Whatever the case this one is certainly no sally ride PDS speaking of, the collector’s who paid $200 to $300 for those sets might not be motivated to jump on this one. And in the end it… Read more »


SENZA, have you ever tried this popular product (also sold on Feebay.com). It registers 9,000,000 on the Scoville Scale!


Holy Satanic Diet Rich,

That’s the opposite of “chilling the bottle” which propels my race boat

Larry T

I bought that a few years ago. I love hot sauce and grow my own Carolina Reapers every year. Needless to say, the Plutonium Sauce is for decoration only and remains ‘safely’ sealed in the box! I love what’s written on the side of the container: “Use for your own pleasure–and at your own risk.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Larry T

That’s cool, Larry. The Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium Sauce is best left for the Baddest Hombres out there. In hindsight, I should have recommended this hot sauce for SENZA to aid in filling his jars.

hot s.jpg
Last edited 2 years ago by Rich

Dear Sir Kaiser,

I’ve uncovered something more disturbing than farts in a Jar.

My research on the Morgan Silver Dollar cancellations took me down some dark paths and ended in a bitter find;

There in fact, is no “Silver Shortage” rather the miners who feed the US Mint’s Silver addiction refused to be fleeced by the Mint and turnover said Silver for pennies on the dollar while all the while knowing the US Mint is charging us Dollars on the Pennies.

So US Mint greed and arrogance ended the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar program rather than a “Silver Shortage”


SENZA, your research and conclusions are supportive of my own findings. I do not believe it is a COVID-related silver shortage or silver planchet manufacturing/supply shortage this time like they claimed last year for the excuse of the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar rollout debacle. The reason for this year’s cancellation of the 2022 Morgan/Peace Proof Silver Dollars is all related to prices and profits. Fool us twice, shame on us.


either way, I’m OK with it – the morgan/peace thing was originally meant as a 100 anniversary one-off deal – the idea of just keeping it going didn’t make a lot of sense to me, regardless of silver availability.


c_q, you make an excellent point. The 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollar 100th Anniversary coins were meant to be a one time commemorative offering. But when the Mint saw how popular and successful the coins were, they pushed for having it made into an annual money maker. If it turns out that the 2021 Morgans and Peace Dollars are the only year of issue, it will make those coins all the more special and unique for collections and posterity.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rich

If these were commemorative coins it would be a one time offer but it was a coin struck to recognize the 100 year anniversary. It was originally pursued to be a commemorative. This left the door open for additional coins. I would have loved getting these in proof version. The Peace dollar in high relief would be fantastic. The door is still open and I will be all in if it happens.


Yes, I too would like to see one more (and hopefully last) release for the 2023 Morgan and Peace Proof Silver Dollars (especially the high relief Peace Proof) to complement the 2021 Morgan and Peace Uncirculated Silver Dollars.

Thad Staples

The matte finish of the Morgan and Peace dollar suck.

Jeff Legan

I completely agree with you on this, c_q.

Thad Staples

I’ve saw the Morgan and Peace dollars going for 3,000 for 70 grade 6coin set, now the same TV dealer is down to 2,600, they were suppose to be so few but every dealer seems to have plenty. Seen where one s mint Morgan in 70 grade was 260 dollars plus or minor


Sir Kaiser,
It’s good to see you grabbed the correct combinations of Vitamins this morning and propelled yourself back to the top of the fleet and burst thru the thread door first – like a true champion in a jungle where only the strong and fit survive


Here, Here, Sir Kaiser, best “run through the jungle” First Place Finish!


2660 remaining “Don’t Look Back” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3tvaSSJoyI

Carl Warren

A classic from one of my all-time favorite bands. the first verse kinda explains what we go through dealing with the Mint.

Whoa, thought it was a nightmare
Lord it was so true
They told me don’t go walking slow
The devil’s on the loose


Right on Carl, we’re all in this thing together


CCR, truly one of the greatest American Bands ever!


