Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coins on Sale Feb. 24


On Thursday, Feb. 24, the United States Mint will begin selling most of the 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coins. While the U.S. Mint will start taking orders for the coins on the 24th, the agency is not expected to begin shipping them until June 8.

2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Designs
2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Designs ($5 gold coin, silver dollar, and clad half dollar). The sales date for the coins is Feb. 24.

Product options will include $5 gold, 1$ silver, and 50c clad coins in collector finishes of proof and uncirculated. Each bears designs honoring the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, an institution that commemorates America’s service members who have been wounded or killed by enemy action. Designs on the coins were unveiled last year. The U.S. Mint has yet to publish coin images.

A unique colorized silver dollar will also be sold, but its on sale date is still "TBD."

Design of the 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar
Design of the 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar. Its sales date remains To Be Determined (TBD).

Introductory prices for the soon-to-be-sold products remain unchanged from when they were first published, and for the non-gold issues range from $33 to about $74.

Price tags for two $5 gold coins and the three-coin proof set, which contains a $5 gold coin, will be published Wednesday, Feb. 23. Prices for U.S. Mint gold commemorative products can change weekly based on market conditions and are determined by the Mint’s pricing matrix for gold coins. Gold is currently near $1,900 an ounce. If it trends above $1,850 through Wednesday, expect prices of $681.25 for the proof $5 gold coin; $671.25 for the uncirculated $5 gold coin; and $799.50 for the three-coin proof set.

The colorized silver dollar, when released for sale, will be $95.

As directed by Public Law 116-247, all prices include surcharges of $35 for each $5 gold coin, $10 for each silver dollar, and $5 for each clad half dollar. Collected surcharges are targeted for the non-profit National Purple Heart Honor Mission to support its mission and for capital improvements to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor facilities in New Windsor.

Looks to the Mint’s online store for commemorative coins to order.

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I will be getting some of these for sure.

Rob S

Gonna learn my lesson this time (I ordered the Negro League 3 coin Proof set last go ’round).

US Mint price guide …
Gold ~ $1900.00 to $1949.99 :
3 coins Proof Set = $811.75.
Individually :

  • Proof $ = $74
  • Proof 50c = $35
  • Proof Gold = $698.50
  • Sum = $807.50 !!!

Yeah, its $4.25, but for WHAT?!?!?!?!

Colorized coin is still TBD tho. *sigh*

Last edited 11 months ago by Rob S

Sir Kaiser, With regards to the Purple Heart Colorized Silver Dollar, it will be the must have, go to coin for that commemorative program, similar to the Negro Leagues Privy Proof Silver Dollar (i.e., the NLB Privy Proof Silver Dollar mintage of 19,997 makes it the lowest mintage Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar, with the 2017 Boys Town Proof Silver Dollar the second lowest mintage at 31,610). Commemorative Silver Dollars with the Colorized finish are in a class by themselves. The first-ever colorized silver dollar produced by the Mint was the 2020 Basketball HOF Colorized Silver Dollar. It had a product… Read more »

ASE Collector

Came here to say this exact thing! What is that extra $4.25 for? Moving from three single-coin cardboard boxes to one triple-coin cardboard box?


BTW, U.S. Navy 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal on sale March 11 and it has a nice design, obverse and reverse.

Mike Hunt

Kaiser & Rich —
And did you notice the little surprise the Mint has regarding that medal? Next year a U.S. Navy 1 oz. Silver Medal (SNV1) with the same design will be produced. I don’t know if I have ever seen the Mint essentially do a follow up medal the following year so this will be a first. Makes it that much more enticing.
I’m not a medal collector but I might make an exception on this one for a couple reasons ….
— Mike


Mike, this will be the third time the Mint will do a “follow up medal the following year,” i.e., they had planned to do a follow-up 1 ounce silver medal with the same design for each of the five Services 2.5 ounce silver medals. Last year the 2.5 Ounce U.S Air Force and Coast Guard Silver Medals were released and this year the corresponding 1 Ounce U.S Air Force and Coast Guard Medals will be released. Likewise, this year the 2.5 Ounce U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Silver Medals will be released and next year their corresponding 1 Ounce Silver… Read more »


Are you saying the U.S. Space Force hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, so to speak?

