Maya Angelou Quarters Available in Rolls and Bags


Celebrated author, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou is featured on the first release in the new four-year American Women Quarters™ Program, which debuts today from the United States Mint. Rolls and bags of quarters showcasing Angelou’s likeness are available beginning at Noon EST.

U.S. Mint image of a 2022 Maya Angelou quarter and P, D, and S rolls of them
U.S. Mint image of a 2022 Maya Angelou quarter and P, D, and S rolls of them
U.S. Mint image of a 2022 Maya Angelou quarter and a 100-coin bag of them
U.S. Mint image of a 2022 Maya Angelou quarter and a 100-coin bag of them

Coins included in the collectible products are produced at the U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Each is struck with an uncirculated finish — a better quality compared to coins in general circulation as they are hand-loaded into coining presses, and they are struck on specially burnished blanks.

Angelou was born in 1928 and initially rose to fame through a series of seven autobiographies focusing on her childhood and early adult life. The most noted of these was I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

However, being an author was far from her only talent and ambition. She was also prominent in the fields of dance, theater, journalism, and social activism among many other pursuits and passions. Angelou became the first African American woman to write and present a poem at a presidential inauguration and received more than 30 honorary degrees in her acknowledging her contributions of the day. She passed away in 2014 at the age of 86.

Maya Angelou Quarter Designs and Specifications

The reverse or tails side of the new quarter shows Maya Angelou with her arms uplifted. Behind her are a bird in flight and a rising sun meant to symbolize the way she lived and inspired by her poetry. Created by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) artist Emily Damstra, the image was selected from among several candidate designs. It was sculpted for coins by United States Mint Medallic Artist Craig A. Campbell.

Maya Angelou quarter - reverse
A larger image of the reverse or tails side of an uncirculated Maya Angelou quarter


As the first of this new series, this coin also introduced a new obverse (heads side) likeness of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

American Women Quarter -obverse
Image of an obverse or heads side of
an American Women Quarter. The design is common across the quarters in the four-year series.

The image of Washington was created by Laura Gardin Fraser, one of the most prolific female sculptors of the early 20th century. She crafted and sculpted the design as a candidate for the 1932 circulating quarter dollar to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Washington.

Inscriptions on the obverse include "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "2022."

Quarter Specifications

Denomination: Quarter
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 8.33% nickel, balance copper
Weight: 5.670 grams
Diameter: 0.955 inch (24.26 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: Philadelphia – P
Denver – D
San Francisco – S
Privy Mark: None


Products and Pricing

There are four options for the release with the following pricing:

  • Maya Angelou 100-Coin Bag (P) for $40
  • Maya Angelou 100-Coin Bag (D) for $40
  • Maya Angelou 2-Roll Set (P&D) with 40 coins per roll for $36
  • Maya Angelou 3-Roll Set (P, D & S) with 40 coins per roll for $54

P, D or S indicate the facility of production for the coins and represent Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.


Rolls and bags of Maya Angelou quarters may be ordered from the U.S. Mint’s online catalog of American Women Quarters.

U.S. Mint’s American Women Quarters™ Program

Authorized under Public Law 116-330, the Mint’s new series of quarters will honor 20 trailblazing American women from 2022 to 2025. The four upcoming 2022 quarters celebrate (see 2022 quarter images):

  • Dr. Sally Ride – physicist, astronaut, educator, and first American woman to soar into space
  • Wilma Man killer – first woman elected principal chief of the Cherokee Nation and an activist for Native American and women’s rights
  • Nina Otero-Warren – a leader in New Mexico’s suffrage movement and the first female superintendent of Santa Fe public schools
  • Anna May Wong – first Chinese American film star in Hollywood, who left a legacy for women in the film industry

Rolls and bags of Dr. Sally Ride quarters are currently scheduled to launch on March 22. Rolls and bags of the remaining 2022 quarters currently have general U.S. Mint release dates of spring, summer, and fall.

In addition, the Mint will issue a 2022 American Women Quarters Proof Set on March 8 and a 2022 American Women Quarters Proof Set on March 29. Each set will include all five 2022 quarters in collector proof finish, with the silver set featuring coins minted in .999 fine silver. Proof coins feature frosted designs against mirror-like backgrounds.

Special American Women Quarters Ornaments will also be available later this year.

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Mike Hunt

Kaiser —
I’m sitting these and the Negro League out. Given my background, I can refer to my Black friends in many ways. But I know “Negro” is not one of them. But I’ll enjoy a brew for you in your honor ….
— Mike

Mike Hunt

Somehow my graphic did not upload. Let’s try again.

