Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Prices Published


The United States Mint announced pricing for the series of 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coins, including its colorized silver dollar. Not surprisingly, their introductory and regular prices match those of companion type issues from the 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Coin Program which launched yesterday.

Design of the 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar
Design of the 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar

Introductory prices are $74 for the proof silver dollar, $69 for the uncirculated silver dollar, $35 for the proof half dollar, and $33 for the uncirculated half dollar.

As for the colorized silver dollar, it’s unique to the 2022 Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Program, it has a much more limited production (25,000 pieces) compared to most other numismatic silver dollars, and it will not have a discounted price. It will be $95.

Finally, prices for the gold commemorative products change with market conditions and are determined by the Mint’s pricing matrix for gold coins.

Intro prices are $5 less than regular pricing and have a 30-day window from release.

Release dates for the Purple Heart coins are still "To Be Determined." They had initially been scheduled to appear alongside the 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Coins.

As of this writing, only designs of the coins are available — there are no coin images.

2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Designs
2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Designs ($5 gold coin, silver dollar, and clad half dollar)

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor collects, preserves and shares the stories of courage and sacrifice of Purple Heart recipients. The Purple Heart is awarded to those who have been wounded or killed by enemy action while serving in the U.S. military. The Purple Heart commemoratives are authorized under Public Law 116-247.

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Chris Terp

Count me in to get these 🙂

Christopher Williams

Kaiser, I own one colorized coin; the half-dollar basketball coin. I purchased it out of curiosity; I found it much more attractive in person.

The “Purple Heart” looks like a coin I will purchase.

Colorized quarters, etc., are not for me.

Chris Terp

I got the proof not colored basketball silver dollar. Liked the minimalist colorization of the basketball silver dollar but unfortunately didn’t pick it up – forgot about it 🙁

Chris Terp

EXZZZZZACTLY Kaiser. Less is more what I always remind my overseas partners who enjoy writing too much to explain something simple.

Chris Terp

I’m in the U.S.A.

“Less is more” is a common phrase used for many applications. My overseas clients, colleagues and partners like being verbose in their writings and calls. I usually respond back with a short note, or doing my calls with them, and remind them that “less is more.”

Rob S

+1 on the Basketball HoF colorized coins. I got the dollar and 50c, they look better in person, even tho the “colors” were black, white, and … basketball (rim) ??? ha 😉


Got all three of my granddaughters colorized coins for Christmas. The oldest likes dolphins, middle one likes lions, and the littlest angel is all about unicorns. somebody gotta represent all the gramps out there

Chris Terp


Royal Mint in UK has coins that have unicorns (national animal of Scotland) and lions (national animal of England) on them. Have silver and clad coins.

Believe South Africa and Australia (Perth Mint) mints have coins with dolphins on them.

Mike Hunt

Kaiser — I generally agree with you re the colorized coins. They just seem to be a bit “too Disneyland-ish” and contrived. That said, I bought the Colorized Dollar and Half Dollar Basketball Coins purely for speculation. When I got them, BOTH had writing on them and I was about to return them … until I discovered they were David Ryder autographed. In the fine print on the Mint’s site it said that a few would be randomly selected for his signature. While some might say that his signature decreased their value, they are a bit of an oddity. And… Read more »

US MINT Colorized Basketball Coins -Coins Numbered and with Ryder's Signature.jpg
Chris Terp

Looks like you got some winners there being autographed. Good going.


Wow, Mike! You really scored with those rare hand-signed autographed COAs by Director David Ryder accompanied with the the colorized Basketball HOF coins. I’m sure you are aware they are probably worth at least 3 times what you paid for them. Nice catch!

Rob S

I thought I’d like the 50c more since it colors the basketball itself too. But the dollar really holds its own even with its simplicity, and I think the basketball texture really helps with the aesthetics.

Rob S

Looking at the proposed offerings, I wonder if the mint intended to colorize the 50c? I mean with the shadowing and “old glory” it almost lends itself to that. But maybe they realized they would bite off more than they could chew, and it may be over the top.
Still … I winder how they’re gonna pull off the shadowing on the 50c? hmmmm

Rob S

Hmmm – a colorized idea for the 50c that’ll make Kaiser upchuck in his cheerios … 😀

  • Black shadows
  • Purple heart
  • Olive Drab uniform
  • Either red/white/blue for the flag (probably overkill tho), or leave as-is, or do the enhanced rev proof over it?
Rob S

I think I may have answered my own question / may have figured it out … for the proof version anyway. They may just use the “deep cameo” effect with the flat mirror-like field. At most (some) angles it’ll produce a dark shadow effect.

Domenic Vaiasicca

Honestly…… this series just makes me yawn. I’m more excited about the new SILVER quarter series and the proof morgans…..


I would like to add a sentimental value to this series too. Those who have family members or have themselves earned this medal. Some of them posthumously.



Ya nailed it! I would think those of which you mentioned would be high on these coins. I agree with Domenic however, that the designs are meh. But…I also agree with Kaiser that what I think looks cool, someone else would say ‘blech’

Unless the mint is gonna manufacture a rarity again, I’m of the opinion it won’t be difficult to score any of these.



I agree, don’t buy something if you don’t like it. And my thought, if you could say more than ‘yawn’ or ‘meh’ as to why you don’t like the design. Perhaps the mint might get the message and do better in future releases. As far as rarity, the colorized silver dollar in this series has a limit of 25K. Since this coin is an homage to the Purple Heart medal, my best guess is, it will be collectible.


Just thinking about my comment. If you like something say so and if you don’t say so. These threads are for coin collectors and every opinion is respected. Sorry if I sounded a bit opinionated.



I agree that the colorized silver is the obvious choice as a collectible, just like the Negro Leagues privy, and I believe it will sell out. But, I think it will also be just like the Negro Leagues privy as far as not being hard to get during the initial HHOL of 1 window.

& I’d like to stress that as a great thing! No one wants the nonsense of 2021 ordering again.


Allan, No apologies necessary whatsoever. But, since ya asked…I think the medal is so iconic, it deserved center stage/more prominence. I’m focusing on the dollar. The left side was too busy for me. The flip side is ok I guess. It’s really difficult to rep a purple heart, but it seemed too cartoony for me. I understand these were renderings & maybe actual coin pics will change my mind, but the one represented didn’t make me think ‘I want’. Hopefully, that’s better than meh? Regardless, hope ya score & are happy. That’s what this biz is all aboot to me… Read more »


Just a note on the Colorized Purple Heart Silver Dollar. In 2020, the United States Mint issued its first colorized coins as part of the Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative coin program. Prior to this, the United States Mint had never produced or sold colorized coins (or coins that feature a holographic or superimposed image). The 2020-P Colorized Basketball HOF Silver Dollar had a product limit of 75,000 with final sales (mintage) of 25,719 and price = $90. The 2022-P Colorized Purple Heart Silver Dollar has a product limit of 25,000 and price = $95. It will be the second… Read more »


My pleasure, Sir Kaiser. I am going to pick one up also!