Jeff Legan

This whole Space force as a national branch is a horrible idea that will export the violence and petty squabbles of the Human Race to the rest of the Universe for at least the next 1000 years. The blood and suffering of bringing our petty wars into outer space coming because of Trump’s “aMErica FIRST” Space Force decision (and many others, sadly) have guaranteed that there is no Federation in our future (at least without major bloodshed over a very long period of time). As a species, we are still children, and not even well behaved children. As in Star… Read more »

Mike Hunt

Rich — Many thanks for the clarification and correction. I guess the fact that I am not really a Medal collector allowed me to put my ignorance on display for all to see. Like the old expression goes, ’tis far better to keep your mouth shut and have others think you are an idiot than by opening it and removing all doubt. So don’t worry about me competing for one of the Navy medals. — Mike

Chris Terp


Mint is doing it this year with Air Force 1 oz silver coin from last year’s 2.5 oz Air Force medal.


And don’t forget the Coasties… “Semper Paratus”


Hi Mike

The mint did the 2.5 oz AirForce Medal last year and they are doing the 1 oz this summer.


Another must have. Limit of 1 which is all I need for now however a second one may need to be acquired. Love the size for sure but would like to see them up it to a 5 ounce medal.


We are a Marine Family but I can’t make fun of the Navy on this one. I really do wish the US Mint and Hollywood would either get on the Front Lines or get out of the Military completely.

Chris Terp

Navy on my side SENZA. Wish it was a battleship or carrier breaking the waves there though.

Last edited 11 months ago by Chris Terp

Yeah the Coast Guard coin has that appeal

Chris Terp


You can scale & sculpt up or down on any size coin. Size of coin does not matter. Have the 1.5″ medal of the Navy Bicentennial from Mint. Three vessels and still has room for another.

Chris Terp

Looking forward to this medal. Design awesome, better than many of the 2023 Liberty coin designs. Navy all the way!


That;s nice Chris. My Grandfather was a Navy Man,

fly navy.jpg

Sir Kaiser,
It was World War II. As General Douglas MacArthur said: “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

ww2 keep calm.jpg
Chris Terp

My Romanian grandfather immigrated to the USA just as The Great War started. He was drafted into the US Army and sent back to the vile Europe he hated. Came back to the States and never left this country again. Unfortunately my maternal grandfather was killed in WWII by a German cannon blowing my grandfather’s battery to smithereens as he was lobbing shells at the German lines in France. Kaiser, very few people understand how violent the Eastern and Italian fronts were in WWI. The Western Front got all the headlines because of trench warfare, static lines and very bad… Read more »

Chris Terp

Correct Kaiser my paternal grandfather was older. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Gravestone reads Austria for place of birth because at his birth that section of Romania was part of the Austrian empire and had Austrian birth certificate.

Fragging occurrences probably “skyrocketed” with the issuance of pistols and revolvers to ground troops. The Russian soldiers fragged many of their officers and enlisted Czar supporters during WW1 attacks onto German lines.

Last edited 11 months ago by Chris Terp
Chris Terp

Yes Kaiser, Hungary became its own country, the Balkans were given freedom, Italy also got Trieste and Romania got the biggest land grab of them all. Greece also took over Constantinople after the war but the Turks pushed them back out again in 1922. The map and empires of Europe changed dramatically in 1919.

The Italians just got back what was taken from them several centuries before though. Well, the principalities of Italy as it was not a country until the later half of the 19th Century.

Chris Terp

Navy all the way Rich 🙂

Chris Terp

Look at the Mint Navy WWI silver medal going sub hunting – nice one also.

Last edited 11 months ago by Chris Terp
Chris Terp

I with ya Kaiser. All over this one and the Navy medal – I’m a Navy vet.

Last edited 11 months ago by Chris Terp
Chris Terp

Yes, bad eyes stopped me from even applying to Naval Academy 🙁

Looking forward to seeing the colorized coin too 🙂


More garbage and leaching off the Military

“Surcharges in the amount of $10 for each silver dollar sold are authorized to be paid to the National Purple Heart Honor Mission, Inc., to support its mission, including capital improvements to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor facilities.”

Certainly to end up in some Politicians pockets after the US Mint takes it’s cut.

The US Mint and the US Government are a National Embarrassment and a bunch of criminals.

images (16).jpg

Truly sorry about your grandfather Kaiser, My Grandfather when facing a similar situation lent his bayonet to the enemy and I now have the Katana of that enemy mounted on a wall with other memorabilia. There is an old saying


“Without Tickets Of Course” WoW Kaiser, amazing true story

Bill Morrison

You guys are the greatest. Always have great news items to report. I love getting early notice of when a product will be available to the public. Keep it up!!!!!