DSCN0646 Melk Beer @50%.jpg

Careful Mike as the Kais might accuse you of being racist as he did me just for pointing out this is one of the worst sets ever released in my opinion and the ongoing corruption and rigged – fake sell-outs that later turn into massive dealer returns still needs to be addressed as Ryder is out of the picture and the scam continues I’m filing AG complaints succinctly and I suspect the politics may result in only another Director’s removal but it’s still progress as it paints the picture that as the director’s are removed the scams continue and the… Read more »

images (16).jpg

No apology needed, I’m sure it was my turn at missing the humor in the words but at any rate I had to share it with Mike and no grudges here. This song was actually written about a man’s favorite coin and it goes like this


Hey Major D, Have no doubts your suspicion is spot on they did not remove a Director from the US Mint because things were haeppening the way they were supposed to and they did remove a Director. I too can remember getting a Franklin silver half dollar as change from the local store and what they have turned it into now days is just rotten but we should not be surprised as I pointed out the other day; the Wall Street Company Black Rock disclosed full ownership of NGC and PSA and no doubt entities like Jeffs Coins on Feebay… Read more »


Yes, the “crud” I remember going to an ATM just before the Plandemic and pulling out $360.00 in $20’s and they were so filthy I looked into the security camera and yelled “This money is filthy your spreading disease” To this day I still think the top suspects or a combination of all (Trump, Fauci and Filthy Fiat) are major contributors to the Plandemic.

“Another study by the Journal of Analytical Toxicology is more conservative, noting a still substantial contamination of 80% of US currency by cocaine.” The less conservative and uncontested numbers are well over 90%.


Besides the 2021 Washington Crossing the Delaware Quarters, lately I have been getting a lot of the “Sam Tweedy favorite” 2020 American Somoa Bat Quarters!!


Damn those Bats


I’ve found two 2019 Ws in rolls of quarters from my bank. Lucked out I guess.


Just tell the bank-teller exactly what your looking for she will know if they have it and save the hunting or use this little trick say: “I would like to buy” a roll of Washington crossing the Delaware quarters. They will treat you very differently – you will be surprised – if they charge you it will be very inexpensive and if you have an account they can’t charge you but just by saying those magic words ” I would like to buy” will get you what you want quicker and easier.


I remember as a kid getting wheatie cents, buffalo nickels, mercury dimes and even the occasional standing liberty quarter, no date, in change. Silver dimes and quarters were common. Those were the days. I still have the wheaties, buffaloes and mercuries. When I look at them from time to time I think what good days they were, for out of circulation coin collecting. Now it’s….


Those were the days my friend…


Right On


Has to be one of my favorite movies. If you have not seen it you really should. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is also a must. That one has little Robert Blake in it selling lottery tickets.


I’ve got three rolls of Washington Crossing the Delaware quarters, all Denver mint. Haven’t been able to find any of the 2021 half dollars, I looked and have almost all the coins from 1971 to 2001. Guess I’ll go back to collecting Kennedys now. LOL.


Sort of like military intelligence.


… or civil war.


Come to think of it although I would never think of it when referring to the US Mint – the Mint has never, ever given me a coupon, a discount or an inkling of appreciation but then again how could they ever respect anyone who pays those prices


I’d say I get free shipping, but it is clear I am paying for it.


Right On! no free rides at the US Mint



Explain that to Disney & Co who are trying rewrite history. Lol


Good point Phil,

Those are the same people who will tell us migrants built America but ignore all the buildings and bridges collapsing around the Country.


what the heck? 3 Roll set sold out?



Don’t fall for this scam – the US Mint gave all the stock to their corrupt dealers who marked them up and get to return unsold coins – this is now comparable to the US Governments revision of jobs numbers scam.

Notice the image of Jeff Coins a Feebay scammer and partner in crime with the US Mint – Ryder down, Jeff Coins going down and finally the US Mint going down – the evidence is here in front of our eyes and will be utilized accordingly.


Did the Mint post a limit or a number available? Anyone? I wasn’t there at kick-off so I didn’t see it.

I recall one of the American Innovation sets went on sale with no limits but sold out in a very short time frame, they never re-stocked and I never heard a reason why they sold out so fast.