Define old. When you remember you could find silver in your change?

Thad Staples

When I was a teenager silver was as plentiful as rocks look what happened because of liberals. I’m 72 . Used to drill a hole in a 90% silver quarter slide it on a metal rod and beat it with a spoon and make a neat ring out of it


Fear none, Fear not, including thy self https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xxgRUyzgs0


I’m seeing 3928 at the 1 hour mark – they could be sold out and the US Mint is dragging it’s feet processing because 700+ sets went in the past 15 minutes.


old man rant: Alright, so this is doing my head in. as I’ve bored you enough with by now, I don’t live in the states, and don’t get “free postage” even when spending $10k+ with the mint per annum. Therefore, I try to hold off purchasing individual items, and like to build up an inventory, so that I can ship it all at once. (E.g., the American women’s quarter set was sold on 8th March, but I wasn’t going to purchase till the 11th March, so that I could buy the Navy Medal, and the quarter set, and have them… Read more »


The first and very important point you make is that we can’t trust any information, numbers etc. coming out of the US Mint and Yes, you have to treat every release like it will sell out immediately when buying DIRECTLY from the US Mint. Secondly, your at an extreme disadvantage and have no chance of purchasing these items directly from the Mint in the manner that would be most cost effective for you and everyone else for that matter; I remember the days when that was possible and they are no longer. I would suggest you look into the secondary… Read more »

Mike Hunt

Daniel — I’ve got an idea for you. If you let me claim you as a dependent on my income taxes, I’ll establish a “home/apartment” for you in my backyard tool shed. But you must have your credit card location listed on it too so that it qualifies as a separate “household” (as required by the Mint) on my property. Have your charge card paid automatically against a credit card showing that pseudo-address to qualify as well as minimize the paperwork. Then you could provide pre-paid mail to “wherever you live” (did I once read you live in Australia?) and… Read more »


You just need a rookie scientist to mix the wrong combination of gases as happened 3 years ago when they created a hail storm that caused millions of dollars in property damages across the north east


You don’t want to tangle with the Board of Dow Chemical they are a fierce bunch


The Red Button is till active


They can’t hide anything from us with teamwork like this; how many of you are trying to buy coins while at work – how fun is that

Last edited 2 years ago by SENZA

2023 Remaining


1,700 Remaining 3:45 ET

final count.jpg

1576 4:10 ET and you only got one shot left https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqG3EQj7Suc


I am a bit nervous, I ordered 2 sets in enrollment and I was billed Sunday night. I see an Enrollment Processing status but I have not received an email conformation yet. Reading some of the other ‘I got it ordered’ failures in CN threads, I am hopeful for a Shipped and not Cancelled email from the mint.


The US Mint will kill your hopes and dreams if you let them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRnxr4XF9yA


I just got an IM from the mint that my order shipped. So far no email notification, seems like email is not working for this order.


5:50 ET 931 Remaining This gives me Butterflies


Less Than 900 It Gives Me Butterflies

Last edited 2 years ago by SENZA

362 Remaining – who’s going to make a prediciton

Christopher Williams

There are still 195 remaining as of now. I didn’t purchase one since I am enrolled in the three-roll sets.


I still wish they would have scrapped the Women’s Silver and went forward with the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars.

I’m in the Enrollments for the 3 Roll Sets as well – remember to request 25 so you can at least get 5 LOL.

Is Mankiller the next one to be honored! One can’t even make this S up


The “Remind Me” button has returned


Finally, we can now stick a fork in it!


Alrighty then………………………

Thad Staples

Paying 3 times value of the silver, never will see a profit!

Thad Staples

Cost 3 times the cost of silver, no profit in that. They are to look at and maybe spend when the liberals destroy the value of the paper crap. If there be anything to buy.


Received my set of silvers yesterday. The frosting on the 5 silver quarters is stunning compared to the regular set!