I’m so confused


Damn the US Mint


Senza, Is that $453.87 for 3 rolls of quarters? If that’s the case, then I’m justified in laughing out loud every time I hear a politician state ‘how smart the American people are.’ Also, I fail to grasp why so many posters are questioning whether or not the Mint is a corrupt institute. Is it not a part of our federal government? I’m scaling way down on the items I’ll buy from the Mint this year. I’m on the enrollment plan for the ASE’s and will look forward to the Morgan/Peace dollars in the Fall. I’ll leave the commens to… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by LarryT

Unemployment is at 3.9%, no wait, 4%. Oh hell, 3.9%.


They found 467,000 jobs they misplaced in December LMAO. What many don’t know is that ADP is a secret Government funded (puppet) spy agency. ADP uses the cover of a payroll agency but they don’t just manipulate numbers for the Government they do much much more such as: Reporting employment status of single (payer) parents that are in a governmental secret child support file – if your a single father and you get a new job or got a raise at your current job and your wondering how the court found out before you even seen the money – just… Read more »


per the mint site:

Mintage Limit: None
Product Limit: None
Household Order Limit: None

so it’s probably not really ‘sold out’ but most likely ‘temporarily out of stock, but making more’



images (16).jpg

I only bring him out when the subject matter is compelling


I can’t stop laughing – Brilliant


3 hours later I still have a smile on my face

Christopher Williams

As a collector (both coins and baseball cards) I enjoy owning the first of anything. I bought the “first” Innovation dollars and never purchased another, etc.

I “Enrolled” in the PDS rolls (two sets and they have already shipped). I’ll keep them sealed. I will buy one set of the remaining sets for this year and that will be it.


That is a viable explanation but I hate the US Mint too much to believe that is all that’s going on here and why no numbers – did anyone catch any of the Winter X games? Judges no longer show scores – they just pick winners and losers and that’s it – I guess we no who the winners and losers are when it comes to the US Mint and it’s dealers vs the retail collector.


I’m not too proud to say I can’t afford this game anymore – there was a time when you could resell your item and get at least what you paid for it – now those days are gone unless you own Rolex as they are the only brand I own that never lose value. Has anyone tried to sell a gold or silver coin on feebay recently? Has anyone tried to buy lunch at McDonalds or groceries at your super market with a gold or silver coin? It’s not viable. If the SHTF tomorrow and my neighbor comes over and… Read more »


If it wasn’t for a sense of humor where would we be and cynics are alive and thriving so from time to time we must engage fire with fire

Christopher Williams

I used to get so excited watching the summer and winter Olympics in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and a little into the 1980’s. Then they became political, etc.


Damn that 3 roll set

Christopher Williams

Kaiser, I find it cool to own the “first” of something. Now don’t get me wrong, but I do own all of the State Quarter Proof Sets, etc. I remember when the state quarter program started, I would get change from a dollar bill vending machine hoping to score a state quarter; that’s collecting.


I have a $500 bank box of uncirculated state quarters for every state I guess I could start making anchors or something

Christopher Williams

Holy smokes that’s cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Williams

Thank you, Kaiser. I was able to purchase two Three-Roll Sets.

Christopher Williams

This is going way off the tracks, and I apologize, but a few years ago I purchased a Jack Nicklaus 3-Inch Medal (I believe I paid $39.99 for it). I just observed that all of the 3-Inch medals, including the Jack Nicklaus, are now listed at $160.00!!!


I just went to re-order bubble wrap I paid $11.95 for in 2019 on Scamazon and the same bubble wrap is $46.00 today

Christopher Williams

I love that “Scamazon.” Well done. Fortunately, I probably have enough bubble-wrap for the rest of my life. Prices are crazy for everything!!!


You think that’s crazy look at this weather report

Christopher Williams

Kaiser, I was exaggerating a bit. Where I work part-time there is no shortage of boxes and bubble-wrap; but it got so messy that I ended tossing all of it and just purchasing a huge roll from Staples, which will probably last the rest of my life since I no longer sell much of anything these days.



Christopher Williams

It’s nuts, Kaiser!!! It’s only going to hurt them (the US Mint). No one’s buying those 3-medal medals for $160.00.

Christopher Williams

Also, I recall buying the first three (Washington, Adams and Jefferson) Presidential Silver Medals (I only wanted the first three) for $39.99 and now they list for $65.00. Not as drastic as the 3-inch medals, but still.


From San Francsico Mint Director, they will make 10million more coin, so S BU roll will fall from Sky. Warning. Don’t feed the big fat cat too much food.

variety man

not going to happen